Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

MNL is back join me (OJ) from around 5pm as we bring you coverage of the eagerly awaited mauling of the Panthers at the BBT

Score predictions plus any other repeatable comments to

If there are tickets left get down to the BBT if you can and remember to wear PINK in aid of CANCER RESEARCH

Its great to be back although I miss the sunshine

Texters have been allocated their duties so we are set to go

Russky J thinks Devils will win in O/T

Cornwall Taffy predicts a 4-1 win for Devils

Laura and the rest of the Mychan clan predicts a Devils victory in a feisty affair

Apologies for the break in MNL service I thought I had fixed up cover for my absence

Its is the first time we have major break in MNL coverage for six seasons

I have lost contact with one of the original MNL texters - Sharlene. She was with us until last season. Get in touch via

Similarly has Theresa returned to the Devils fold like many others

Devils fans from my era (ie old farts) are trying to get me to attend games but after my one attempt to run MNL at the BBT I think I had better stay where I am

Stephen B goes for a 5-2 win for the RED ARMY

By the way warmup is ongoing at BBT

Will bring you news on who the ref is asap. Its not Dean Smith as he is at Coventry

Pat calls it 4-1 DEVILS

warmup done

Lights are dimmed at the PINK OUT BBT

Teams on the ice

Its our "Lucky night" - refs are Mike Hicks & Tom Darnell

Why have those two together - its not as if either need to be assessed - THEY ARE BOTH USELESS

Anthem time

Where are our Calgary owners tonight?

Puck dropped

Andrew Lord Joey Martin Jake Morissette start for Devils

Panthers penalty @ 0:23 Greg Jacina

cross-checking the call


ppg @ 0:30 SCORED BY Jake Morissette ASSISTS Chris Culligan & Joey Martin

Puck out of play Face off in the Panthers zone @ 1:59


Panthers penalty Robert Lachowicz cross-checking @ 3:15

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

interference was the call not cross-checking

Devils offside @ 4:39

Devils offside again - to keen to get in Panthers zone

Panthers Full strength

Doug Clarkson sticked in face - NO CALL

Penalties fot both teams - Farmer & Hendrikx

Farmer - holding stick: Hendrikx roughing @ 6:24

Devils playing an aggressive game

Both team back to Full strength

Gametime 8:33

Panther GOAL

@ 9:19

Panther dumped puck in from wide angle, rebound, deflected in off Devils skate

Robert Farmer assist Chris Lawrence

Neutral ice face off @ 10:51

Panthers penalty @ 11:05 - Lee - kneeing

SHG for Panthers

Chris Lawrence @ 11:42

SHG scored by Robert Lachowicz not lawrence

Panthers FS

Modig saves from Mychan

Brian Parker says Devils will win by 3

Gametime 17:04

Mattias Modig doesn't look at home in Panthers net, Adam T says he looks scared

Fire a few high rockets at him

Joey Haddad tripping minor @ 18:27

Final minute


End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 2

Teams are back

Off we go for 2nd period

Panthers offside @ 20:21

Modig covera @ 20:54

Face off in the Devils zone @ 21:42

Official attendence given as 2,214

Ben Bowns poke check

Devils Joey Haddad - boarding @ 23:41

Another needless penalty


Devils PK unit in fine shape

Doug Clarkson breakaway as Devils return to full strength

Nigel says Panthers PP not up to much

Doug Clarkson breakaway as Devils return to full strength

Darnell says no goal, fans at that end say it went through

Believe that video shows it went through net

Another poor call by Darnell - Joey Haddad - tripping @ 29:20


Mark Richardson blocks shot on ankle limps to bench

Devils FS

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Panthers 10

Panthers icing @ 33:13


Give us a goal U Devils

Adam T says Josh Batch having a great game

Devils have become more physical

face off in neutral ice @ 35:04

Jake Morissette hit by puck (Knee) looks hurt

Greg Jacina & Joey Martin penalties, elbows and cross-checking repectively @ 36:31

both teams return to FS

Face off in the Panthers zone @ 38:41

Final minute

5ft 9 Walton flattens 6ft 6 Graham

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 PANTHERS 2

I am told that the webcast clearly shows that the dissallowed goal was a GOAL

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 10 Panthers 5 making it 26-15 after 2 periods

Both teams back on the ice

Puck dropped for 3rd period

Come on U DEVILS we need these 2 points

Mark Richardson back on ice after being hit

Jake Morissette has also iced since he was hit by puck

Devils are not very consistent tonight

Bruce Graham & Joey Haddad called for minor penalties @45:10

Both given slashing minors

Andrew Lord misses from the slot

One minute of penalties killed

Both teams FS

Come on you Devils, we need these points,Giants lose 5-1 at Coventry

Gametime 49:16

Hull 4 Braehead 0 after 2 periods & Steelers losing 3-2 at Dundee


Modig covers @ 50:51

Andrew Lord collides with Modig - handbags

More handbags centre ice

Devils look disorganised tonight

Mass exodus to sinbin - Mosey & Farmer for Panthers; Hotham & Clarkson for Devils all roughing @ 52:22

Give a goal U DEVILS - Please

Panthers penalty @ 54:21 - Bruce Graham - roughing


1 minute of PP gone

Jake Morissette misses a tap in at far post

Modig glove save @ 56:06

Panthers FS

Devils not driving to the net as much as they should

Jesse Mychan forces a save from Modig @57:54

Final 2 minutes

Bowns lifted @ 59:22

Final score DEVILS 1 Panthers 2

Our thanks to texters - Rachael, Gerald, Nigel & Adam who did their usual fantastic job

Panthers MoM - Greg Jacina

Join me next weekend when the Devils take on the Giants in reversed fixtures, Belfast on Saturday the BBT on Sunday



Anyone off to Belfast - please get in touch