Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Good evening. Tonight you have Gareth (theStub) hosting MNL for the first time in a long time.

Whilst I try to remember how to work everything, feel free to send predictions to

Looking around, Devils will be without Myers for being a very naughty boy last night at the Tent

Meanwhile, for the Blaze Mike Egener did not ice last night. We can probably expect him to be absent for this one too.

Whilst I've been getting ready, the Blaze have posted an article

Half an hour to go is a REALLY late call.

Some predictions coming in. Russky thinks this will be an OT or SO decided game.

And Clive is saving the Devils after OT

Personally I think the Devils will be bouncing after the big win last night and having the owners over. I am guessing the Devils will take it by a 2.

Any more predictions? Keep me company at

Jason say "3-1 to the devils and either Clarkson or the Ginger Ninja to absolutely leather someone"

I have to be honest, doing this is a bit of a relief. The good lady wife is full of ideas for the house we're buying. This gives me a valid excuse to not discuss soft furnishings.

A change to Jason's prediction: Devils 3, Coventry 1 and Big Doug to absolutely discuss with someone the merits of ikea furniture whilst the ginger ninja looks at the latest Laura Ashley Catalogue with Mike Egener

Ever get the feeling someone is baiting the MNL host?

Mark has called it as: devils win by 2 goals. But happy with any kind of win.

Angela has called it as 4-2 for the Devils.

Looks like we are getting ready to go.

Anthems done, waiting for faceoff.

We're off.

Devils win the faceoff and ice the puck...

About 100 Devils fans have travelled.

Hicks and Hogarth have the whistle.

Rawlyk kicked the net off but the goal is awarded.

After initially giving it, Hicks is now having a think about it.

Apparently the net was off, so it is now all about if the puck would have crossed the line if the net was there.

Oh for NHL style overhead cameras.

Goal has been waved off... and no penalty shot for the deliberate removal of the net.

Nice to see Hicks still backs down with enough nagging.

Blaze crash the Devils net. Clarkson has words and the gloves come off with Craig Cescon

Waiting for the penalties.

Cescon with the take down, but the linesmen struggled to separate them.

Sorry, it was Hotham not Clarkson.

From Gerald "I don't the puck crossed the line, 90% sure the puck just crossed the crease"

Cardiff Andrew Hotham 5 minutes for fighting

Craig Cescon 2 minutes for roughing and 5 minutes for fighting

So Devils go on the Powerplay.

For Jason - looking like 60% capacity in the Skydome. So not too bad, they just are silent.

Blaze kick the nets off.

Devils having a mixed Power Play. Blaze managing to keep the puck up the ice for periods. But Devils still forcing a couple of saves from Stewart.

Blaze Rory Rawlyk throws a hit and then runs for the bench.

Blaze full strength.


Stewart clears it, and Batch hits it into the empty net in slow motion.

So that goal Batch @ 4:17

The assists from Morissette and Lord

You have to bear with me... I'm still remembering how to drive this ;)

Devils seem to be settling now, and controlling the game.

Blaze seem to be content to let Devisl skate around the outside of the zone without a hit.

Bouncing puck in the Devils crease. Bowns didn't know where it was, but Devils clear before Tendler could slot it home.

Taken my Mychan but the resulting shot goes out of play.

Another Mychan shot with Stewart save.

Very end to end.

Another good chance from the Devils after Blaze cough up an easy turn over.

Tendler looks to be the only Blaze player trying to bring any offence at the moment.

And the Devils pressure causes Blaze to take a soft holding penalty behind their own net.

So that penalty Blaze Rory Rawlyk 2 minutes for holding

That at 9:15.

Devils with a few good chances on the Power Play but not able to get set for any sustained pressure.

Blaze Full Strength.

Clarkson loose his rag and takes a silly slashing penalty.

Devils Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for slashing at 11:15.

Let's see if we can do something on the kill.

Morissette takes the puck 1 on 1 but can't get the shot away. Still kills that clock.

Blaze struggling to get into the zone.

Bowns with a good save give Devils a nice run of attacking play whilst a man down.

Devils FS

Apparently Blaze didn't seem to realise they were on the power play.

Jason is asking how Myers is playing. I'm not sure he is.

Blaze penalty Kyle Bochek 2 minutes for tripping @ 14:59

15:21 - Stewart glove save and covers.

