Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL for the 2nd game of the weekend against the Belfast Giants.

I shall be with you from around 5pm as the Devils seek to make it a perfect weekend by bagging another 2 points.

Score predictions plus printable comments to

Act 2 of Devils v Giants about to start so get comfortable

No predictions so far - where are you all - you cannot all be going to the BBT

After another win tonight Devils will climb above the Giants and go 4th in the table

Matt Thompson is the referee tonight

warmup underway

Simon L calls it 4-3 Devils after a close hard game

Sue J as usual like Brian Parker goes for a Devils win by 2 clear goals

That will do nicely

Full squad for Devils

We have an exchane linesman tonight - Slovakian or Slovenian

Waiting for the majority of my texters to report in

Andy B goes for a Devils win in O/T

Jim McShane admits he got it wrong last night - still has the Giants faith and goes for a 3-1 victory for our visitors

Didn't hear from my usual Giants texter David Mercer last night - enjoying his visit to the BBT too much or drowning his sorrows

Adam T delayed so hopeful we have enough texters at face off

I don't know what the temperature is in SK or Calgary but it has got much colder here in Cardiff

Just to explain cold for us is 4C

Currently we have FOUR players with 12 goals - Joey Martin, Jake Morissette, Brent Walton & Joey Haddad

Stephen B goes for 3-2 to the RED ARMY

The Mychan clan go for a Devils win by 3 goals

They thought last nights game was amazing and loved the RED ARMY roar

Any predictions from the King household?

I assume Brian will call it DEVILS by 2 as usual

Warmup done, ice being prepared

Pat K in Bridgend goes for a 3-1 win for Devils

Team intros

No glass breakages tonight

Devils wearing Black

Anthems done


Crowd have brought their clappers again

Puck dropped

Chubuk covers from Jesse Mychan

Darryl Lloyd chirping already

Devils icing

Brian Parker goes for a 5-2 win for the lads

Matthew Myers flattened centre ice by Robby Sandrock

End to end

icing @ 2:24 Face off in the Giants zone

Westgarth picking on Clarkson

Chris Culligan great effort on a dump and chase

Ben Bowns covers

Giants offside

Gametime 3:26

Devils icing @ 4:04


Joey Haddad scores after a great steal by Doug Clarkson

@ 4:30

Assists to follow

Penalty shot for Jesse Mychan

saved by Chubak

Assist for Joey Martin


@ 5:10

Either Mychan or Walton awaiting confirmation

Crowd up the volume if that is possible

Deboarding Brent Walton assists Jesse Mychan & Chris Culligan


RED ARMY breaks into song

That was Joey Haddad & Brent Walton 13th goals of the season

Great offensive play by Andrew Hotham

Giants are not going to take this lying down

Devils offside @ 12:59

Adam Keefe goading Jesse Mychan who just laughs at him

Devils clear zone after some Giants pressure

Most of Giants shots are from outside

Josh Batch flattens a Giant

Giants have become very physical

Andrew Lord breakaway good save Chubak

Tyson Marsh poke check stops a 2 on 1

Calvin Elfring goes close for Giants

Smart save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 11:05

Apologies for an earlier incorrect time

Joey Haddad lays a heavy hit on a Giant who gets up slowly

devils penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for slashing @ 12:40


Giants goal

Big debate over goal

Goal stands @ 12:49

Scored by Sawada

Assist for Kompon

debate was over the fact that Kompon played the puck with a broken stick

Devils offside

Ben Bowns covers

Glove save Ben Bowns

Giants penalty Darryl Lloyd 2 minutes for slashing @ 15:15

Giants clear zone

Andrew Lord goes close on a redirection

Joey Martin hits post


Joey Martin 13th of the season @16:37 a PPG

assist for Jake Morissette

Chubak covers @ 17:04

Jesse Mychan slap shot saved by Chubak

Puck out of play @ 17:34

Giants offside

Westgarth shoots puck at Ben Bowns after whistle

RED ARMY chant "What a waste of money"

Westgarth misses a check on Hendrikx and wipes himself out

Devils concede a soft goal

Adam Keefe unassisted

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

It has become a very tight game between two good teams

EIHL website in disarray - no up to date scores. Its 2-2 between Blaze & Panthers

Stephen says Kevin Westgarth is the worst NHL player he has ever seen

Ice is ready

Teams are back

We are off for 2nd

icing by Giants @ 20:22

Jake Morissette blocks shot @ 21:05

Devils icing @ 21:18

End to end so far this period

A bit worrying the Giants are spending too much time in Devils zone

Save by Ben Bowns @ 22:17

Gave Batch & Hendikx a chance to get off the ice

Ben Bowns save

A mass scramble involving Hotham, Mych, Phillips & Elfring

Waiting for penalties

Westgarth also in sinbin 2 + 2 for roughing

Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for slashing Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for roughing

all at 22:50

Its 5 on 5

Chris Jones gets his 1st shift of the game

Hendrikx just misses with a monstrous hit

Joey Martin excellent back checking denies Giants

Andrew Hotham & Jesse Mychan return

Brockwell & Mychan handbags

Jesse just laughs at him

Tyson Marsh getting annoyed with Darryl Lloyd

Giants icing @ 26:04

Chubak covers @ 26:38

Giants icing

2nd period a lot tighter says Tony

Puck out of play @ 26:50

Mark Richardson unlucky with a cross ice pass

Westgarth sticks Culligan in face - NO CALL

Joey Haddad forces a turnover

Matthew Myers appears to trip Chubak

Puck out of play @ 29:11

Giants penalty Brockwell 2 minutes for delay of game @ 29:11

Giants goal Jeff Mason

Assist Sawada

A SHG i think

Devils icing @ 30:50

Poor PP by Devils

Giants FS

Craig Peacock cross-check Jake Morissette - ref sees it NO CALL

Chubak dislodges net twice in a matter of seconds

Andrew Lord pushed into Chubak by Giants D Evan Cheverie who gets 2 minutes for interference

