Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another installment of Match Night Live. The service this evening may be limited due to the number of sources - and we are the only game taking place in the League tonight. To prevent both loneliness (mine!) and boredom (all of us if our sources fail!) lets be as interactive as we can tonight, e-mail your comments to!!!

The Devils are still without Fulton, Cowmeadow and Silverthorn. Gerad Adams ices.

The Vipers are without Jeff Hutchings and Dean Holland for this clash, which is the first of 4 games the Vipers will play in just 10 days.

The game in Newcastle has been dubbed the 'St Valentines Day Massacre' and will feature some fetching 'love-heart' printed jerseys for the Vipers. What will Rob think of next! (anyone else think this guy is like Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro!!!)

Mr Hanson in the middle. The puck is about to drop.

So far this year we have entertained Pyette and co. on two occasions, with the honours shared to date. Both games have been very close and very entertaining.

Ok, so its pretty quiet up north so far! The channels of communication are open - there just isn't anything to communicate it would seem!

Feedback is always apprechiated here, so if you want to message me, please do. Our faithful viewer Keith is following from Aberystwyth and hopes for a 3-1 road win for the Devils.

We are ten minutes into the 1st period. The hockey is described as end to end, but there have been no goals and no penalties so far! We are with you promise, there just ain't much going on!

All the e-mails are very positive so far - Ethan hopes for a 3-2 Devils win with Doug and Pyette matching up. Huw is going for 3-0 road shut-out victory, wouldn't that be nice and Carl thinks it will be 4-2 with a very specific score prediction of Voth x2, Latulippe and Hill!

Gareth thinks its going to be a bit of a bloodbath and suggests we get a certain Mr Calzaghe in for next year. Perhaps Matt could persuade him with a 2-way contract now he's got more time on his hands?

Devils penalty. Mike Hartwick receives 2 minutes for hooking at 12.12.

Vipers penalty - Jez Lundin takes 2 for holding at 14.20. DEVILS POWER PLAY.

Looks like Hanson has woken up?!?

So, who do we think will go with donkey-boy tonight then? Carl thinks it'll be Vother, whilst Ethan thinks Doug. Personally i'd love to see Jay give him a slap! Would be nice to see Voth drop the gloves, but i think the 2 pts have to come first, and we all know our Voth is worth a whole roster of donkeys!

The 1st period has come to a close. No goals - not from a lack of chances, just a lack of the old finishing instinct!

Shots on goal period 1 - Vipers 8, Devils 14!?!?!?

Devils penalty - Mike Prpich 2 mins slashing at 22.37.

Vipers penalty - David Longstaff 2 minutes hooking at 25.15. DEVILS POWER PLAY.

Gareth on the e-mails needs to get himself in the dressing room i think - we don't want pretty goals, just get the damn thing in the net! Plenty of traffic out in front, and pounce on the scraps - sounds like a plan. I think both teams are desperate for a result tonight. The Vipers know that 2 wins on us will be like an 8pt swing in the league, and could give them a shot at overtaking us!

Carl thinks Jarvis is the man to take on Payette after his exploits this year against Rushden and Sharpe - i certainly wouldn't bet against him! Like Gareth says, discipline is the key, at least until we find the net a couple of times.

It seems that both net minders are keeping the score sheet blank! We all know what Verner can do, and it looks like 2 of the very best in the league are hard at work again! Mid way through the 2nd.

Goal Vipers

Courtnay from Hutchings and McAllister at 36.22

Text reads 'trouble' - info to follow, stand-by!!!!

No news yet - not good!

Right then, lets untangle this one for text reads that Doug and Voth have both fought and got 5 mins each at 38.41 - i will of course check this up. Also, Derek Campbell (theirs!) 2 mins roughing and MATCH for a slash, and Jay Latulippe 2 mins roughing! Stand by for verification...

Confirmation that there was one single fight - Brad Voth vs Chris McAllister. I'm waiting for a verdict now...

Description of the fight - McAllister got the take down after a brief exchange of punches. Edged McAllister :(

"Your boy Voth just got his ass handed to him on a plate..."...oh dear! Thanks for the update viperuk

End of 2nd period. Shots on goal Vipers 7, Devils 15.

Apologies the text read 'shots on Vipers goal - 7, shots on the Devils goal - 15. Something of a reversal from p1!

Devils penalty. Elich 2 mins hooking at 45.27.


Goal is timed at 50.27...

Goal is assisted by No.22 Mike Elich...

And the goal is scored by No.6 Mike Hartwick!!!

Thats it for regulation folks. A point a piece so far.

I'm not sure i can stand much more excitement! Here comes 5 minutes of 4 on 4 hockey. 1st goal wins.

...shoot out...

Terrific display by both goalies so far, lets see what Aubs can do for us now!

It's Teplitsky, Prpich and Elich for us - yet another new combination. Lets hope Tyson can improve his excellent record!

No score after the first round of shots.

Both teams miss their second. We could be here a while...

No scores in the 3rd round of shots. Sudden death it is...

Vipers win the game with a 4th round penalty shot.

Big thanks to Paul on the texts, itís not easy when we only have the one source. Thanks for all you e-mails, it really does help, especially with the slower games.

The next installment of MNL will be on saturday night, once again from Newcastle, where Brad and the lads will surely want some pay back for tonight!

A big thanks to Paul for the text updates tonight, its not easy when we only have the once source, but at least we've managed to provide a service tonight - not always possible when the team is so far away! Thanks for your e-mail comments, always apprechiated.

Man of the Match Vipers - Mark Gouett

Man of the Match Devils - Ben Davies

That'll do for tonight. On a personal note this will be my last MNL, and the wednesday game against the Caps will be my last game of the season (work comittments) so be sure to look out for the block 2 dancing devils on wednesday - we're even going to rehearse for this one! Its been a pleasure to be involved with the Inferno and MNL and my thanks to all the people who contributed and made the re-launch such a success. Good night, Steve.