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Sheffield Steelers 4 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 for MNL unique coverage of Devils hockey

Tonight the Devils seek to extend their good run by grabbing 2 league points in the City of Steel

Score predictions always welcomed as are printable comments at

Waiting for my texters to report in.

Devils fan Maria is on her way from Doncaster whilst Steelers fans Kelly & Jack have agreed to help us out

I believe Michael Hicks is in the building

Allen W predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Gaz334 calls it 5-2 to Devils with Brent Walton MoM

Clive B says 4-2 to the RED ARMY

Russky goes for an O/T for Devils

Tonights referees are Michel Hicks & Jonathan Liptrott

Warmup underway

Bois in warmup for Steelers as is Ferrara

Dustin Kohn who was listed as doubtful also in warmup

Steven B goes fgor a 5-3 win for Devils with Trevor Hendrikx throwing one of his big hits midway through 1st period

Jason M calls it 4-2 to the lads also predicts a Trevor Hendrikx monster hit

Congratulations to the GB under 20s for their GOLD MEDAL in the World Championships in Estonia

Particular mention for Devils own Callum Buglass and my old buddy Paul Heavey (Assistant Coach)

Cornwall Taffy thinks if we can keep the momentum going Devils will register an O/T win. Thanks also for his kind words about MNL and our prized texters

With Tyson Marsh suspended we still have 17 skaters- trying to identify who has been called up. Its either Adam Harding or more likely D replacement Lewis Turner

Warmup finished

I assume our Canadian followers are still in work

Ice is ready

Lights dimmed

There are close to 30 members of RED ARMY in Sheffield


Officials on the ice, so are the Devils

Steelers intro

confirmed Kohn, Ferrara and Bois ice for Steelers


Laura Mychan says Devils by 2 goals in a rowdy game

Puck dropped

A balmy +5 in SK

I thinks its colder that that in Cardiff

Steelers icing

Gametime 1:10

Frank Doyle saves from Brent Walton

Devils icing

Devils have had a couple of shots in a flowing start to game

Danny Bois offside @ 2:11

Quiet so far says Jack

Nice deke from Joey Haddad forces save from Frank Doyle

Steelers break out Ben Bowns saves from Michael Forney

Gametime 2:46

This was a big save by Ben

Josh Batch turnover, Fretter gathers and tries to feed Roy

Shot from Jesse Mychan @ 4:23

Joey Martin Chris Culligan causing problems for Steelers

Very even game so far

game starting to get more physical

Gametime 5:33

Steelers Goal

@ 5:57

Scored by Mathieu Roy

Assists O'Connor & Fretter

Come on U DEVILS

Tyler Mosienko goes coast to coast - save Ben Bowns

Jack says game not physical, Maria said it was getting more physical after a passive start

Shot from Joey Martin saved by Frank Doyle

Devils penalty

Brent Walton - 2 minutes for holding the stick 9:56


Devils clear zone

Good PK by Devils so far

Devils Full Strength

Excellent PK by Devils

Pad save Ben Bowns from Colton Fretter

RED ARMY quieter than normal

Jonathan Phillips fires a slap shot too high

Good save Frank Doyle after great work by Joey Martin

Gametime 13:47

Mark G is still confident that Devils win by 2 goals

Maria thinks the Devils are being pushed off the puck too easy

Jonathan Phillips hits the post

Face off in the Devils zone @ 16:11

Joey Martin shot marginally wide

Ben Bowns saves from Phillip Hill

Discussion with officals at Devils bench!!!!

Blood on the ice

1st period ens early


Jack says good period by Steelers who edged it slightly

Trying to find out where the blood came from

Can anyone watching the webcast shed any light

Maria's period report reads- Devils lacking a bit of pace and fight.. This was probably a good time to stop for the Devils. We need to get going, Steelers are very quick on the break. Not really sure what caused the blood as nobody seemed to react.

Devils player was spitting blood, possibly hit by puck

at the "end" of 1st period - Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

Puck hit Andrew Hotham in the mouth I am told

Thanks to David e and Angela for that update

Ice restored to its original white colour

Teams back on ice

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Puck dropped as 1st period continues

