Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 9pm as MNL brings you the 2nd episode of the Devils trip to Belfast

Score predictions plus any other comments you wish to make to

Texters have been allocated their duties

They are recharged after a good night I hear

Russky advises Devils - stay out of the sinbn and we will win

Mark G thinks Devils will win 4-3 in O/T

Clive B says Giants will win 4-2

Laura Mychan goes for a 4-3 win, she also says that Ray Sawada who played with Jesse at Colorado Eagles is a tough cookie and probably the toughest player in EIHL

Warm up started

No Jesse Mychan or Trevor Hendrikx

Angry Trev predicts an O/T win for Devils just like he predicted yesterday

Euan I goes for Giants 3 DEVILS 4

WE dropped at least 1 point last night so lets grab 2 tonight

Warmup finished

Brian Parker expects 4 goals from Devils and a win

They better deliver as he will be in the BBT next Saturday to see his team live

My understading is that Dean Smith has the whistle again tonight whether we have 2 refs we will have to wait and see

Lights dimmed at O

Officials on the ice

Devils come onto ice

Waiting for Giants

Probably enough time for a cup of tea

O about 2/3 full

Wonders will never cease Giants come out

Usually intro takes ages

Prelims ongoing

Puck dropped

Devils start with Doug Clarkson, Chris Jones & Chris Culligan as forwards

Ben Bowns save @ 44secs

Same refs as last night Smith & Sewell

All Giants at the moment

Ben Bowns save @ 2:20

Good work by Doug Clarkso, Chris Jones unlucky at far post

We believe Mark McCutcheon will not be icing

Josh Batch big hit on Craig Peacock

Gametime 3:44

Save Stephen Murphy from Brent Walton

Andrew Lord offside @ 4:58

That spoiled a Devils breakaway

Joey Haddad looking lively @ 6;40

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone

assists Evan Cheverie & Mike Kompon

Come on U DEVILS

Ben Bowns save @ 8:15

Handbags involving Brent Walton

Good Devils pressure ends in Brent Walton shot, save Stephen Murphy

Words between Brent Walton & Kevin Saurette

More handbags after Stephen Murphy covers @ 9:57

Gametime 10:20

Devils offside @ 10:23

Giants penalty @ 11:22 - Craig Peacock

cross-checking the call

Andrew Lord goes close

Stephen Murphy covers @ 11:48


Carl Hudson breaks down the middle shoots wide

Another Giants penalty coming Calvin Elfring - tripping

Devils have 5 on 3

Devils penalty Matthew Myers

Jeff Mason takes puck to the leg and limps off

Giants back to 4 skaters

Matthew Myers penalty was @ 12:48

interference the call against Myers

Ben Bowns save @ 14:30

Giants FS

Myers penalty was @ 13:18

great save Ben Bowns

Devils FS

Ben Bowns making good saves one after another at the moment

Devils gave up more SoG during that PK than they normally do

Joey Haddad very unlucky with wraparound

Giants penalty Mark Garside @ 17:00

Tripping the call

Joey Martin shot saved

Gametime 18:16

Brent Walton shoots from blue line Stephen Murphy deflects out of play Face off in the Giants zone

Matthew Myers shot saved

Giants FS

Final minute

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 0

Ryan Godfrey is RED ARMY representative at Burrito Challenge

Ryan wins to chants of easy easy

SoG for 1st period Giants 12 DEVILS 8

Aaron's period report states: Devils working hard and slightly more physical tonight. No luck with the bounces though

Ice is ready

Why are the period breaks so long at Belfast?

Officials are back

So are the two teams

Officials are back

RED ARMY in full voice as usual

Off we go for 2nd period

Stephen Murphy covers @ 20:10

From Chris Culligan

Jester our usual Giants texter following MNL in Switzerland

Is that near Belfast as he was texting last night

Ben Bowns save

devils penalty slashing - Carl Hudson @21:59


Brilliant double save by Ben Bowns

Another Bowns save @ 23:08

Joey Martin shoots high on breakaway

Gametime 23:54

Devils Full Strength

Stephen Murphy covers @ 24:23

Brent Walton & Joey Haddad have shots blocked

Good Devils pressure leads to Giants penalty @ 25:35


Calvin Elfring was the player penalised

Devils go close again


It is 2-1 to Devils

Texters can't hear announcements - we dont care so long as we score

Tyson Marsh scored the 2nd goal I am told

Stephen Murphy save @ 26:57

Will try and sort out scorers

Giants goal Darryl Lloyd

@ 28:13 - solo effort

assists given to Mark Garside & Robby Sandrock

Devils 1st goal @ 25:44 a PPG scored by Mark Richardson assists Jake Morissette & Joey Martin

