Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 8 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL, join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as we bring you MNL's unique coverage of the game which sees the Devils attempting to extend their win streak.

Score predictions + comment as usual welcomed to

Comments from fans (of either team) at the game are always welcomed

Apologies for being late but its Wales 3 NZ 3 at half time

Russky says Devils will win

Chloe p age 6 says her Devils will win 6-4

Sue J calls it 5-2 Devils

Mychan clan go for a Devils win as they huddle together in the middle of a severe snow storm

Stephen B email me at

Robdevils88 says 5-2 Devils

Warmup completed at Coventry

not icing for Blaze - Mike Egener, James Griffin, Derek Lee

Texters on duty tonight - Rachael & Gerald (Red Army Travel)

Teams out

refs - Wilson & Kavanagh

Anthems done

off we go

Minor penalties for Doug Clarkson & Rory Rawlyk roughing @ 51secs

Brent Walton goes close

Brian Stewart covers @ 1:33


Jake Morissette scores

Assist Joey Martin

Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for roughing Craig Cescon 2 minutes for slashing @ 2:36

still 4 on 4

now 5 on 5

Brian Stewart save @ 3:19

Devils penalty Chris Jones 2 minutes for slashing @ 4;38

Gerald thinks Blaze haven't realized they are on PP

Devils FS

Brian Stewart covers @ 7:40

I should have told you that Carl Hudson was back from injury

Devils bench minor - too many men @ 9:37

Luke Piggott serves the penalty

Blaze Goal @ 11:23

Blaze goal scored by Ashlee Tait

Devils penalty Joey Martin 2 minutes for slashing @ 12:25

Assist for Craig Cescon on Blaze goal


Devils return to full strength

Wales lost yet again to NZ

icing Face off in the Blaze zone @ 15;09

Blaze penalty Craig Cescon 2 minutes for holding @ 16:00

1 minute of PP gone

o'Marra clears zone for Blaze


PPG @ 17:57

Tyson Marsh assist Carl Hudson

Missed your prediction Brian P - devils by three goals he says

Come on U DEVILS

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 2

Hopefully Stephen B will host MNL tomorrow night as I would like to go to the game as Stony #10 is retired

Its shows my age as Jason was in the Junior Devils when I first got involved with the Devils

Stephen just add a comment when you get in.

Ice ready

Devils back on the ice

As are the Blaze

2nd period starts

RED ARMY TRAVEL are running a coach to Coventry on Boxing Day and the cost of travelling is subsidised and will cost you just 10


Chris Culligan scores, assist Joey Haddad

See the RED ARMY TRAVEL at their desk on Sunday or tweet @red_army to book your seat

Save Brian Stewart @ 22:44

Devils 2nd goal details changed to Joey Haddad assist Andrew Hotham


Andrew Lord v Craig Cescon

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 24:57

Andrew Lord gets additioal 2 for illegal eguipment, Craig Cescon gets another 2 for firing puck after whistle

We are 5 on 5

Told Craig Cescon 2 minutes for delay of game

Blaze goal @ 26:19

Ryan O'Marra the scorer

Assist Ross Venus

Come on U DEVILS

Brian Stewart covers @ 27:24


@ 27:44

Andrew Hotham assists Joey Martin & Chris Jones

Brian Stewart tries to bench himself but is told to go back in net


Josh Batch assist Doug Clarkson & Joey Haddad @ 28:46

Amazing goal says Gerald

Blaze penalty Jacob Sinder 2 minutes for interference


PPG @ 29:28

Blaze time out, Brian Stewart going nuts

Devils 6th goal scored by Joey Martin assists Brent Walton & Jesse Mychan

Brian Stewart pulled

connor Ranby takes over @ 29:38

Blaze fans have joined in with the RED ARMY chants

Chris S are you back online yet

Remember trip to Coventry on Boxing Day will cost you just 10 with RED ARMY TRAVEL

That is sure to be a PARTY BUS

Gone quiet all of a sudden

Dr Piggott getting shifts


@ 37:13 - Doug Clarkson assist Joey Haddad

I wonder what the atmosphere at the Ice Dome is like, it is a morgue when the Blaze are winning

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 7

Rachael says Blaze are appaling

Neil F says lets embarrass them and get double figures

Also its a chance for our leading point scorers to climb the scorers table

7 different scorers so far

Teams are back

Off we go

Mike Will in net for Devils this period

Jesse Mychan goes close

Connor Ranby save @ 41:15

Another Ranby save @ 41:22

Come on U DEVILS lets have another one

Not that we are greedy

Unconfirmed rumours that Brian Stewart has a broken collarbone

probably a dislocated collar bone which is probably why he wanted to come off earlier

Gone very qwuiet again, hopefully Devils can run down the clock and save energy for the Capitals tomorrow

Its end to end at the Ice Dome and RED ARMy (+texters) are more interested in singing Alouette

Just be grateful they haven't got the beachball

Blaze penalty @ 49:33 ??? 2 minutes for slashing

Rachael cannot hear the PA as the RED ARMY are taking the P..s

Luke Piggott , Chris Jones & Andrew Lord on pp

1 minute of pp gone

Blaze FS

Carl you are nasty, yes big fellas are easy to upset

RED ARMY now singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Doug Clarkson

Can you imagine what they will be like on Boxing Day, if you want to be there its only 10 for the coach with RED ARMY TRAVEL

Blaze goal

Steven Chalmers assist Cale Tanaka @ 54:13


Don't let them score again just so that one of the owners can get his prediction correct

Blaze fans sneaking out @ 56:30

Connor Ranby save from Doug Clarkson @ 57:06

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY will now chant for the last 2 minutes

Final minute

Connor Ranby save @ 59:39

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 7


Brent Walton scores in dieing seconds

Awaiting confirmation

Apologies Devils 8th goal was @ 57:37 - text got delayed

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 8


Awaiting Blaze MoM

Our thanks to texters - Rachael & Gerald

Blaze MoM - Ross Venus

Tomorrow night as I am making a rare visit to the BBT - Stephen will be your host

Join him for what will be a memorable night at the BBT as Jason Stone's sweater number 10 will be retired and the Capitals come to Cardiff Bay