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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Belfast Giants

Welcome, Croeso to MNL as we bring you coverage of the first leg of a weekernd double header between our very own Devils and the Belfast Giants

Coverage from around 6pm

score predictions and comments always welcomed to

Good evening and welcome to MNL

Stephen B says Devils will win by odd goal in 7

Chloe age 6 says her Devils will win 6-4

Russky goes for an O/T for Devils

Allen W also goes for an O/T win 3-2 to the RED ARMY

The Mychan Clan are geared up for the weekends games and predict the Devils will come out on top after a hard fought game

They are also saving on heating costs as its only -7

I have never seen it so quiet on the Inferno Forum nothing since breakfast time

Warmup well underway

Belfast have 14 skaters plus netties Chuback & Dickson

Plate of glass smashed at Giants end

Carl Hussell says Giants by 5

Obviously never been to the BBT

Texters Nigel & Jon J in BBT and eagerly awaiting what could be a cracker

David Mercer, a Giants fan who helps us out regularly from the O in Belfast has made the trip to the BBT, welcome David hope you enjoy Cardiff but not the results

Jim McShane goes for a 3-1 win for Giants

Sue J says 4-2 Devils

No predictions from Calgary

warmup suspended due to broken glass behind Giants goal, despite being asked to leave the ice on a number of occasions Giants stand their ground, Unconfirmed n has been hurt

Maintenance staff unable to repair damage due to pucks flying around

now told nobody got hurt, glass being cleared up in reduced lighting as they turned of the pad lighting

There was 6 minutes of warmup left when it was suspended - unclear whether there will be any more warmup

Hazel in Southend predicts a 4-3 win for the Devils in O/T

Michael Hicks is in Hull

Ice is ready at BBT

Team intros

Stefan Hogarth is the man in charge

1st game in Cardiff I think

I believe we have 2 refs the other being Tim Pickett

Puck dropped

Giants score but dissallowed

penalty Giants Adam Keefe 2 minutes for cross-checking

@ 0;30

Come on U Devils

Devils pp not making an impression so far

Brian Parket sticks to his Devils by 2 goals

Giants FS

Chuback save

Gametime 3;40

BBT is very very noisy tonight

Giants offside @ 4:30

Full squad for Devils as Hendrikx & Lord return

Chuback displaces net when under pressure

6 minutes gone its very fast and end to end

Chuback save

I saw him in a film I am sure I did

tight encounter so far

Chuback saves after good work by Matthew Myers

Bit hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Kevin Westgarth

Big hits all over the ice

Chants of "NHL you are having a laugh" ring out at BBT

Trevor Hendrikx hip checks a Giant

Gametime 10:15

Chuback covers

Fierce fast frenetic hockey says Jon J

Devils penalty Carl Hudson @ 12:00


2 minutes for interference

Ben Bowns glove save from Sawada

Fantastic save by Ben Bowns

Devils return to FS

JJ following MNL in theatre instead of watching Matilda

A big scrum ar Devils bench

Westgarth sits

Waiting for call Westgarth could be gone @ 16:48

Josh Batch going to box as well

Westgarth was clearly 3rd man in after Kampon & Batch tangled

Batch 2 minutes for roughing: Westgarth 2 + 2 for roughing

Very fortunate

Devils hit post

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Chuback dislodges his net but fair play puts it back


@ 18:48 Jake Morissette

That was Jake Morissette 12th goal of the season

assists for Mark Richardson & Joey Martin

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 0

Other referee with Hogarth is Viki Trilar of Slovenia

Jon J says Devils just about edging that period

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 8 Giants 9

Missing for Giants tonight are D phillips, Saurette & Garside

Both teams back on the ice


Away we go

Chuback saves from Brent Walton

Gametime 21:30

We want another Devils goal

End to end hockey @ 24:04

Chuback denies Jake Morissette a 2nd goal

Jon J says BBT looks pretty full to capacity

Lots of Devils pressure at the moment

Giants offside @ 27:10

Good work by Sawada denied by Ben Bowns

Gametime 29:30


Joey Martin scores his 12 of the season

@ 10:03

Correction 29:36 assists Andrew Lord & Jake Morissette

Giants score

Colin Shields scored for Giants assists Robby Sandrock & Craig Peacock

@ 31:44

Handbags convention after Giants goal

Devils 2nd goal was of course a PPG

Effring having had 2 minutes for holding @ 29:28

Ben Bowns covers from Craig Peacock

Gametime 13:03

Robby Sandrock throwing his weight around, a Devils will give him a pasting shortly

Puck out of play

@ 14:09

5 minutes left in period

Chuback covers from Jake Morissette

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Jesse Mychan breaks his stick, Keefe slashes him - NO CALL

2 minutes left in period

Its been end to end for a good 5 minutes

Giants go close

Gametime 39:10

Ben Bowns covers at the last minute - that was close

Glove save Chubuck from @ 39:57

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Giants 1

Giants finished that period strongly

We need a final period effort made famous by previous Devils teams

Ice ready

Come U DEVILS big 3rd period called for

Puck dropped and we are away for 3rd period

The fast pace continues

Gametime 41:22

Devils offside

Lets get that crucial next goal

Matthew Myers shot deflected out of oplay by ChuBack

Gametime 42:50

Giants pressure

Devils need a line, penned in their zone

finally a line change

Gametime 44:15

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for hooking @ 44:17


SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 11 Giants 12 making it 19-21 after 2 periods

Devils SH chance came to nothing

BBT is rocking

Devils FS

Gametime 47:02

Now its Devils turn to ramp up the pressure

gametime 49:05

Attendence given as 2,037

Giants are now struggling to be creative

Turn up the gas U DEVILS

Mid point in 3rd period

Ben Bowns covers

Jesse Mychan breakaway foiled

Westgarth has been vitually absent since being hit by Trevor Hendrikx

Giants penalty Adam Keefe 2 minutes for holding @ 51:33

Jake Morissette goes close as Chuback covers

It wasnt Keefe but Lloyd with that last penalty

Chubak dislodges net yet again

Devils PP substandard this time

Great save by Ben Bowns

Gametime 54:30

We want a goal from you DEVILS

Sawada & Trevor Hendrikx penalised after a bit of handbags

@ 55:36 Sawada 2 minutes for roughing, Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for holding

Gametime 56:30


Matthew Myers scores his 5th of the season

@ 56:47

Giants Robby Sandrock 2 minutes for high sticks

Myers unassisted

Devils have 4 on 3 for 38 secs

Then 5 on 4


Matthew Myers again

@ 58:10

Assists for Joey Haddad & Brent Walton

Puck out of play @ 58:54

Final minute

Giants offside

The noise at BBT is deafening

Its mayhem at BBT

This is old time CARDIFF DEVILS hockey

Final score DEVILS 4 Giants 1

Jon J says "A superb 3rd period to close that out, Devils totally dominated the last 10 minutes"


I think our texters Jon J and Nigel should get Devils MoM for their fantastic coverage of what was a brilliant game


Our thanks to Jon J and Nigel for a great job

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm tomorrow night as we go seeking another brace of points at a full BBT

If you haven't got your ticket yet there are a few left so get down there and shout for the RED ARMY