Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 7 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 when we bring you MNL coverage of the eagerly awaited clash with the Clan

Score predictions plus any other printable comments to

Russky predicts Devils will win in O/T

Mark G in Caerphilly is confident that Devils will win by 2 goals

Cornwall Taffy (still in France) goes for Clan 3 DEVILS 5 and is looking forward to his trip to the BBT next weekend when the Giants are in Cardiff Bay

Devils to win by 2 goals is a very popular prediction tonight as owner Brian P in Calgary plumps for such a scoreline as well

The Mychan Clan are pinning their hopes on a narrow 3-2 win for the RED ARMY

They need some cheering up after another snowstorm and temperatures of -32

Thanks for the photo of your snow Laura, send a copy to your Jesse as he will not see much snow in Cardiff. we get a bad snowstorm once every 20 years

Sue J goes for a Devils win after penalties.

You can quess who she thinks converts his penalty shot

Texters are in position in Glasgow - tonight we have our very own Rachael, Gerald & JohnWildthing joined by Clan fans Chris Devlin & Julie Patterson who always help us out at MNL when we visit the Braehead Arena

Didn't Steve do a brilliant job hosting MNL last Sunday night.

We shall bring him back soon by popular demand

In the meantime you have to do with me

Teams on the ice for warmup

Ref is not M Hicks as he is in Hull

Warmup done

Angry Trev goes for a 4-2 win for Devils

Helen calls is 3-2 to the lads

Leanne says we will win 5-4

Arron says we will win by 2 ie 4-2

Cenwyn & Rachel vising Cardiff are highly opomistic and go for a 6-2 scoreline for the DEVILS

I suppose we should have run a book on when Chris Frank will have his 1st fight + hopefully ejected

I go for 2:33

Chris S if you are out of your tunnel text or PM me

I am a bit more at home in Cardiff tonight as it is wet and windy in Puerto de la Cruz (16C) - bless them

The snow on Mt Teide is impressive though Laura but it is 11,750ft

Ice is ready waiting for officials

Phil R goes for a narrow 3-2 for Devils

Toby Craig is the referee


No scratches for Devils

No Zack Fitzgerald for Clan - suspended

Devils now on the ice

A late start suits me as Casualty will be nigh on over when the game finishes why do people who have spent their lives working in hospitals watch it

Clan have now been introduced


Both Anthems done

Puck is dropped

Clan mixing it already

Clan @ 1:28 Derek Roehl 2 minutes for boarding

come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Carl Hudson shoots high

Clan return to FS

Ben Bowns covers @ 3:45

Kyle Jones glove save from Josh Batch @ 4:12

Clan penalty @ 4:50 Matt Keith 2 for holding opponents stick

Joey Haddad shoots rebound inches wide

Kyle Jones saves from Doug Clarkson @ 5:47

Cardiff penalty @ 6:28 Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for tripping

Clan FS


Clan PPG

@ 7:44 on a delayed penalty

Stefan Meyer assist Scott Aarssen

Devils penalty - Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for tripping @ 7:44

One minute killed


Devils penalty @ 8:08 Carl Hudson 2 minutes for kneeing

Clan have 5 on 3

Terrible call says Rachael

Ben Bowns save @ 9:30

Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils back to FS

RED ARMY estimated at 100 fans

scramble in front of Clan net

Gametime 12:42

Ben Bowns save

Very fast game

Clan hit pipes

Good end to end hockey - 15:03

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone @ 15:16

Cardiff offside (Matthew Myers) @ 15:47


Derek Roehl scores after Josh Batch give away @ 16:21

Assists Scott Pitt & Ben Davies

Devils penalty @ 17:08 Carl Hudson 2 minutes for interference

Cardiff Penalty again Matthew Myers

Clan have 5 on 3 for 1:40

Both penalties called as interference


Ben Bowns covers

gametime 18:05

Save Ben Bowns

34 secs of 5 on 3 remains

Devils penned in their zone

Devils back to 4 skaters

Another Clan PPG

Scott Pitt @ 19:10

end of 1st period Clan 3 DEVILS 0

it appears that another penalty called on Devils at the buzzer - nothing announced yet