@ 33:07

Lord gone to dressingroom

Now Andrew Hotham slow getting up

Devils cannot get established in Giants end

Come on U DEVILS we want a PPG

Andrew Lord is back out

Giants FS

Some good inter passing comes to nothing

Devils PP is poor tonight

Trevor Hendrikx feeds Jesse Mychan Chubak saves

Trevor Hendrikx buries Robby Sandrock

Devils penalty ' 36:48 Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for hooking


Jake Morissette blocks shot after shot

1 minute killed

Devils clear zone

Giants called for "Too many men" @ 37:48

stephen says that was a poor call by ref as one of the Giants was Westgarth

Devils pressure

Ben Bowns covers

Doug Clarkson returns Devils on PP

Giants clear

Giants clear again

Giants FS

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Reports that the pace of this game is unbelieveable

Come on U DEVILS lets have another of those barnstorming 3rd periods for which Devils past & present are famous for

Panthers now winning 3-2 after 52 minutes

Come on U DEVILS lets make it a great 4 point weekend.

Have a rest at the start of next week whilst the rest of us go back to our duties- judicial in my case

Glynne wants someone to deck Robby Sandrock

Panthers make it 4-2 at 55:27

Blaze score

Tony thought the Devils looked a bit low on gas at the end of 2nd

2 minutes left ' Coventry its 3-4

I dont know why there aren't scores on EIHL website

Ice is ready for 3rd

Both teams back on ice

Puck dropped

Panthers win 4-3 a score that would suit me and the rest of you as well

Ben Bowns covers an Adam Keefe wrap around

Chubak kicks net off

Delay of Game not called

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 40:35



Andrew Lord the scorer we believe

No given to Andrew Hotham his 8th of the season

Assists Andrew Lord & Josh Batch

@ 41:16

Giants offside

Joey Martin with 2 steals in Giants zone keeps up Devils pressure

Giants penalty K Phillips 2 minutes for tripping @ 44:24

Tyson Marsh diving poke check foils Adam Keefe breakaway

Devils called for TOO MANY MEN @ 45:33

1 minute 4 on 4 then 1 minute of PK for Devils

Jesse Mychan sits penalty

Giants pressure

Devils clear zone

Giants penalty Evan Cheverie 2 minutes for tripping @ 46:42

Devils offside

Gametime 47:23

Devils FS


Andrew Lord sniper shot from the wing


Assists for Carl Hudson & Jake Morissette

@ 47:42 Devils 5th goal

That was the coach's 7th of the season

Devils penalty Tyson Marsh @ 48:38 2 minutes for delay of game


Devils clear zone

Josh Batch levels Mike Kompon

Great PK work by Andrew Lord

Devils FS

Great PK by Devils

Gametime 50:44

Devils looked more dangerous on PK than Giants did on PP

Gametime 51:05

Giants offside

Giants Kompon & Elfring arguing

Westgarth slapshot covered by Ben Bowns

Chubak makes a good save

Gametime 52:39

Ben Bowns covers

Gametime 53:13

Colin Shields pushes Joey Haddad into goalnet @ 54:36

Gerald thinks crowd slightly less than last nights 2,023

Great save Ben Bowns

Darryl Lloyd ices whilst under pressure @ 55:58

Face off in the Giants zone

Josh Batch wrestles Westgarth off him

Great stick work by Doug Clarkson

Roof being lifted at BBT

They can hear the RED ARMY in Calgary & SK

Devils clear zone after a bit of Giants pressure

Trevor Hendrikx nails Craig Peacock

Final 2 minutes

Giants goal but disallowed for offside

That will make them happy

chubak pulled

Gametime 59;02

RED ARMY in full voice

This is lijke the old days, crowd would get the hair on the back of my neck to rise and I was on the bench

35 secs left

trying to keep everyone cool I must say

Jake Morissette blocks yet another shot

Darryl Lloyd destryed by Tyson Marsh

He is still down

Tyson Marsh gets 5 + game

Westgarth chirping at Devils bench

Boarding was the call on Marsh @ 59:55

Final score DEVILS 5 Giants 3

Tyson Marsh absolutely destroyed Lloyd who limps off



Will they give it to TYSON MARSH i ask

People in Penarth have phoned police complaining about the noise or was it people in Weston super Mare


Our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Stephen and the Temme lads Adam & Tony

Also thanks to inputs from Gerald and Nigel, thank you all very much

A big thank you to the players for such a great weekend.

Join us on MNL on FRIDAY night as the Devils travel to Sheffield to take on the Steelers

Thats all from me (OJ) where is that other bottle of Rioja