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Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Dundee Stars

Welcome to MNL as we welcome the Dundee Stars to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions + comments to

Hazel in sunny Southend predicts a 6-3 win for the Devils

Sue J goes for a shutout 4-0

its 1-1 between Giants and Panthers in Belfast halfway through 2nd period.

The GREAT NEWS is that both Tom Darnell & Michael Hicks are in Belfast

Pat goes for a 4-2 Devils victory

Clive B predicts 5-1 to the RED ARMY

Brian Parker says Devils will win by 2 goals

I wonder how cold it is in Calgary, just spoken to my brother in law in Ottawa and its freezing as soon as the sun goes down - no snow yet

Laura Mychan will tell us is cold where the Mychan clan are in SK

Along with predicting a 4-1 Devils win Laura M has given us an inside how to unsettle Stars netminder Martc Cheverie a former team mate of Jesse

Rattle his cage from the start- so you now know what to do you fans standing behind the goal

Warmup is ongoing at BBT

-7C in SK but with the chill factor feels like -17C

Awaiting weather updates from Voth26 in Mexico, my mate Gregorio in Puerto de la Cruz and hopefully from the owners in Calgary

-2C in Calgary warmer than recently says Brian P

Warmup done

Thanks for the photo Brian, XMAS is coming

Texters are now in position

22C in Puerto says Greg

It hit close on 40C when I was there 2 weeks ago

Officials take to the ice

Stars come onto ice

On duty at BBT tonight Sharlene, Rachael & Adam

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Team intros

A number of my regular predictors have disappeared this season, hopefully they are at the games

Carl Hudson the only scratch for Devils

Good crowd yet again

My bottle of rioja by my side I am ready


Stephen B says 5-2 for the lads

Sadie thinks Devils will win by at least 3 goals

Hope so Sadie

Stephen E alias Cornwall Taffy calls it 5-2

Puck dropped

Clarkson, Haddad & Myers start

Matt Thompson is the man in charge

Stars goal

Mitchell @ 1.11

Unassisted gift

Mitchell had a clear shot at goal as Devils D were tied up on boards

Come on U DEVILS

Stars penalty Gongalsky 2 minutes for tripping @ 1:26

Stars penalty Brad Plumton high sticks @ 2:31

Devils have 5 on 3

Marc Cheverie covers

Stars back to 4 skaters

Stars breakaway foiled

Ben Bowns covers @ 4:08

Stars FS

Come on U DEVILS up your game

Line changes for Devils - its now Doug Clarkson, Andrew Lord & Matthew Myers

Trevor Hendrikx v James Isaacs

win for Hendrikx

@ 5:50 the time of the fight

Isaacs wrestles Trevor Hendrikx to floor after taking a few punches

Awaiting call

Luke Piggott goes to box - too serve minor for Hendrikx

Called as roughing minors 2 + 2 for Hendrikx 2 minutes for Isaacs

Why Dr P is in sinbin I cant say

Luke Piggott returns to the ice

Devils back to FS @ 8:40

As are Stars

Stars icing @ 9:01

How Devils are back to FS I do not understand

Devils should be FS @ 9:50

Still lets have a goal for DEVILS of course

Now Devils are FS

As Hendrikx returns

Marc Cheverie kicks net off its moorings

Handbags @ 11:37

Stars icing @ 12:35

BBT is quiet

Panthers lose 2-1 in Belfast

Stars penalty Isaacs 2 minutes for holding @ 12:54


WE want a PPG

Stars Fs


Adam says its PPG @ 14:22


Scored by Brent Walton assist Joey Martin

Apologies for the FS

Fans behind goal claim Andrew Lord got a touch on Brent Walton shot - we shall see

Matthew Myers shoots straight at Marc Cheverie @ 15:53

Glove save Marc Cheverie from Jake Morissette @ 16:28

Trevor Hendrikx hip checks Chris Blight

Ben Bowns covers @ 17:08

Josh Batch destroys Martin Cingel along boards

Devils penalty @ 19:35

Brent Walton 2 minutes for clipping


End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stars 1

School report says - DEVILS could do better

Devils start 2nd period with 1:35 of PK

Belgium 0 Wales 0 - Wales top of group

Ice is ready

Both teams appear

2nd period starts


Jake Morissette gets 2nd assist on Devils goal

Devils return to FS

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 9 Stars 7

Announced at BBT that sweater #10 (Jason Stone) will be retired next Sunday night

