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Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL for a weekend of Challenge Cup action.

Join Me (OJ) from around 6pm as we bring you MNL's unique coverage from the BBT where the Devils take on the Stingrays.

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If you can get there get down to the BBT so we can have a sell out to impress our owners from Calgary

Getting my texters organised

Russky goes for a Devils win

Steven B goes for a 7-3 win for the Devils as they put on a great show for the new owners

MNL followers are in semi-deserting mood as the tune into the webast whilst keeping an eye on MNL

Laura Mychan is one of them but is forgiven as she is keen to see Jesse

Clive B has Devils winning 3-1

Warmup underway

After a bit of a scare a full compliment of texters on duty at BBT

Simon sees a close game with the Devils winning by the odd goal in 7

Seeking confirmation that the Devils are icing a full squad for the first time this season

Confirmation is required because you never know a player might have stated his Xmas shopping or washed his hair

Stephen B goes for a 6-3 win for the RED ARMY

Jon J cannot identify the referee

It is Matt Thompson

Warm up finished when I went to get a coffee

Pat in Bridgend says 4-2 Devils

Tony T has assumed that the red rags handed out are for wiping the glass if you are standing

I wonder if we have a near sell

TK announcing

Hull shortbenched by all accounts

13 skaters only

Near sell out I am told

team appears

RED ARMY goes wild when JESSE MYCHAN appears

Hazel in Southend goes for a 3-2 win for Devils, her son Pete is more confident and sees a 5-1 win for the lads

New owners give a true DEVILS ovation

Its a RED OUT at BBT

Anthem done

Devils to start with 3rd line

Puck dropped

save by Ben Bowns

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Stingrays pegged in their own zone

Jesse Mychan on 1st line

CARL LAUZON weak shot saved

Gametime 2:20

Doug Clarkson takes puck to the hand - looks sore

Brown saves from Andrew Lord

Ben Bowns from Galbraith

Brown moves his net as Joey Haddad circles behind

Gametime 5:40

Pad save Ben Bowns

Turcotte trying to wind up Doug Clarkson

Ben Bowns saves from Osman

Devils clear zone after Stingrays dump puck but do not chase

Stingrays obviously going to play their usual negative game

Stingrays penalty - Galbraith - slashing

@ 6:54

Devils PP sub-standard I am affraid

Galbraith penalty was @ 8:14

Devils offside

Devils FS

Great save Ben Bowns

We missed a slashing minor for Joey Haddad @ 6:54

Gametime 10:45

Come on U DEVILS lets up the pace & Physicality

Jon J thinks Stingrays are putting up a good show sofar

Up the pace and tire them out

Jesse Mychan big hit on Turcotte

They had words we cannot repeat - before 9pm

Stingrays are make a lot of breaks

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan - interference @ 12:52


Stingrays offside

Jake Morissette freezes puck and kills 20 secs of PK

Gametime 13:34

9 secs left on PK

Devils go close on breakout

Devils FS

Stingrays netminder Brown knocks his net off yet again

Stingrays working hard and matching Devils at the moment

Good save Brown from Carl Hudson

Stingrays penalty @ 17:36

Chartrain - cross-checking

Handbags in front of Stingrays as Devils pressure mounts

Gametime 18:20



A PPG for Devils

@ 19:10 scored by Joey Haddad

Assist Matthew Myers

Devils penalt - Trevor Hendrikx - elbowing @ 19:40

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

Tony T says Devils must be more physical to benefit from Stingrays short bench

Stingrays will have 1:10 pp at start of 2nd period

Jon J cannot see Stingrays lasting 3 periods at this pace

SoG DEVILS 14 Stingrays 9

Ice is ready

Crowd announced as 2,300

Teams return to the ice

Jesse Mychan singing to himself as he skates around - I supposehappy to be back in action

off we go

Ben Bowns saves from Tanaka

Matthew Myers buries Brendan Jamieson

Devils FS

Chris Jones on a line with Brent Walton & Jesse Mychan

Face off in the Stingrays zone

That was CJ first shift

Gametime 23:21

More handbags in Stingrays crease

Penalties for Jesse Mychan & Towner sit for handbags!!!!!!

