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Fife Flyers 0 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils game in Kirkcady against the Fife Fyers

Score predictions as usual to

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils game in Kirkcady against the Fife Fyers

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30

I am still trying to make contact with our volunteer texters at Kirkcaldy

Two Flyers fans Gillian & Laura have offered their help

Russky predicts a Devils win by 3 goals

Stephen B calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Allen W goes for an 8-3 Devils victory with a hattrick for Jake Morissette

Gillian has now reported in

Warmup in progress

We now have a Devils fan hotfooting his way by train to the game - Peter - KettDevil

Christmas has come early for MNL

Laura Mychan (+ dog) go for a Devils win by 3 goals

We think Toby Craig is the referee

Only -9 in SK and not windy, I don't know what the temperature is here in Cardiff but it is bitterly cold in a biting wind.

My son bought us a Xmas dinner today, very nice, thats only 9,999 he owes us

Fife Flyers are with Nottingham Panthers Devils oldest rivals.

Devils won their first game against the Flyers 10-6 on Nov 4 1989

Flyers first win over Devils was their 11th attempt winning 5-1 on 17 Oct 1992 - both these games were in Kirkcady

Peter (KettDevil) has made it after travelling up from Bedford

RED ARMY has missionaries all over the place it would appear

Brian Parker is getting more confident as sees Devils winning by 4 goals after a physical battle

Nice piece on the Devils on Wales Today

warmup completed

No scratches for Devils

Some impressive beards on the ice tonight

Flyers missing Matt Nickerson (suspended) & Kyle Haines (injured)

Todd Dutiaume sticks to coaching from the bench

Laura our other Flyers fan has reported for duty

Its the beauty of MNL that opposition fans are prepared to help us out, we cannot thank them enough

Decent Friday night crowd

Toby Craig confirmed as ref

Devils take to the ice

Flyers also


Andrew Hotham still wearing cage

Peter says 18 skaters for Devils

Will bring you news on any Devils call ups in a minute

Puck dropped and we are away

Myers, Clarkson & Haddad start for Devils

Good save Ben Bowns @ 1:13

Save from Chris Auger that was

icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 2:28

Jake Morissette cannot finish off a great move by Joey Martin

Matt Reber shoots wide

Kevin Regan save from Doug Clarkson

Kevin Regan save from Chris Culligan @ 3:21

Kevin Regan denies Andrew Lord

Gametime 4:58


@ 5:45

Matthew Myers assist Doug Clarkson

His 9th of the season

Those goal details might change

Gtreat hit by Tyson Marsh on Jordan Fulton @ 7:58

Peter says its all Devils so far

Easy save for Kevin Regan from Ben Bowns @ 8:51

Looking at gamesheet there are no extra skaters for Devils

Gametime 9;09

Jason M goes for a 3-1 scoreline for Devils

Chris Auger shot saved by Ben Bowns

Devils messed up their line change to give that latest Flyer chance

Mark G goes for a 6-3 win for RED ARMY

Carl Hudson takes down Jordan Fulton and gets 2 minutes for interference @ 13:31


Should have been a Penalty Shot says Peter

What a good referee

Joey Martin SH chance saved by Kevin Regan @ 13:59

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx

2 minutes for high sticks @ 14:42

Flyers have 5 on 3


5 on 3 for 49 secs

Its Josh Batch rthat was called it was clearly Trevor Hendrikx

Devils back to 4 skaters as Carl Hudson returns

Handbags @ 15:52

Great save Ben Bowns

Devils return to full strength

Great save Ben Bowns


Cardiff 2nd goal @ 17:26 by Doug Clarkson assist Joey Haddad

That was Doug Clarkson 10th goal of the season

Trevor Hendrikx giveaway presents Jamie Wilson with a chance @ 18:37

Jordan Fulton shot saved by Ben Bowns @ 19:47

End of 1st period Flyers 0 DEVILS 2

Peter says Jordan Fulton is easily Flyers best player

Peter's end od period report - Very comfortable, Joey Martin a threat going forward, Andrew Hotham a rock at the back. as long as Devils stay focused this should be comfortable

My texters have gone on a "Stovie" hunt

Dan is asking if anyone else is haviong problems with the webcast, let us know at

SoG for 1st period Flyers 9 DEVILS 9

What we need is THREE periods of consistent hockey

These temporary lapses must be eradicated.