Jason - from the rink "Myers isn't playing"

I'm guessing the game sheet is wrong.

Apparently Hotham is wearing Myers' jersey after equipment issues.

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for slashing at 17:58.

Devils still look like they are at even strength.

Blaze can't seem to gain the zone. So far Devils have at more changes on the Blaze PP.

At the buzzer Blaze with a shot on Bowns.

Devils Full Strength.

End of the First DEVILS lead the Blaze 0-1.

It took until the final 15 seconds of that Blaze power play until they even looked like they were the team with the man advantage.

Devils are doing a very good job of closing down the Blaze passing lanes. Blaze can't pass east to west, and seem unable or unwilling to skate north south.

Blaze just not able or willing to make the plays. They are not hitting and are avoiding getting hit.

That period was all Devils.

Let's have another two periods like that please Devils

I'm off to find another coffee. Tonight I'm on an Ethiopian blend, brewed through a V60 dripper for a fuller flavour.

The teams are back out.

And we're off for the second period.

Blaze shot deflected out of play by Bowns

Great sequence of drop passes from the Devils leads to Stewart having to make a massive stop on Hotham.

Blaze with another big stop.

Blaze finally break and give an easy save for Bowns.

Devils win the puck and again bring the pressure to the Blaze.

C'mon Devils - let's turn some of this pressure into another goal or three!!

Devils making all sorts of trouble for the Blaze in the Blaze zone. Blaze can't seem to keep the puck.

Nice move from Venus made Batch have to make a big defensive play.

Puck gets stuck in Blaze Chalmers equipment, at least the players think so. Leads to some handbags.

Puck had actually left the ice.

Another Blaze stop and cover.

I hope the Devils can convert this pressure. Can't allow the Blaze to build anything from this.

Blaze can't decide how many players are allowed on the ice. Talk about delaying the faceoff.

That should have been a penalty for delay of game.

Some nice stick handling from Venus for the Blaze leads to a big Devils hit, turn over and a nice rush for the Devils.

Batch shot out of play.

Bowns covers.

Blaze offside - Blaze players really not happy with the call.

Getting a bit scrappy for the Devils, and Blaze finally able to get some forecheck going.

Devils penalty. Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for tripping at 26:47

Devils need a big kill here and take any wind out of Blaze sails.

26:51 puck out off Blaze shot

Devils manage to clear the puck. A much better PP from the Blaze this time.

Big save from Bowns after a scrum in front of the net.

1:02 left in the power play

30 seconds left of the Power Play

This has been a good power play by the Blaze.

Devils break away with 7 seconds left

Martin taken down, and gets the penalty shot... which Stewart saves :(

Devils full strength.

Blaze Stewart makes a stop.

C'mon Devils, lets get back on top and make something from all the pressure.

Another Devils, shot. Another Blaze net kicked off.

Scrappy from both teams now. Devils with the better of the play.

Sorry- lost internet there.

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 29:53

Some good play from the Blaze. Several good shots on net.

Blaze ice the puck with 30 seconds left on the powerplay

Bowns covers with 6 seconds left in the powerplay.

Devils full strength.

Let's make all these kills count Devils!

Devils go straight back onto the attack.

Give us another goal Devils. Make all the pressure count!!

Apparently the Blaze fans are embarrassing. Giving nothing all night.

Blaze Cowley with a big chance. Bowns saves and big clear.

Blaze Griffin takes a a slapshot and goes down @ 33:27

Griffin makes it to the bench. Play continues.

More pressure from the Devils leads to the Blaze icing the puck.

Griffin is up and moving around, so hasn't left the game.

Devils not making it hard enough for Stewart. Lots of ranged shots without a screen. Seem happy to not drive the net.

I suppose it chips at the Blaze without giving them anything to build on.

Lovely Devils shot from Hotham force a big save from Stewart. But again he saw it all the way in.

Blaze with a break and go straight offside.

Devils penalty

That was Andrew Hotham 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 36:39

Big stop and cover from Bowns with 0;48 remain in the PK.

Devils gift the Blaze a 0:17 of 5 on 3.

Devils Batch 2 minutes for kneeing @ 32:23

Devils back to 4 men.

Devils seem intent on giving Blaze momentum with all these penalties.


That's a SHORT HANDED GOAL from the Devils

Lord dangles and Haddad taps it in on the back post.