You never win in Scotland with Scottish referees who usually do not officiate anywhere else

It was the case 30 years ago and is the same now

My texters say that the referee calls any physical contact

Clan 3rd goal reads scored by Neil Trimm assists Scott Pitt & Scott Aarssen

Add 2nd assist on Clan 1st goal for Jamie Fritsch

SoG Clan 12 DEVILS 7

Devils penalty @ 20:00 Andrew Hotham

Glynne thinks Devils will win 5-4

Officials are back

Andrew Hotham called for holding

Teams back on ice


Ben Davies now has 100 assists in EIHL

88 for Devils 12 for Clan

Puck dropped

Andrew Lord dressed in civvies on the bench

No news why he didn't ice in 1st period

Ben Bowns covers @ 20:29

Joey Martin clears zone

Gametime 21:14

Tyson Marsh clears zone

Devils FS

Jake Morissette goes close

Save Kyle Jones

Devils penalty Josh Batch

2 minutes for interference

One minute killed

Chris Culligan clears

Clan offside @ 24:47

Batch penalty was as 23:10

Devils FS

Kyle Jones glove save from Josh Batch

Gametime 26:27

Clan GOAL - Stefan Meyer

Assist Neil Trimm

Breakaway goal well taken

@ 27:42

Mark Richardson almost puts biscuit in his own net

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan @ 29:27 - 2 minutes for charging

Carl Hudson clears

Big hit by Joey Haddad

Josh Batch goes close

Matinfg feeds Batch on breakaway Josh misses puck

Devils FS


Penalties for Jeff Smith & Jesse Mychan @ 32:01 each given minors for delay of game

Kyle Jones saves a slap shot from Tyson Marsh


Scott Pitt

Another breakaway goal as Devils press too high

goal was @ 32:58

Save Ben Bowns

Assist Trimm on Clan 5th goal

Devils penalty Joey Haddad


Clan penalty Jeff Smith 2 minutes for roughing @35:21`

DEVILS PPG @ 35:33

Tyson Marsh scored Devils goal

Time out Clan

Assist for Brent Walton

save Kyle Jones

Andrew Lord now in a track suit on the bench


Mark Richardson scores (his 3rd of the season)

@ 38:33

save Ben Bowns from Derek Roehl

Final minute

Clan looking very tired

Assist for Jake Morissette on Devils 2nd goal

End of 2nd period Clan 5 DEVILS 2

Come on U DEVILS you can do it in the style of the DEVILS of the past

2nd assists on bothe Devils goals - Mark Richardson gets assist on 1st goal Brent Walton gets assist on 2nd goal

Ice ready

One of those classical Devils 3rd period performances called for

One of those classical Devils 3rd period performances called for

Teams back

3rd period starts

Trevor Hendrikx down on ice

Goal Clan Derek Roehl

@ 40:35

assist for Leigh Salters

Come on U DEVILS

Save Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones saves from Jesse Mychan

Trevor Hendrikx appears to be injured

Clan players - hooking & tripping and getting away with it

Ref pushes Josh Batch over!!!!!

Ben Bowns glove save @ 48:15

Kyle Jones save

Another scuffle in front of Clan net

Penalties for Matthew myers & Jamie Fritsch @ 49:03

Both get 2 minutes for roughing

Puck out of play Face off in the Clan zone


Andrew Hotham the scorer (his 7th of the Season)

Goal Judge arguing that it wasnt a goal

Goal awarded

Clan score another

Scott Pitt @ 50:06

Brent Walton goes close

Both teams FS

Clan 7th goal was unassisted

Assist Joey Martin on devils 3rd goal

Good save Kyle Jones

Devils keeping fighting till the end

Gametime 57:16

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Save Ben Bowns


Tristan Harper & Tyson Marsh - handbags really

@ 59:39

Both get 2 minutes for roughing

Why Ben Davies was involved I dont know

Final score Clan 7 DEVILS 3

Our thanks to Clan fans Chris & Julie for helping us out

A big thank you to my on the road regulars Gerald, JohnWildthing & Rachael

waiting for MoM


Clan MoM - Jeff Smith

As Julie says ????????????????