Joey Haddad offside

2nd Devils goal scored @ 26:20 by Tyson Marsh assist Andrew Lord

Andrew Hotham shoots Stephen Murphy with a bullet shot, Murphy slowly gets up

Gametime 30:30

Two superb saves by Stephen Murphy

Tyson Marsh shoots, deflected Puck out of play

Giants goal Mike Kompon @ 31:01

assists Sawada & Phillips

Gametime 31:33

Stephen Murphy saves from Andrew Lord @ 32:05

Carl Hudson slapshot hits Stephen Murphy on helmet

Gametime 32:16

JohnWildthing is perplexed by announcer as Giants goals and Devils penalties are announced cleaerly whilst devils goals and Giants penalties are mumbled

Stephen Murphy covers @ 33:30

Devils icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 33:42

Giants penalty called @ 34:29 - Robby Sandrock

cross-checking the call

Come on U DEVILS lets have another PPG

It might be Cody Brookwell not Robby Sandrock

Yes Brookwell

Devils penalty @ 35:17 Tyson Marsh - charging

Joey Haddad goes close

In fact it was Myers not Marsh

Ben Bowns save


Devils penalty Joey Haddad @ 35:41

Another shocking call

Giants penalty @35:56 - David Phillips

another terrible call

Slashing for Phillips

its 4 on 4 at the moment

Devils FS go on PP

Giants FS

Gametime 38:21

Face off in the Giants zone

Players on both sides getting frustrated due to calls

Final minute

Stephen Murphy covers

end of 2nd period Giants 3 DEVILS 2

SoG for 2nd period Giants 10 DEVILS 20 making it 22-28 after 2 periods

My texters think that at best 2nd referee Liam Sewell is totally out of his depth

Teams are back

Puck dropped

Doug Clarkson draws penalty - Robby Sandrock - hooking @ 40:40

devils go close

David Phillips crashes his own net - no call

Giants FS

Carl Hudson shot just wide

Adam Keefe knee injury

Robby Sandrock & Doug Clarkson sent to sinbin @ 46:27 for roughing

Keefe put a hit on Andrew Hotham and came off worse

Joey Haddad goes close @47:30

Its was Sawada & Clarkson 2 minutes for USC

Stephen Murphy saves a certain goal at his right post

Giants penalty coming @ 48:12 Robby Sandrock holding

Devils have 5 on 3 for 15 secs

Big effort by Devils

Giants clear zone

Giants Full Strength

Andrew Lord shoots high

Puck out of play face off centre ice

David Phillips down hurt

Gets up slowly

Gametime 50:55

Gametime 52:49 Face off in the Giants zone

Aaron says its like a morgue in the O

Carl Hudson brilliant offensive play but Stephen Murphy covers

Devils offside @ 54:57

In correct call by lino, face off centre ice

That is the 4th incorrect call

Doug Clarkson keen to fight Ray Sawada

Giants penalty Mike Kompon @ 56:07 holding


Darryl Lloyd scorer

@ 56:48

All 10 skaters on ice bemused by high stick call

Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns pulled

Giants FS

Giants miss empty net

Ben Bowns back in net as Face off in the Devils zone

Last minute

Big pile up in Giants crease

Last 30 secs

Calvin Elfring penalty

Holding opponents stick

Giants goal _ENG @ 59:47

Final score Giants 5 DEVILS 2

Our thanks to Giants fans Dorothy & David M, and our own Rachael, aaron, Gerald & JohnWildthing

Thats all from me (OJ) off to a 70th birthday pary 2 hours late

Jopin me next Saturday when the Stingrays come to the BBT

Devils MoM Tyson Marsh