Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 7 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the 1st leg of a Giants/Devils weekend.

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as withe the kind assistance of Giants fans - Dorothy, David M & Carl(Jester) we will bring you MNL with a Giants bias

Makes a change

If you or know of a Devils fans who has made the trip to Belfast and can help us out PM me, email or text the MNL number

Score predictions along with other comments to

Allen W goes for a 3-2 win for Devils

Laura Mychan from a snowy SK predicts a 2-1 Devils victory

Laura says that last year they had a low of -55C. That is cold

Its been cold enough in Cardiff after 3 weeks of high 30s in Tenerife

As I mentioned earlier MNL coverage tonight is down solely to Giants fans helping us out

Geraint is in Belfast but too many sherberts has ruled him out

I noticed that a former Devils fan "Baphomet" was making the trip from Dublin to see the Devils for the first time in 10 years. If you read this get in touch - or 07527 625206

Warm up underway

Carl Hudson on the bench with Franny

Mark G in Caerphilly thinks the Devils will lose by 2 goals in a penalty riddled game, but hopes hes wrong

Jimmy Snels is more confident and goes for a 3-2 win for the RED ARMY

Jester says that there seems to be a big crowd in O tonight

warmup done

We might have a delayed face off as there is massive walkup queue

I have to be on tiop form tonoght as my regular texters are watching the webcast

Zamboni preparing the ice

Away fan section full - distinct lack of red though

Big screen showing interview with Kevin Westgarth

Clock showing 15 minutes so a 10 minute delay

Ice done

Reports that O is virtually sold out

Ceremonial face off for Diabetes UK

Game officials take to the ice

2 ref system tonight

Tom Darnell is one ref

Giants intro starts

Dean Smith is the other ref

Finally both teams on the ice

Giants missing Kompton & McCutcheon

Puck is dropped

Giants icing

Stephen Murphy save & covers

Stephen Murphy now injured

Hasn't got up after save

He gone off

Ben Bowns saves from Kevin Westgarth

I assume Andrew Dickson in on for Murphy

Giants offside

Dickson in net for Giants

Glove save Ben Bowns from David Phillips

Gametime 2:33

Giants goal scored by Darryl Lloyd

@ 4:55

Devils offside

Murphy gone for the night I am told

Assist for Adam Keefe

Brian Parker in Calgary predicts a Devils victory by 2 goals

Devils shoot wide

Ben Bowns glove save from Mark Garside

Now its Giants turn to wander offside

Dickson save from Walton

Devils have Adam Harding & Lewis Turner on duty tonight

Puck out of play Face off in the Giants zone

Ben Bowns save

Ben Bowns saves from Kevin Westgarth

Dickson save from Brent Walton

Dickson now saves from Jesse Mychan

Gametime 9;50

Doug Clarkson shoots stright at Dickson who saves

Game a bit scrappy at the moment

Giants penalty

David Phillips the culprit 2 minutes for holding

Scramble in fron of Giants net comes to nothing

Time of penalty 13:07

Giants breakaway cleared

Glove save Dickson with 8 secs left in PP for Devils

Giants return to full stregth

Devils penalty - Doug Clarkson


2 minutes for elbowing @ 16:08

Ben Bowns saves from Sawada

Giants offside

Giants offside again


Jesse Mychan scores


SHG unassisted @ 17:57

Last minute

Jester like Trevor Hendrikx porn star tashe

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

Ice ready

Offiials are back

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

SoG for 1st period Giants 6 DEVILS 10

I am told Adam Harding is icing at Swindon

Texters have been told to conserve their batteries

They were recruited at short notice

Lewis Turner is icing for the Bracknell Bees tonight

Assist Sawada

@ 24:05

Come on U DEVILS

Fight Adam Keefe v Josh Batch

A draw is the verdict

Giants go on PP

Other texter calls it a win for Keefe

Josh Batch has gone to dressing room - awaiting penalties

Josh Batch 2 minutes for interference + 5 minutes for fighting

Luke Piggott serving minor

Lloyd & Keefe in Giants sinbin

Andrew Holham also gets penalty

Unsportsmanlike conduct minors for Lloyd &Hotham

Tyson Marsh in penalty box as well

Giants have 5 on 3 for 19 secs

Giants Goal Colin Shields

@ 28:34

Assist Sandrock

Giants Goal

Kevin Saurette the scorer after a wicked bounce off plexiglass

Time out Devils

4th Giants goal was at 29:00

You will be glad to hear it is now 5 on 5

Chris Culligan down hurt

Keefe is back

Big collision behind Devils net led to Chris Culligan injury

Culligan OK

Josh Batch in track suit on Devils bench

Tyson Marsh got 2 minutes for slashing @ 28:50

Culligan OK

Hotham now down appeared to have been kicked

Keefe is back

Lloyd 5 + Game for boarding

@ 33:19

Its 4 on 4

Devils have a PP for 3:20

Gametime 36:31

1 min of Devils PP left


Doug Clarkson scores ppg

@ 37:42

Assists Brent Walton & Andrew Hotham

Giants FS

Devils penalty Joey Haddad 2 minutes for high sticks

Ben Bowns save

Apologies there seems to be problems with broadband

Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for cross-checking

end of 2nd period Giants 4 DEVILS 1

Having massive problems with either Inferno site or my broadband or both

Marsh penalty was @ 39:19

SoG for 2nd period Giants 10 DEVILS 14making it 16-24 after 2 periods

Teams are back

Is anyone else in Cardiff having broadband problems with BT Infinity it appears to be very unstable

3rd period underway

Giants goal

PPG for Giants scored by Ray Sawada

Giants Goal - Adam Keefe

Ben Bowns lifted Mike Will replaces him

Mason & Garside assisted on Keefe goal @ 43:11

Come on U DEVILS

O attendence given as 6,082

Giants penalty Evan Cheverie

hooking the call

Josh Batch is back on the ice!!!!!

Cheverie penalty was @ 47:19

Giants FS - poor Devils PP

Gametime 49:31

FIVE members of RED ARMY spotted

Calvin Elfring 2 minutes for delay of game


PPG for Doug Clarkson

assists Joey Haddad & Matthew Myers @ 53:25

Dougie's 2nd goal of the game



Tyson Marsh

Assists Doug Clarkson & Matthew Myers

Devils 4th goal was @ 56:04

Will pulled

ENG for Kevin Saurette

Goal timed @ 58:03

Final score Giants 7 DEVILS 4



Our thanks to to the trio of Giants fans who did a greart job for us at MNL - Dorothy, David M and Carl(Jester).

Join me tomorrow night as we welcome the Giants to the BBT

Join me from around 5:15 as I hurry back to Cardiff from racing at Ffos Las