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Coventry Blaze 6 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the Devils eagerly awaited visit to Coventry

Any score predictions send them to me (OJ) at

Any score predictions send them to me (OJ) at

I hope my texters are in a fit state to use their mobiles after watching the Wales v Scotland game in a Coventry pub

I hope my texters are in a fit state to use their mobiles after watching the Wales v Scotland game in a Coventry pub

I hope my texters are in a fit state to use their mobiles after watching the Wales v Scotland game in a Coventry pub

Thats the type of prediction "I don't care about the score so long as we get 2 points" says Sarah

It's a very slow walk from the Pub to the rink or is it "one for the road"

No news so far, just texted them to remind them we have a game to cover

Texters are at the rink so we should have news soon

Huw calls it 3-1 to the Devils and wants more of those big hits he saw last night

Not much activity on the email front tonight, late tea I suppose after the Welsh win at Murrayfield

Teams take to the ice at Coventry

Simon also calls a 3-1 Devils win

Blaze slow in taking the ice

Thompson is the referee

Andy Carson at Sheffield so another loss for the Giants on the cards

Man U win 1-0 at West Ham

The teams are finally on the ice, I think they played the intro too early and the teams were slow coming out

Players being introduced, this is the most longwinded start to a game I can recall

We are finally away

Devils start with Elich, Davies & Prpich - just like last night

Devils start with Elich, Davies & Prpich - just like last night

Penalties Towe (D) roughing: Stewart (B) roughing @ 2:02

Devils icing @ 3:06

PenaLTies came about after Towe attempted a wraparound and collided with Perras in the Blaze net

Blaze shot deflected high @ 3:37

Blaze start the stronger team

Blaze start the stronger team

Penalties killed

Daniel and Sam both thinks it is going to be close, but win for the Devils

Aubry save @ 4:49

Devils under pressure but not playing badly

Don't forget Tuesday night ASppreciation Evening says you know who

Blaze shot goes high & wide @ 6:03

Tuesday night will be a hell of a night says Glyn

Awaiting more news, only one texter tonite well one sober one

Perras called upon for the first time @ 6:42

Devils starting to put pressure on Blaze net


Devils 1st goal scored @ 9:05 by Hill, assists Voth & Latiluppe

Aubry save @ 9:26

Voth & Lewis come together, penalties on the way

Penaltoes @ 9:26 Voth (D); Lewis (B) roughing minors

Game stopped for repairs to ice in front of Aubry's net

Glyn don't get too exciteted there's another 50 minutes to go

Snowing heavily at Coventry

Outside rink, it not the old Durham rink

The boys in Edinburgh might be home before the Devils fans in Coventry

Must be a massive hole in the ice, they are still working on it

Play finally restarts

Prpich hits pipes @ 9:52 and Perras kicks net off its moorings

Hill shot deflected high @ 10:13

Good end to end game developing

Both teams back to full strength

Prpich shot goes high @ 12:03

Prpich shot goes high @ 12:03

Devils lets have another goal

Where's that goal Devils

Perras save @ 13:07

SNOW WARNING: Mobile reception at Coventry being affected by blizzard conditions

Voth shot delected high @ 13:02

Devils icing @ 13:25

Blaze shot @ 15:01 high & wide

As ex-Cubs we are doing our best

Devils icing @ 16:06


Devils 2nd goal scored @ 16:23 by Towe, assits awaited

Cracking goal by all accounts

Towe skated from Devils blueline to score

Assist goes to Wes Jarvis

Devils penalty @ 18:13 Francis - slashing

Get that Devils PK into gear

Get that Devils PK into gear

Aubry save @ 18:48

Final Minute of 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blaze 0

Just looked at the Traffic Matrix around Coventry and the all say SLOW DOWN HEAVY SNOW

2nd period will start with Devils on pk for 13 seconds

With everyone telling me how great last nights game was I must take in a game soon. Maybe I can rustle up the old crowd to come to a game at the Tent. Its been a long time

Geraint, predictions have to be lodged before the game starts but since you predict a 4-1 Devils win with the extra goals coming from Latulippe and Davies I will let you off this time

I think Elich will net the next Devils marker

3rd period underway

Devils return to full strength

Devils icing @ 21:30

Francis given the 2nd assist on Devils 2nd goal

Blaze ice puck @ 22:07

Devils penalty @ 22:07 Hill - charging

Blaze ppg

Goal @ 22:46 scored by Forsyth, assist Calder

Devils penalty @ 23:04 Maciver - hooking

Aubry could do nothing to stop Blaze goal

With these penalties I can recall what Lawless was like doing his nut on the bench