Well deserved

Handbags as Marc Cheverie covers @ 22:56

That save was from a Jake Morissette breakaway

Penalties for both teams called

Joey Haddad & Jeff Hutchins both get 2 minutes for roughing @ 24:47

Correction high sticks for Haddad; interference for Hutchins

One minute of penalties gone

Ben Bowns glove save @ 26;24

Both teams back to FS

Adam says Josh Batch having another great game

Andrew Hotham seems to have gone to dressing room

Hopefully equipment problem as he didn't appear to be hit or anything

Stars penalty Jeff Hutchins 2 minutes for hooking @ 27:30


A PPG no less @ 28:13

Scored by Joey Martin assists Andrew Lord & Brent Walton

exactly same PP unit responsible for both PPG - Tyson Marsh, Andrew Lord, Brent Walton, Jake Morissette & Joey Martin

Jesse Mychan & Isaacs tangle @ 28:49

both get roughing minors

Andrew Hotham has returned

Stars goal

Andrew Lord fails to clear Devils zone

Goal timed @ 30:05

Stars score again

awaiting details

Wake up U DEVIlS

Stars 3rd goal scored by Hutchins assists Dolan & Quick @ 30:50

Gametime 31;52


Trevor Hendrikx v Brad Plumton

Handbag convention then Hendrikx & Plumton go for it

Netminders playing shoot the puck as penalties are being sorted

Game restarts

Stars penalties Isaac 2 minutes for delay of game, Plumton 5 minutes for fighting

Hendrikx 5 minutes for fighting, Mychan 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct

Stars penalty @ 33:15 Chris Blight 2 minutes for slashing

Devils on PP

Brent Walton shot saved @ 33:55

Steelers beat Clan 4-1 - Mosienko hattrick

Devils PP not generating enough shots on goal

Puck out of play Face off in the Stars zone @ 54:54

Mark Richardson hits post

34:54 sorry

More handbags featuring Andrew Hotham & Ryan Grimshaw

Both get 2 minutes for roughing @35:11

Devils penalty Luke Piggott goes to naughty boys room

Pigott goes as Hotham had an extra 2 for USC

Chris Culligan playind on D as well as up front

Ben Bowns saves

Hendrikx returns

Stars FS

At least DEVILS PK is in top form

Ben Bowns called upon to make a lot of crucial saves

Gametime 39:02

Devils Fs

Puck out of play @ 39:49

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Stars 3

School report - MUST DO BETTER

I don't know whether to believe this or not

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 22 Stars 7 making ir 31-14 after 2 periods

Not getting reports of some unbelievable saves by Marc Cheverie the Devils shooting on goal must improve

off we go

Devils penalty @ 40:44 Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for elbowing

Kill Devils Kill

Ben Bowns with 1:05 of PK remaining

one minute + killed

Stars Goal

Just as Devils returned to FS

Face off in the Stars zone

Stars goal scored by Grimshaw assist lust @ 42;47

Stars penalty Brad Plumton 2 minutes for interference @ 43:45

Come on U DEVILS


Andrew Hotham rocket PPG

@ 44;43

Chris Blight having a go at ref

No news on assists

Brad Plumton misses hit on Andrew Lord


@ 47:18 scored by Jesse Mychan assist Brent Walton

2nd assist to Trevor Hendrikx

Devils penalty @ 47:50 Joey Haddad 2 minutes for tripping


one minute killed

Devils 3rd goal by Andrew Hotham was unassisted

Devils FS

Ben Bowns covers @ 49:56

Glove save Ben Bowns

Ben Bowns sav again

Face off in the Devils zone @ 50;18

Ben Bowns loses stick but still makes amazing save

Mitchell declines Clarkson


@ 54:30

Joey Haddad scores

correction Matthew Myers assists Joey Haddad & Josh Batch

Our MD might have announced that the wrong way around

Adam is confident that Joey Haddad scored

Devils penalty @ 56:12

Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for high sticks


great work on the PK by Jake Morissette

One minute killed

Devils FS

gametime 58:12

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 5 Stars 4

A win is a win, but can you make more clear cut next time

The games over this weekend have been very stressful

Our thanks to Sharlene, Rachael & Adam for their usual brilliant service

Stars MoM - Ryan Grimshaw


Rachael would have gone for BEN BOWNS

Attendence given as 1,725

Thats all from me, join me on Saturday night when your Devils are in action at Coventry