Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

MNL brings you coverage of the Devils battle with the Panthers in the Lace City

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm for MNL unique ice hockey banter.

texters Gerald & JohnWildthing are at the NIC we also have Panthers fans Cheryl & Charlotte helping us out as well tonight

I am sure Gerald & John will have a better game to watch than the rubbish we endured this afternoon.

Russky just wants a win to cheer us up

The Mychan clan predict a commanding win for the RED ARMY

Warmup starts

I think Tom darnell is the referee - awaiting confirmation

Joey Martin & Chris Culligan icing just one scratch Carl Hudson

will bring you Panthers team news when we have it.

Robinson of course has left these shores

score predictions as usual to

Warmup done

Allen W goes for a 4-3 win for devils

Sue J thinks Devils will win on penalties I won't tell you who she thinks will convert his penalty

An easy starter for 10

It makes a change for other teams to have netminder injuries - stephen Murphy, Craig Kowalski. WEe have had our quota

However I hope the two mentioned are back on the ice soon.

Ice ready at NIC

Who is out there in some exotic location following the DEvils on MNL.? Let me know at

Refs are Darnell & Hogarth - bless them

Come on Scotland - they are giving the all Blacks a hell of a game 16-17 at the moment

Panthers long intro still going on - it will be Sunday soon

Panthers come on without helmets - how vain can you get

Ref should make them play without them

A further delay anticipated as they search for their helmets

Both teams have 16 skaters

Do any games at NIC start on time?

Anthems done

Mattias Modig in net for Panthers

Finally puck is dropped

Doug Clarkson shoots wide from point

Modig covers from Jake Morissette

Joey Martin has a shot blocked

Modig loses his stick

Modig covers @ 2:08 and recovers his stick

That was a fantastic shift by devils Martin at his best running the show

Ben Bowns deflects puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Brian parker thinks Devils will win by three as we welcome back Chris Culligan & Joey Martin

Ben Bowns @ 3:55

Scotland lose 16-24

Matthew Myers shoots wide

Both AA & RAC have issued notices that they cannot provide any breakdown ciover in the Greater London area as so many Chariots have broken down in the Twickenham area

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 7:29

For those of you who haven't been to NIC - it has a very poor network signal

End to end at the NIC

Gametime 8:42

Modig kicks of net on Devils breakaway - obviously trained by Craig Kowalski

Come on U DEVILS


We want a goal for the RED ARMY - now

I am doing my best - and I wasn't in the Cubs or Scouts

Panthers penalty - Sam Oakford - holding the stick @ 13;30

In fact that was a Devils penalty for Joey Haddad


Panthers PP Goal

@ 14:50

Scored by Bruce Graham

Assists Higgins & Robert Lachowicz

Lets get it back U DEVILS

Panthers Evan Mosey 2 minutes for hooking @ 16;50

Get the PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for hooking @ 17:18

Devils will have 28secs of PK


@ 18:37

Scored by Brent Walton assists Andrew Lord & Tyson Marsh

Trevor Hendrikx perfect hip check gets called - rubbish

Called as 2 minutes for elbowing

@ 19:11

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:11 penalty kill

SoG for 1st period Panthers 17 DEVILS 13

Flyers v Clan delayed till 8pm - I wonder why

Ice ready - waiting for teams to return

Cannot explain delay

2nd period was been underway for 2 minutes

Cardiff penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 22:23

Its still 1-1

Brilliant PK so far

Ben Bowns save @ 23:50

Devils FS

Jake Morissette shoots on breakaway - glove save Modig

Charlotte's 1st period report states- End to end with Panthers getting loads of shots away but not telling ones

Ben Bowns saves from Chris Higgins

Ben Bowns covers from Chris Lawrence @ 26:53

Gametime 28:30

Nothing to report apparently - unless the network is storing the texts

gametime 31:30

Panthers Goal

Failure of Devils to clear rebounds

@ 32:15 scored by David Clarke assists Higgins & Benedict

panthers had 4 shots at burying the biscuit.

Come on U DEVILS lets get it back

Some off the puck niggles are now evident

Modig save from Brent Walton @ 33:28

Jesse Mychan wanders offside - too keen maybe

Panthers penalty David Clarke 2 minutes for tripping @ 33:57

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Richie foils a Panthers SH breakaway

Devils maybe pressing to hard during the PP

Panthers return to full strength

Gametime 37:44

its all Devils at the moment as they push for that equaliser

90 secs to go in 2nd period

Final minute

End of 2nd period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

Looks like this game will go to the wire

JohnWildthing says Devils are playing well, the next goal is crucial

Come on U Devils you can do, 2 unanswered goals in 3rd would do nicely

Chris Frank thrown out at Fife - 3rd man in

Does he ever play 60 minutes

Where is that uncle of his these days? Thankfully not on the Forum or tormenting me at MNL

Mark G I wouldn't bet against O/T

Penalties even

I agree Rob

Teams back

3rd underway


SoG for 2nd period Pasnthers 10 DEVILS 10 making it 27-23 after 2 periods

Gametime 41:48

End to end @ 42:30

Save Ben Bowns

Puck out of play Face off in the Panthers zone


@ 43:09

Brent Walton assist Jesse Mychan

Cardiff penalty Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for hooking @ 44:39


Devils clear zone

Joey Martin hits post on a SH shot

Gametime 46:04

Devils FS

2 quick saves by Ben Bowns

Gametime 47:48

Gametime 49;03

Just 10 minutes left in regulation

Come on U DEVILS

Bown falls over but regains his feet to foil Pantheres breakaway @ 51:38

Joey Haddad goes close

gametime 52:38

Its very tense at NIC as both teams seek that winning goal

its end to end as we enter final 5 minutes

Gametime 55:52

Just 3 minutes left

My texters say they are too tense to text

It might have been dense

Come on John & Gerald shout your heads off you are the RED ARMY tonight

gametime 57:36 says John

Final 2 minutes

Mass pile up in front of Ben Bowns @ 58:31

End of regulation Panthers 2 DEVILS 2

Thats 1 point lets get the other in O/T

Laura Mychan says its the most exciting game they "never watched"

John & Gerald are our only witnesses to a great Devils performance

LETS GO DEVILS finish them off in O/T

O/T underway

Watching Wales v Fiji was like watching paint drying, watching MNL makes your heart flutter

Panthers offside @ 62:54

Texts are getting thru order of order so bear with me

Gametime 63:45

Jake Morissette warm up for your penalty shot

Joey Haddad fires a rocket, nobody can get onto the rebound

30 secs left

End of O/T Panthers 2 DEVILS 2

Penalty shots

Hope we can cover these penalty shots accurately

Jake Morissette first up


Bruce Graham SAVED

Joey Martin SCORES

Chris Lawrence SCORES

Now 2-1 for Devils

Brent Walton SAVED

Evan Mosey SAVED

TWO great points

Our thanks to primarily our very own JohnWildthing & Gerald and our thanks also to Panthers fans Cheryl & Charlotte for their contribution


Panthers MoM - Brandon Benedict

That all from me, join me tomorrow night was we welcome the Dundee Stars to Cardiff Bay