Penalty killed

25 minutes gone

Perras save @ 25:15

SoG for 1st period Devils 6 Blaze 11 thanks to Sam for that info

Another Perras save @ 25:44

Puck out of play @ 26:19 - no penalty

Blaze go close - hit pipes

Blaze 2nd goal scored @ 27:35 on Devils error

Scored by Sly assists Cowley & ANOther

2nd assist went to Hjalmarrson

Devils coughed up the puck deep in their own end with a crass pass

Blaze penalty ' 28:41 Jamieson - x-checking

Lets have a ppg DEVILS

Perras save @ 29:09

Jarvis tries to dump & chase and puts puck 20ft into the air

Powerplay awful so far

Blaze kill penalty


Blaze penalties @ 31:24 O'Conner - delay of game: Perras 10 minute misconduct (Being served by Wood)

Perras save @ 32:51

Chris thinks netminders should sit out 10 minute misconducts

Blaze offside @ 33:08

Powerplay stinks

Blaze back to full strength

Devils penalty @ 34:07 Maciver - charging

Lets kill this one Devils

Devils penalty @ 34:19 Latulippe - delay of game

1:49 of 5 on 3 for the Blaze

Blaze ppg @ 34:47 scored by Carlsson, assists Sly & Hjarmsson

Blaze ppg @ 35:17 scored by Lewis, assist O'Conner

Devils Timeout


Voth floors Soderstrom and everyone jumps in

Loads of penalties coming

Still waiting

All penalties @ 35:43

Voth (D) 5 +Game - checking to the head; Maciver (D) 2+2 roughing

Sly (B) 2 - instigating + 5 fighting + 10 minute misconduct

Blaze on Powerplay again

Aubry saves @ 36:37

Devils back to full strength


DEVILS 4th goal @ 38:35

Devils 3rd goal scored by Prpich, assist Teplitsky

Devils 4th goal scored by Elich

Blaze 5th goal at 38:57

Perras was lifted after 4th Devils goal

Blaze 5th goal scored by Watkins, assists Forsyth & Cowley

Blaze 6th goal @ 39:50 scored by Stewart assists Carlsson & Calder

Assist on Elich goal goes to Towe

that is ridiculous 4 goals in 93 seconds, that's like 1988 hockey

End of 2nd period Blaze 6 DEVILS 4

Where is that quiet room?

Yes Russky texters report that the Devils defence is rubbish tonight

Andy @ Coventry says Aubry was bamboozled by the boards for the 5th Blaze goal

This will be a great game to win from this position

Both teams back on the ice

A clean sheet is asked for in the 3rd as we nknow we can score against the Blaze

Final period underway

Loads of changes to the goals, will try and get more info

Blaze all over Devils

On the 3rd Devils goal additional assist for Towe; on 4th Devils goal additional assist for Prpich. I think that all the changes.

Devils penalty @ 42:29 Hartwick - x-checking

Jarvis pushed into Fones net - no penalty called

Blaze penalty @ 43:42 Stewart - hooking

47 secs of 4 on 4

Prpich hits pipes

Hartwick penalty killed, Devils on pp

Hill shot deflected high @ 44:43

Puck out of play @ 44:57, another 46 secs of Devils pp

Devils mess up easy goalscoring opportunity

Blaze penalty killed

Blaze icing @ 26:29

Fone looks beatable if we can get SoG

Devils outshot 13 9 in 2nd period

Aubry save @ 48:10

49 minutes gone

My philosopher of a texter tells me "WE shoot when we should pass, and pass when we should shoot"

Blaze icing @ 49:21

Amazing save from Aubry

50 minutes gone

Devils icing @ 50:52

Fone save @ 51:21 followqed by handbags

Devils passing is PeeWEe standard, correction PeeWee passing better

Blaze almost put puck in own net

Devils passes never reach their target

Adams collides with Fone after push from Blaze D

Fone saves on Prpich breakaway @ 54:28

O'Conner shows everyone his new handbag, no takers

Hill has another shot deflected high @ 55:31

DEvils we need that 5th goal ASAP

Latuliuppe hits pipes- that's no good there is no prize for doing that

Fone save @ 57:47

Blaze go offside @ 58:00

I know what the plan is, score 2 goals late on when this is no time for the Blaze to score two

Final minute

Aubry pulled with 50 secs to go

Devils ice puck @ 59:44 - that was bright

Aubry back on @ 59:44

End of game Blaze 6 DEVILS 4

End of game Blaze 6 DEVILS 4

Truely woeful 3rd period from Devils


No news on Blaze MoM I'm soory but I have lost my texters

Here's to a safe journey home from Coventry for the team and fans who braved the winterly weather

Blaze MOM is Wood who apparently only time in the game was to serve Perras' 10 minute misconduct

Thanks to Chris my texter in chief at Coventry

That's all from me OJ until the next one