That goal was Haddad from Lord and Hotham at 39:21

End of the 2nd Devils lead 2-0

With the pressure, Devils deserve more of a lead. Need to give Stewart more to worry about.

Devils will start the third period with 24 seconds of PK remaining.

From Gerald at the rink: Devils are dominating, but Hicksey trying to level things up. Not helped by Blaze dives and cheap shots behind the play.

Teams are back out for the third period.

Devils start with 0:24 of penalty kill.

Devils need to kill off this penalty (that they have already scored on) and put this beyond a very poor looking Blaze performance.

Devils back to full strength.

Blaze goal

That was an even handed goal at 40:32 Steven Goertzen from Omarra and Rawlyk

C'mon Devils - don't let the Blaze build on that.

Blaze shooting on sight now - they sense that they may be hockey players and they may be able to play hockey.

Devils Clarkson is pushed into Stewart and takes the net off.

From the faceoff.... DEVILS GOOOOAAALLLLLl

Lord leading from the front there.

That goal - Lord unassisted @42:23

Blaze coughed up the puck, and Lord took it to the net and put it home.

Ice repairs going on in the Blaze crease.

Still waiting for the restart... pom tiddly pom pom.

Let's push this Devils. Another goal would finish the Blaze off.

Lord and Morristte go two on one and prompts a big save from Stewart.

And again, another Devils 2 on 1 - and Mychan shanks it wide.

Gone back to end to end. Blaze now trying to get back into this.

Devils are controlling this game 5 on 5 - just need to not take stupid penalties.

Marsh with a massive shot as the puck just doesn't clear the zone. Offside blown none the less...

CJ has gone down after a massive hit in the corner. Nothing called.

CJ helped off the ice by the trainer.

Right in front of the Devils fans - they are calling for elbows.

Gametime 46:28.

Devils controlling the play 5 on 5.

Blaze with some silly play - Venus takes a penalty trying to stop the Devil skating from the corner.

That Blaze penalty Venus 2 for boarding @ 48:49

C'mon Devil - punish the Blaze on this PP.

Devils struggling to get a cycle setup on this PP

Sloppy Devils play allowed a SH break for the Blaze. Thankfully it came to nothing.

Finally some great play from the Devils and Stewart pushes the net off.

Blaze full strength.

Devils still look like they are on the PP.

And Blaze taking more lazy stick penalties.

Blaze penalty hooking at 51:48

Don't know who committed the offence.

Bit sloppy from Devils. Blaze with a short handed effort.

1 minute left of the PP.

Devils really struggling to get set. They need to settle it down.

Sloppy pass from the Devils picked up by the Blaze. Bowns somehow covers it.

Thankfully Blaze back to full strength.

Maybe we can settle down now please.

Six minutes left

Devils with a sloppy penalty.

Devils penalty Piggott 2 for slashing @ 54:47.

Let's try and have a big kill now.

Puck goes out of play from a Blaze shot.

Blaze manage to get set, but Devils break it up and clear it the length.

Devils full strength.

A big kill from the Devils - the Blaze looking a bit more hungry in that PP.

Devils making some reckless passing. Need to be more careful of Blaze sticks.

Blaze are pushing now.

But final 2 minutes

Lets see if they pull Stewart.

Blaze call a time out after a big save from Bowns.

And Stewart has been pulled for the Devils zone faceoff.

Devils ice the puck.

Red Army in the dome.

Final minute. Net still empty.

I always wonder why teams don't play with the intensity they show in the final two minutes for the whole game.

Devils penalty Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 59:32

Devils timeout at the same time

Devils penalty Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 59:32

And the Devils win it 1-3... Get in :D

Poor performance from the Blaze.

Devils played a good road game, but lacked the killer finish.

Devils MoM is Haddad

Blaze fans went home before the final whistle

Gerald points out that it is Haddad's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Joey (from Lincoln if not all the Devils fans ;) )

Still waiting for the Blaze MoM

From the sound of it it should be the kit guy - the only one who did anything for the Blaze tonight.

It's a shame. Sounds like a flat game. As a Devils fan, it is really nice to win at a stroll. But as a hockey fan you want it to be a competition.

Doesn't sound like this will make it into the records as a great Devils Blaze competition.

Sounds like every fan in the building is giving an award.

But Blaze MoM is Mark Smith.

So, that's it. Hope I didn't do too badly at all this. Nos da ;)