@ 23:41

cross-checking for Towner roughing for Jesse

All Devils at the moment


Brent Walton

Outstanding finish

@ 25:54 assists Andrew Hotham

Goal of the season according to Adam T

Owner Brian Parker predicts the Devils score 5 and win

Its all Devils

Carl Hudson cleans out a Stingray @ 28:01

Good save Ben Bowns after a rare visit by Stingrays into Devils zone

Big hit by Jesse Mychan

Joey Haddad throws a hit as well

Now Matthew Myers catches Galbraith with a power shot

Galbraith is down and stays down

Bad hit by Myers not a shot - apologies

Gametime 30:10

Matthew Myers thrown out

waiting for call

5 + GAME for Myers

Checking from behind - no argument with that call

Galbraith is on bench

Adam impressed with Trevor Hendrikx beard

Galbraith back on ice


Stingrays cannot set up in Devils zone - what a pity

Devils clearance after clearance

Either a brilliant PK or the EIHL poorest PP

Devils FS


Doug Clarkson scores

@ 36:10

Assists Andrew Hotham & Mark Richardson

The line changes seemed to have made a difference

Stingrays penalty Jamieson - holding @ 36:38

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Brown covers after 18 secs of PP

Unrelenting Devils pressure

Joey Haddad misses a clear chance

Stingrays FS

Final minute

Devils crashing the Stingrays net with gusto

Devils have become much more physical

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Stingrays 0

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 14 Stingrays 8 making it 28-17 after 2 periods

What does a full RED OUT BBT look like on the webcast- let me know at

The biggest crowd for 5 years I am told

66 must have gone home crowd on gamesheet listed as 2,234

Ice ready

Teams back

3rd period starts

Big hit by Andrew Lord on Yan Turcotte

Stingrays penalty - Turcotte 2 minutes for roughing @ 41:01

Devils crashing their net is upsetting the Stingrays

Stingrays SHG

Mayer assist Davies @ 42:26


Jesse Mychan @ 43:16

Assists Chris Jones & Trevor Hendrikx

Ben Bowns save from Matt Davies

Hard hit by Turcotte on Jesse Mychan

Bad hinot hard hit - Turcotte sits


Kneeing was call against Turcotte

PPG @ 44;47 scored by Joey Martin assists Andrew Lord & Jake Morissette

All DEVILS again

Big hit by Luke Piggott

Brilliant skate by Doug Clarkson deserved a goal

Joey Martin superb again for Devils

Gametime 46:53

Joey Martin unlucky twice

Gametime 52:00

David Brown in Stingrays looking very tired

Stingrays penalty Ralph 2 minutes for elbowing

Apologies it was Devils Trevor Hendrikx who got called for elbowing


Devils clear zone

Stingrays Goal - Matt Davies

@ 49:53

Apologies gametime 52:00 should have read 48:00

Stingrays 2nd goal a PPG given to Chartrain assist Tanaka

Devils offside

@ 52:05

Mac Faulkner is watching webcast we are told

Puck out of play Face off in the Stingrays zone

Come on U DEVILS we don't want to lose this period or even tie it

Doug Clarkson levels a Stingray @ 55:03

Devils offside @ 55:24

Brown covers

Get a Goal U DEVILS

Game gone flat

Puck out of play @ 57:32

Final 2 minutes

Jesse Mychan hit on Jameson


Andrew Lord assist Joey Martin

@ 58:41

RED ARMY chant rocks around BBT


Doug Clarkson taps in rebound after Trevor Hendrikx shot

Doug Clarkson taps in rebound after Trevor Hendrikx shot

@ 59:36

Final score DEVILS 7 Stingrays 2

Tony says - Great game, great team effort, physical enough, got job done

Stingrays MoM - Matt Davies


New owners giving leather cowboy boots to MoM

Our thanks to Jon J, Adam & Tony T, JohnWildthing & Gerald who did their usual brilliant job

Thats all from me for 3 weeks as I am off to my spirital home Tenerife, Gareth will be hosting in my absence, so join him tomoorow night as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils game in Coventry