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Cardiff Devils 6 - 5 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL for this eagerly awaited clash between the Clan and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

I am sure this game will warm us up on a cold miserable night here in Cardiff

Score prediction etc to

Mark G calls it 5-2 to Devils

Stephen B goes for a 5-3 scoreline in favour of the Devils

Rachael says its freezing at the BBT so lets hope there is a big crowd

Bear toss at rink tonight so wait for that Devils opener - not too long a wait I hope

Warmup started

Mychan clan predict a Devils win and a worthy early goal for the Bear Toss

Tyson Marsh is back and Andrew Hotham is icing wearing a full cage

One bit of good news Tom Darnell doesnt have the whistle as he is in Nottingham where Giants are winning 4-3 after 38 mibnutes

Minutes even

Laura you as climatize for cold weather we are not in Cardiff and it is freezing (by our standard - warm by yours)

With Christmas getting closer are there other players families following the games on MNL. Let us know at

Nothing from the Batch family recently although they are probably at the games watching Josh in fine form

The more I type the warmer I get

I need more predictions and a winner or two for Ffos Las tomorrow.

Pat in Bridgend says we need a win after Friday nighty - 4-2 would do nicely

Sue J is sticking by her usual Devils by 2 goals

Warmup done

Steelers take early lead at Coventry

Atmosphere is building up at BBT, intro is playing and some fans have their clappers from last weekend

Officials on the ice

Clan on the ice

Devils intro

Matt Thompson is the ref

Anthem time

Two Devils approaching 100pims Trevor Hendrikx on 97: Jesse Mychan on 93

Zack Fitzgerald has 222; Chris Frank 130pims

A bit of a delay - players gone to benches

But we soon start - off we go

Puck out of play @ 20secs

Brian Parker says Devils by 3, expects a strong game by them tonoght after the loss on Friday

Glove save from Josh Batch

Lots of Devils pressure

Kyle Jones covers

Ben Bowns saves from Derek Roehl

Tyson Marsh shot deflected out

Its end to end - pretty even

Rod D has Devils winning 5-4

Clan penalty Lee Esders 2 minutes for hooking @ 2:19

Jeff Smith roughs up Matthew Myers

Both sit for 2 @ 2:45


Brent Walton scores Devils opener

@ 3:05


Myers was 2 minutes for slashing: Smith 2 minutes for roughing

Assists for Doug Clarkson & Tyson Marsh on Brent Walton goal (his 14th of the season)

A PPG of course

All the Bears have been rounded up

Game restarts

Chris Frank has started his dirty tricks already

A butt ending coming

Called as High sticks a lucky call

for Chris Frank @ 4;12

It was Andrew Lord who got sticked in the face

Frank will not last this game out

Come on U DEVILS lets have another PPG

Zack Fitzgerald now cross-checking everyone

Zack Fitzgerald penalty

And as normal he loses it

2 minutes for cross-checking @ 6:11 for Zack Fitzgerald

+ 10 minute misconduct

9 minutes gone

Devils outplaying Clan

Jake Morissette hits post

Devils Offside

Zack Fitzgerald got 2 minutes for cross-checking + 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct

Not 10

FIGHT Trevor Hendrikx v Chris Frank

@ 10:15

Better punches came from Trevor Hendrikx

Ref needs to take control

Trevor Hendrikx 2 + 2 for roughing same for Chris Frank

Ben Bowns covers @ 11:26

Fight was called a no fight - Frank just got 2 minutes for roughing

The noise at the BBT make it impossible to hear announcements - Cardiff Full Strength

great Ben Bowns save from Harper

Gametime 13:02

390 teddies tossed

Kyle Jones save from Chris Culligan

Clan creating a few chances

Devils net off its moorings @ 13:50



@ 14:18 - ANDREW HOTHAM (9th of the season)

Goal now credited to Matthew Myers (his 7th)

Additional assist to Joey Haddad

Tipped by Myers after a Hotham shot

FIGHT - Jesse Mychan v Scott PITT

Easy win for Jesse @ 15:40

Zack Fitzgerald giving Tyson Marsh some lip

Cannot give you Mychan/Pitt penalties as I am still waiting

Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for slashing 5 minutes for fighting: Pitt 5 minutes for fighting

Zack Fitzgerald back where he belongs 2 minutes for elbowing @ 15:59

its 4 on 4

Jesse Mychan & Zack Fitzgerald having a chat

Clan Offside

Jesse Mychan goes to dressing room

Jesse Mychan has crossed the 100pims line

As has Trevor Hendrikx

Fight galore on ice

A brawl would be a better definition

Andrew Lord in sinbin for one, more on their way

Clan player ripped off Andrew Hotham full cage

Clan's Jeff Smith ejected

Andrew Lord has also left the ice

Jeff Smith Game Misconduct

Andrew Lord 2+5

Leigh Salters 5 minute major

Clan Full Strength

Mychan returns

Final minute of 1st period

Clan pp is poor

I will try and sort it all out in 1st interval

Devils Full Strength

Gametime 19:31

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Clan 0

Devils do not need to fight but given no option by Clan tactics

@ 17:22 Andrew Lord got 5 minutes for fighting + 2 minutes for cross-checking

Jeff Smith got Game misconduct for 3rd man in: Leigh Salter 5 minutes for fighting

