Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Scottish trip Act 2 sees the Devils take on the Dundee Stars to ensure the they don't come home from Bonny Scotland empty handed

Join me (OJ) from around 5:30 for this must win game

Score predictions always welcomed to

Rounding up my texters after their night on the town

Steve B (MNL host) goes for a 5-3 win for Devils

Russky in line with many others just wants a Devils win and 2points

Allen W says 6-2 to the Devils

Mark G is another fan who just wants 2 points

Jason M calls it 3-2 Devils with Brad Plumton losing yet another fight

Warmup in progress at Dundee

Cornwall Taffy goes for a 4-2 win for the RED ARMY

Sue J is confident that Devils will win by at least 2 goals

I wonder who the ref will be tonight, its not Hicks or Smith as they are elsewhere

Matt Thompson is with Dean Smith in Belfast

Warmup done

Carl in Carmarthen is also confident of a 5-2 win for the Devils with Doug Clarkson bagging a brace

Lights dimmed

Teams on the ice

Rachael & Aaron have reported for duty - Gerald & JohnWildthing AWOL (aka The Bar)

No Mychan clan so far - probably snowed under in SK

Both Anthems done

Off we go

Waiting for final team news

We believe Andrew Lord is a scratch

Trevor Hendrikx playing

Jake Morissette offside @ 3;18

Andrew Lord on the bench

Tyson Marsh shoots marginally right

Andrew Hotham goes close

Stars have at most 13 skaters

Correction Trevor Hendrikx is on the bench

Devils penalty @ 5;19 Joey Haddad


Rab Cowan is the ref

2 minutes for roughing was the call against Haddad

One minute killed

Rumour is that one Stars import walked out this morning

No Chris Blight for Stars

Injured or gone??

Stars penalty @ 9:13 Bari McKenzie

2 minutes for tripping @ 8:13

Dolan clears for Stars

Stars FS

Paul Swindlehurst shoots wide


@ 10:16

Joey Martin assist Matthew Myers & Jesse Mychan

That might be corrected - Joey Martin scored though

his 11th goal of the season

Joey Martin should have scored again on open net after pass from Doug Clarkson

Ben Bowns covers @ 12:57

Josh Batch turnover gives Isaacs chance

Carl Hudson & Jesse Mychan fail to bury rebounds

Stars penalty @15:15 Kevin Quick 2 minutes for delay of game

Marc Cheverie saves from Joey Haddad @ 15:54

Stars clear zone

Jake Morissette hits left side post

Ben Bowns covers ' 17;03

Stars FS

Final minute

Stars go close

Devils penalty @ 19:27 - Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for holding the stick of opponent


Jeff Hutchins shoots wide

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 1

Those of you wanting to see this game live I am told you can at

Its Brent Walton and not Matthew Myers who got an assist on Joey Martin's goal - other assist goes to Jesse Mychan

Don't all leave me

Teams back

Puck dropped

Devils FS

Devils penalty @ 21:33 Jesse Mychan

Stars PPG @ 21:50


assists for Grimshaw & McCluskey

slashing was the call against Jesse Mychan

Marc Cheverie save

Gametime 23:48

Marc Cheverie covers

Jake Morissette shoots wide

Referee collides with Star

Stars penalty

Devils on pp

Waiting for details of penalty

cross-checking was call against Brad Plumton @ 25:59

45 secs of pp left

Devils keep play in Stars zone

Stars FS

Brent Walton goes close

delayed penalty against Devils

Play continues

Josh Batch 2 minutes for ??? @ 29:32

Devils should have had a SHG then

Charging the call against Batch


one minute killed

Devils break out

Joey Haddad clears

Devils FS

Good glove save by Ben Bowns

another glove save by Ben Bowns

Isaacs was the shooter

Face off in the Devils zone

Marc Cheverie save

Both teams seeking that go ahead goal

Gametime 35:18

Face off in the Devils zone

Shot by Chris Jones deflected out

Stars net dislodged

Ben Bowns covers @ 36:06

Carl Hudson shoots just wide

gametime 37:08

Dr Luke Piggott taking a few shifts

Josh Batch offside @ 37;40

now in final 2 minutes of period

Handbags near Devils net

Penalties Ricardson & McKensie

Final minute

Gonglasky also binned ' 38:51

Stars penalty Grimshaw @ 39:40

Devils on PP

End of 2nd period Stars 1 DEVILS 1

Devils will start 3rd period with a 1:30 PP

Ake Morissette was the 2nd Devils player @ 38:51

Morissette & McKensie called for roughing: Richardson & Gongalasky both gor minors for USC

Grimshaw penalty @ 39:30 was 2 minutes for boarding

SoG for 1st period Stars 7 DEVILS 11

Teams back on ice

off we go on PP

Good save Marc Cheverie

30 secs of pp left

Stars clear zone

Stars FS

Marc Cheverie saves from Tyson Marsh

SoG for 2nd period Stars 8 DEVILS 8 making it 15-19 after 2 periods

Ben Bowns save

penalties for Joey Haddad & Gongolsky @ 43:55

Marc Cheverie save

gametime 44;23

Hooking for Haddad, roughing Gongolsky

Puck out of play

Both teams back to FS

Ben Bowns save @ 46:30

Stars penalty Brad Plumton, Devils penalty Jesse Mychan @ 47:03

USC the call

Stars penalty Gongolsky

@ 48:20

cross-checking the call

4 on 3 for Devils

Brent Walton shoots wide

Now 5 on 4

Marc Cheverie save from Josh Batch

Puck out of play face off neutral zone


Joey Haddad goes coast to coast

@ 50:12


Joey skates the length of the rink

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson: Stars penalty Gongolsky

@ 51:10

Slashing for both

Both teams back to FS

Gametime 53:18

Marc Cheverie save

Stars penalty Jeff Hutchins @ 54:42

2 minutes for slashing

Devils Penalty Carl Hudson 2 minutes for interference @ 55:34

4 on 4

Then 51 secs of Devils PK

Tyson Marsh goes close

Stars FS

Devils FS


Jake Morissette scores

@ 57:58

Final 2 minutes

Assist Joey Martin

Final minute


Final score Stars 1 DEVILS 3

Our thanks to texters JohnWildthing, Gerald & Rachael


Stars MoM - Marc Chevrie

Thats all from me (OJ) join us next Saturday the Giants come to Cardiff Bay for 2 games next weekend