Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Belfast Giants

Better late than never

M4 traffic horrendous, monsoon around Bridgend didn't help

Getting texters organised

this will amuse you Giants netminder Andrew Dickson left his skate guards ion and went flying

My broadband connection is playing up again tonight so there might be a reduced MNL service

Minute silence

Pressure from Devils in opening minutes

Jesse Mychan levels a Giant

Ben Bowns covers

Handbags involving Adam Keefe & Trevor Hendrikx Cardiff

Gametime 2;30

David Phillips blocks Joey Haddad shot

End to end but no real clear chances or SoG

Handbags involving Adam Keefe & Trevor Hendrikx Cardiff

4:15 gone

Devils penalty Andrew Lord 2 minutes for boarding @ 4:16

Cheverie took a hooking minor at the same time

Andrew Hotham & Adam Keefe exchanging words

Game has become more physical

minors served

Ben Bowns covers @ 6:27

Fierce game so far says Jon J

Tom Darnell & Stefan Hogarth are refs

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants pressure

Not icing for Devils - Carl Hudson, Joey Martin & Chris Culligan

14 skaters on both teams

Kevin Westgarth tries to level Tyson Marsh - twice - fails both times

Dickson covers

Jesse Mychan forces Dickson to cover again

Devils penalty - Andrew Lord

2 minutes for roughing @ 10:49

Ben Bowns saves and zone cleared


Mark Richardson sliding block does the job

Devils back to full strength (FS)

icing @ 12:54

Andrew Lord came out of box and nearly got away

Giants penalty - David Phillips

Robby Sandrock pushes Doug Clarkson who laughs at him

Good save by Dickson

Phillips got 2 minutes for holding @ 13:32

Devils PP looks good but nothing to show for it

Dickson glove save @ 15:19

Ben Bowns covers @ 16:16

Devils penalty 2 minutes for tripping Tyson Marsh: Giants Kevin Saurette 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 16:24

Gametime 18:17

Devils go close, puck goes across the goal line before cleared by Giants D

Trevor Hendrikx porno tashe is a hit

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 0

Crowd subdued says Tony

very quiet on predictions front although I like Hazel's 5-2 win for Devils and Pats 4-2 victory

Hazel prediction of a 5-2 Devils win I can live with also Pats 4-2 victory, Sky obviously a Giats fan goes for a 5-2 for the Giants

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Giants 8

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Puck out of play @ 21:15

Clear trip on Marsh - No call

Clear trip on Marsh - No call

Apologies but my Broadband is dropping all the time

Fight between Marsh & Kevin Westgarth was the major event missed

Marsh got 5 minutes for fighting: unclear what Westgarth got

Marsh got 5 minutes for fighting: unclear what Westgarth got

I think the problem might be with the Inferno server

Keefe & Myers get minors @ 27:49 roughing

If Chris S or The Stub are watching try and log in and see

Josh Batch plants big hit on Evan Cheverie - that woke up the crowd

Marsh back after major

Gametime 30:17

Kevin Westgarth scores for Giants with a wraparound

After much debate Darnell awards goal - are you surprised

Joey Haddad 2 minutes for high sticks @ 36:11


Devils cleane after zone after a lot of pressure

Devils FS

Joey Haddad big hit on Calvin Elfring

Giants breakaway - Ben Bowns saves

Ben Bowns covers @ 38:53


Brent Walton scores

It was Matthew Myers who scored assist Josh Batch @ 39:41

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Giants 1

I shall now do some checks on my system - back for 3rd period in 15mins

Again apologies for the sub-standard MNL coverage mlins somewhere in the system

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Giants 13 making it 23-21 after 2 periods

To clear up Kevin Westgarth also got 5 minutes for fighting plus 2 minutes for boarding in his battle with Tyson

3rd period starts

Ben Bowns covers @ 42:11


Joey Haddad scores

Assist Andrew Hotham @ 43:20

Josh Batch levels Calvin Elfring

Tony tells me BBT close to a sell out once again

Giants upping pressure on forecheck

Ben Bowns covers @ 45;13

Giants offside



Clarkson assist Myers

Giants 2nd goal scored by David Phillips assist Adam Keefe


Ben Bowns saves a rocket from Sawada

Giants crashing the net a lot

Save Ben Bowns

Devils penned in their zone

Batch got a penalty which Devils killed

Gametime 57:16

Gametime 57:16

Richie goes off seems OK

Time out Giants

Dickson pulled


Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx @58:54

2 minutes for cross-checking

Ben Bowns big save

Giants hit the crossbar


Our thanks to Tony & Jon J and a welcome return to texting duty to Sharlene who is probably MNL longest serving texter

Giants MoM - Andrew Dickson Devils MoM - DOUG CLARKSON

Giants MoM - Andrew Dickson Devils MoM - DOUG CLARKSON