That period took 50+ minutes

Jon J says more fights/brawls to come in this game

devils get another couple of goals and then answer the bell when it rings

Ice is ready

Teams back on ice

Andrew Hotham discards his cage

Coach Finnerty whingeing already

Off we go for 2nd period

Devils have their big hitting line to start period

Kyle Jones save

Kyle Jones covers after 3 Devils shots

Devils intent on scoring more goals early in 2nd

Clan penalty Chris Frank 2 minutes for slashing @ 42:15

Correction - called for boarding

Andrew Hotham has put his full cage back on - wise guy

30 secs left on pp

Clan Full Strength

Leigh Salters & Andrew Lord out of sinbin

Gametime 25:10

Clan Offside

Dr Piggott getting icetime

Kyle Jones covers, all Devils at the moment


Josh Batch scores

Hotham is missing a part of his cage so is not icing at the moment

Zack Fitzgerald causing trouble again

Another brawl @ 26:22

Batch & Hendikx in sinbin for Devils Keith & Fitzgerald for Clan

Network playing up tonight from BBT

Too many phoning/texting Santa

Trevor Hendrikx 5 minutes for fighting: Josh Batch 2 minutes for roughing

Matt Keith 2 minutes for cross-checking: Zack Fitzgerald MATCH PENALTY for excessive roughing

All this @ 26:22

Andrew Hotham returns with repaired face cage

Devils penalty @ 26:48 Matthew Myers 2 minutes for tripping


1 minute killed

Jake Morissette clears zone twice

Devils FS

Josh Batch returns

Gametime 29:40

Devils 3rd goal scored by Josh Batch assists Matthew Myers & Trevor Hendrikx

cracking glove save by Ben Bowns

Leigh Salters deflects Josh Batch shot - Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone

SoG for 1st period - DEVILS 14 Clan 11

Gametime 31;20

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone

Trevor Hendrikx returns

Devils offside

Kyle Jones makes 2 quick saves

Andrew Lord shot deflected wide

Puck out of play

Gametime 34:30



@ 35:21

Matthew Myers (8th) assists Haddad & Batch

Devils penalty @ 35:37 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for slashing


Clan Goal a PPG

@ 36:09

I think Trevor Hendrikx was also slashing so a 5 on 3 ppg

Stefan Meyer the scorer of Clan goal

Ben Bowns covers

17 secs left on PK for Devils

Clan goal - Ben Davies

@ 37:43

Come on U DEVILS wake up

assists for Pitt & Keith on Clan 1st goal

Final minute of period

Re-focus Jon says not wake up as I said

Mystery solved Joey Haddad & Trevor Hendrikx both got slashing minors 1 second apart

Linesman hit to the side of the head @ 39:19

Hes down on the ice Devils team doctor attending

Will tell you which official when I know hes OK

Neck brace fitted, hes up and being helped off the ice by Devils

Game restarts

He looked badly shaken as he left ice

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Clan 2

Devils hit the post as buzzer went - that would have been an interesting call for officials

Capitals v Flyers gone into O/T at 5-5

Teams are back

Off we go

Unconfirmed reports that Jesse Mychan has a hand injury which explains his non appearance in 2nd period

Gametime 42:03

just 2 officials on ice

If any family member wants to know what the situation is - email me at

Gametime 44:10

Game has gone a bit flat

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Scott Aarssen 2 minutes for boarding @ 45:30

Flyers win on penalties

Poor PP for Devils

Clan FS

Gametme 48;08


Jake Morissette I think

@ 47:56

Apologies about the timings texts are arriving out of sequence

Never mind its 5-2

Goal scored by Andrew Hotham assist Andrew Lord

That was his 9th of the season

Game delayed blood on the ice

Thats what happens when Planet Ice sublets to a slaughterhouse

Gametime 48:56

Come on U DEVILS

Game restarts

Gametime 51:03

Carl Hudson 2 minutes for cross-checking @51:03


Clan score

A PPG stabbed home after a few hacks at the puck

Scored by Scott Pitt assists Leigh Salters & Derek Roehl @ 51:33

Gametime @ 6:45

Replacement linesman appears

Kyle Jones saves from Brent Walton

5 minutes left

Ben Bowns covers

Ben Bowns covers again @ 55:26

Devils penalty Chris Culligan 2 minutes for interference @ 55:59


Clan Time Out

Another crowd of around 2,000 at BBT

Gametime 56:30

Clan score @ 56:45

Another PPG

Clan score again

Devils time out

equalising goal was @ 57:12

Face off in the Clan zone @ 57:17

Final 2 minutes

Carl Hudson goes close

45 secs left

20 secs

Andrew Lord almost gets winner

End of regulation DEVILS 5 Clan 5

Into O/T we go

O/T starts


What are they doing to us!!!!!

Devils winner timed @ 60:21

Our thanks to Rachael, Gerald, Jon J and JohnWildthing for their unstinting coverage

Clan MoM - Scott Pitt

Deils winner scored by Chris Culligan (his 5th of the season)

Jon J thinks Andrew Hotham scored

Apparently no announcement

no news on Devils MoM


It was Andrew Hotham who scored the winner

Thats all from me join us on Friday night as we bring you coverage of the Devils game in Kirkcady againts the Fyers

Good Night Everyone - Nos Da Pawb