Good save by Ben Bowns

Another Bowns save from Colton Fretter this time

Gametime 18:27

Final minute of period

Frank Doyle saves from Trevor Hendrikx

Ben Bowns save

Devils hir crossbar

Frank Doyle saved from Joey Haddad coughs up rebound Doug Clarkson hits crossbar

1st period end Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

2nd period starts

Words between Mathieu Roy & Jake Morissette


Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for roughing @ 20:18


Big hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Cullen Eddy

Devils PK very good

Devils Full Strength

Frank Doyle saves from Jesse Mychan

Joey Haddad turnedover Ben Bowns saves from Danny Bois

Steelers offside

Gametime 23:57

Steelers starting to look like the better team

Frank Doyle saves from Joey Martin

Big hit on Robert Dowd by Josh Batch

Devils seem to have upped their game and putting a bit of pressure on Steelers

Devils icing

Brent Walton offside @ 25:56

Steelers first penalty of the game

Phillip Hill 2 minutes for hooking @ 26:35

Steelers clear zone

Steelers clear zone for the 3rd time

Awful Devils PP says Maria

Failed to establish themselves in Steelers zone

Steelers Full Strength

Very disappointing Devils PP effort

Doug Clarkson & Mark Thomas pushing and shoving @ 29:17

Great save by Frank Doyle

Followed by save by Ben Bowns


Devils penalty called

Matthew Myers 2 minutes for roughing @ 30:10


Scramble in front of their net then Devils clear

Devils looking dangerous on PK with breakaways

In fact Devils look more dangerous on PK than on PP

Devils Full Strength

Michael Forney goes close

Big hit by Rodney Sarich on Mark Richardson

Frank Doyle glove save

Another good save by Frank Doyle

Andrew Lord has impressed Jack

Steelers goal

@ 34:35

Sloppy work by Joey Haddad gives Dowd opportunity to pass to Mosienko, Bowns saves, Dowd buries rebound

Assist Dowd

Steelers score again

Phillip Hill assist Danny Bois

@ 35:01


Joey Haddad scores his 14th of the season

Apologies it was Carl Hudson with his 4th of the season assists Jake Morissette & Andrew Lord

@ 36:13

Maia has called for Fire & Bite to end period - another goal would do nicely

Gametime 37:25

Frank Doyle save

Final minute of 2nd period

Ben Bowns saves from Colton Fretter

end of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 1

Maria thinks the result of this game will depend who scores early in 3rd

According to gamesheet we only have 16 skaters so nobody called up

Jack reading of the game - We have seen no physical pressure from the Devils which is what I would have expected. Devils very sloppy in defece. the only line tooking threatening is the line with Lord & Morisette. Haddad having nightmare, Myers looks disinterested, last time he saw the Devils they were much better, if the Devils are to take anything out of this game they need a massive 3rd period. 3-1 is a fair scoreline, next goal is massive for either team

Thats Steelers fan Jack reading of the game

Come on U DEVILS we need one of those famous DEVILS 3rd periods


Brian Parker in Calgary thinks we can come back and win by a goal

Come on U DEVILS we need THREE unanswered goals this period

You can have tomorrow off to do your Christmas shopping

Only if you win though

Cheltenham races for me tomorrow and then Ffos Las races on Monday

I need some winners to pay for Christmas and the rioja

Steelers back on ice

So are Devils

Glynne wants Devils to get more physical

Chris Jones getting more icetime tonight

3rd period starts

Steelers 2nd goal now given to Dowd assist Mosienko

Gametime 42:01

Only 15 skaters on bench, trying to work out who is missing

Andrew Hotham on bench in track suit

Steelers icing @ 42:43

Steelers offside

Devils have started period well

Save Frank Doyle from Brent Walton, Doug Clarkson couldn't get to rebound

Steelers offside @ 45:11

Devils penalty @ 45:24 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for elbowing


Chris Culligan playing D as Devils are 2 D down

Jesse Mychan pushing & shoving Steelers skate away

Ben Bowns save from Tyler Mosienko

Devils clear zone

Devils Full strength

Gametime 48:15

Rodney Sarich forces save from Ben Bowns

Devils need a goal says Jack

Gord Baldwin floors Joey Haddad

Joey Martin shot saved

Gametime 51:04

Steelers seem to be sitting back

Clarkson misses hit


Gametime 53:03

Devils game is not up to scratch tonight

we have 6 minutes left

Devils enjoying possession but not looking dangerous

Maria says she cannot put her finger on what has gone wrong tonight

Frank Doyle covers puck

we have 5 minutes left in game

Steelers penalty called

@ 55:25 Tyler Mosienko 2 minutes for elbowing

it was slashing not elbowing

Steelers clear zone

DEVILS we want a PPG now, yes now

Frank Doyle save

Gametime 56:14

Steelers clear zone

40 secs left on PP

Chris Culligan shoots wide

Double save by Frank Doyle

Steelers Full strength

Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns pulled

Final minute

25 secs left

Devils have outshot Steelers by a big margin in this game

DEVILS time out @ 59:43

Maria says we haven't looked like scoring all night no chance of 2 goals in 17 secs

ENG for Steelers @ 59:59

Goal disallowed

Now saying 4th goal counts scored by Colton Fretter

Final score Steelers 4 DEVILS 1

Assist for Mathieu Roy


Sheffield MoM - Phil Hill

Our thanks to Steelers fans Jack & Kelly and our very own Maria who did a great job covering the game

Join us on Sunday night as we welcome the Braehead Clan to the BBT, better still get down to the BBT to shout for the DEVILS