The long journey home will be much more pleasant if they stick to the gameplan

People must be thinking I have had a Coaching Manual as an early Christmas presant

do you believe it The Weazel is 54 next month. I wonder if he has grown

Steve Moria hits the same mark a month later although there was an unconfirmed report that he was seen queuing up for his bus pass

Ice is ready waiting for the teams

Webcast apparently jitters all the time, poor quality

Devils backl on ice

According to Devils scorer Clare their 2nd goal was their 2,000 EIHL goal

Flyers appear

2nd period starts

Cenwyn says Devils not blowing Flyers away - just doing enough - professional job

I must get to a game at the BBT over Christmas

Andrew Lord has wraparound chance @ 22:03

Its goal less in Belfast after 35 minutes - Giants v Blaze

Matthew Myers & Doug Clarkson combine by shot is wide @ 24:37

Flyers penalty Thomas Muir 2 minutes for tripping @ 24:41

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Carl Hudson hits post

Flyers FS

Not much to show for that Devils PP

Matthew Myers had a chance as PP came to a conclusion


Gametime 27:57

Now Jesse Mychan hits post

All Devils but we need a GOAL U DEVILS

Good save Kevin Regan from Jake Morissette @ 28:18

Doug Clarkson has hit a Flyer through onto Devils bench as door was open

Flyer returns to his own bench as he was just visiting

Magic work by Brent Walton who deked 2 Flyers but Kevin Regan save

Lets up the pace U DEVILS

It would appear that the Flyer we visited the Devils bench was Chris Auger who has now gone to dressing room

Another Flyers goes over the boards after a check by Matthew Myers @ 32:14

Devils Matthew Myers 2 minutes for tripping @ 42:18

Another Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 33:11


Flyers goal @ 33:36 - DISallowed

Flyers penalty Lukacevic2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct @ 33:36

Matthew Myers back now 4 on 4

Flyers penalty @ 34:31 Nico Suoariemi 2 minutes for interference

Devils FS

Devils now have 5 on 3 by my reckoning

Flyers back to 4 skaters

1 minute of pp for Devils

Flyers FS

Kevin Regan saves from Joey Martin @ 36:40

Peter is old school like me as he says Joey Martin is impersonating Doug McEwen


@ 37:33 Joey Haddad assist Doug Clarkson

Handbags in front of Devils net

Gametime 38:03

Lots of penalties coming

All these @ 38:03 - Josh Batch 2 minutes for roughing; Trevor Hendrikx 10 min misconduct: Brent Walton also gets 2 minutes for ????

Flyers Jordan Fulton 2 minutes for roughing

It would appear that Brent Walton got a 10 min misconduct not a minor

Flyers penalty @ 39:43 Thomas Muir 2 minutes for slashing

That was after a greatby Jesse Mychan, Muir didn't like it one bit

End of 2nd period Flyers 0 DEVILS 3

Peters report - Very comfortable indeed. Flyers look short of confidence and without Nickerson Devils are bullying them out of the place. Flyers fans getting at referee but they should be getting at their defence which includes "superstar" Tom Muir

Sog for 2nd period Flyers 3 DEVILS 15 making it 12-24 after 2 periods

Clare you should get a life, Devils 3rd goal by Haddad is Devils 900th EIHL goal on the road

I thought you girls all went out on the last Friday befire Xmas

A goal finally at the O Giants 1 Blaze 0 after 49 minutes

Joey Haddad goal was his 10th of the season

The Myers, Clarson, Haddad line have scored all Devils goals so far

The very line the Clan referred to as the Goon Line

It would be interesting to know if Franny has managed to match the Flyers top 2 lines with ours, letting our so called 3rd line loose

Cenwyn cannot make his mind up about the referee. Flyers claim that they are hard done by has merit

Devils are playing within themselves just controlling the game with the least amount of effort. The classical on the road game ploy

Both teams back on the ice

Devils will have a 1:40 pp after 3 secs

Puck dropped

Devils go on PP

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Devils PP no real threat to Flyers

Not much happenning

Flyers Full Strength

Gametime 42:24

Ben Bowns saves from Thomas Muir

Kevin Regan saves from Doug Clarkson @ 43:38

icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 44:06

Peter says Doug Clarkson is having a fantastic game tonight


@ 45:03

Joey Martin the scorer

Assists Carl Hudson & Jake Morissette

That was Joey Martin 14th goal of the season

Peter is get poetic, Playing in White, Green & RED he has been transported back 25 years

Those were the days my friend

Final score Giants 3 Blaze 1

Amazing goal by Joey Martin

Gametime 51:14

Devils using their whole bench as Chris Jones gets a regular shift

Trevor Hendrikx & Brent Walton have served their 10 minute misconducts

Peter misses out on 50/50 by one number

Gametime 52:39

No icetime for Dr Piggott so far

Told Luke Piggott has been icing

Big check from Trevor Hendrikx wakes up crowd @ 55:03

Webcast commentator debating wehether Devils have more than 5 skaters on the ice as they are in total control

Joey Martin puts on his magic once again


Andrew Hotham scores with a shot from point

Assist Brent Walton

That was Andrew Hotham's 11th goal of the season

Timed @ 56:06

Sorry missed my GOOAALLL then

Flyers 0 DEVILS 5

Final 2 minutes

Peter says Devils MoM will be a close call

Kevin Regan saves from Andrew Lord @ 59:19

Final score Flyers 0 DEVILS 5

Our thanks to Flyers fans - Gillian & Laura and Devils fan KettDevil (Peter) who did a brilliant job

Devils MoM - DOUG CLARKSON with 1+2

A safe journey home to everyone.

Join me on Sunday night when the Panthers visit the BBT


For those of you interested in stats DEVILS out Shot Flyers 37-19