Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the first game of a Giants v Devils double header in Belfast

The RED ARMY have arrived safely in the City along with the Cardiff Devils

Score predictions plus any other printable comments to

Texters in the bar

Tonight we have Rachael, Gerald & JohnWilding reporting along with my usual trio of Giants fans, David M, Jester and Dorothy

Russky predicting a Devils win in Game 1

Brian P in Calgary predicts a hard hitting game with the Devils winning

Warmup starts

Warmup done & dusted

Awaiting team news as they stagger from bar

Quiet on the prediction front, people probably on their way home from work have probably stopped for a quick sherbert or two

Jester says not a big crowd due to sell out at Ulster game v Edinburgh

start delayed - problem with goal nets

RED ARMY balloon frenzy entertains crowd

No Mychan family are they in work, they can't be snowed in already

Sunny Cardiff due to end this weekend

Irish weather arrives tonight - HEAVY RAIN

The rain today at Gowran Park races this afternoon was an absolute monsoon

Zamboni done is duty once the goals were released from the ice

Face off in 5 minutes

Officials come onto the ice

Dean Smith is one referee, there are 2 of them

Intro time

Mark G says Devils win 4-3 in O/T

Angry Trev also predicts an o/T for Devils

Devils hit the ice

We believe 2nd ref is Sewell

Lights dimmed

Suggested delay was due to Premier Sports ads

Jester impressed with Devils VERY RED kit

Batch family predict a 3-2 win for Devils

Giants finally arrive on the ice

Full team for Giants

Devils also at full strength I think

Puck dropped

Estimated 100 Devils fans by Giants David M

I'll get JohnWidthing to count them before the sherbert kicks in

Ben Bowns from Jeff Mason

Doug Clarkson takes his 1st shift after injury

Matthew Myers big hit Keefe

End to end

Ben Bowns glove save from Robby Sandrock @ 3:13

Adam Keefe misses a sitter

Puck out of play Face off in the Giants zone

Gametime 4:03

Devils penalty Matthew Myers @ 4:33


Elbowing was the call

Giants icing

one minute killed

Devils Full Strength

Matthew Myers offside @ 6:46

Great save Ben Bowns

icing Face off in the Giants zone

Carl Hudson shot saved Stephen Murphy @ 8:58

Doug Clarkson wanders offside

Gametime 9;22


@ 9:39

Tyson Marsh assists Matthew Myers & Doug Clarkson

Great save Stephen Murphy

Ben Bowns saves from a Darryl Lloyd breakaway

icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 11:13

Laura Mychan has the Devils to win a rowdy game

just noticed that Jesse Mychan not icing

icing Face off in the Giants zone

Not much happening at the moment

Jesse Mychan on bench not dressed

Stephen Murphy save

Brent Walton denied @ 15:20

Devils penalty @ 15:49 Andrew Hotham holding stick


One minute kilkled

Devils Full strength

Another Devils coming

@ 18:31

Needless penalty by Devils - Joey Haddad


Joey Haddad 2 minutes for holding + 2 minutes for tripping

Ben Bowns save

Little threat from Giants pp so far

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 1

Joey Haddad called for boarding & tripping not holding & tripping

You can't play 40% of a period shorthanded, even if you don't concede a goal some of your skaters are going to be knackered

Jester impressed by Devils D corps

You can't play 40% of a period shorthanded, even if you don't concede a goal some of your skaters are going to be knackered

Devils will have 2:31 of PK to start 2nd period


SoG for 1st period Giants 9 DEVILS 7

Ice is ready

Officials back on ice

Both teams return to the slippery stuff

Puck dropped


Devils penalty '20:36 Carl Hudson hooking

Giants 5 on 3 for 1:55


Ben Bowns save

Giants Goal

PPG for Giants scored by Mike Kompon

Devils FS

Assists Robby Sandrock + ????

Belfast penalty coming

Mike Kompon sits for 2

@ 23:42 holding opponents stick

Come on U DEVILS

Colin Shields clears Giants zone

Giants FS

Giants penalty Sawada boarding


@ 26:22

Great save Stephen Murphy

Ref gets crunched

That will teach him to get in the way

Giants Full Strength

Devils hit post

Giants miss at other end as its end to end at the moment

Darryl Lloyd throwing his weight around

icing Face off in the Devils zone @ 30:53

2nd assist on Giants was Calvin Elfring

Giants exerting pressure on Devils D

Jester says despite 2 refs many penalties being missed

Devils icing @ 33:27

Game gone a bit flat

No chance of that happening to RED ARMY beer

gametime 54:30

apologies 34:50

Glove save Stephen Murphy

Giants penalty David Phillips

interference the call


A double quick PPG gives Devils lead

Stephen Murphy coughed up big rebound - tapped in by Jake Morissette

Assist Andrew Lord

Doug Clarkson offside

time of goal 36:10

Handbags Marsh & LLoyd

Tyson Marsh penalty @ 38:23


Carl Hudson gets penalty as well

Giants have another 5 on 3

Marsh called for holding

Marsh was cross-checking: Hudson holding

Gerald says it was Doug Clarkson but Carl Hudson got penalty

Final minute

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 2

23 secs of Giants 5 on 3 to start 3rd period

SoG for 2nd period Giants 14 Devils 8 - making it 22-15 after 2 periods

We have heard from Laura Mychan and Brian Parker in Canada and Kevan Batch in Essex are there any other players families out there following MNL - let me know at

despite reoprts that I was not able to host Saturdays game I can tell you that I will be here and off to my 70th birthday party as soon as the game finishes

Some of you might know the party girl its Jill Keating the founding Secretary of the Junior Devils IHC back in 1987

Happy Birthday JILL

7 minutes on the interval clock at the Odyssey

Jester's son won a Subway at O

Officials are back

So are the Giants

Followed by your very own CARDIFF DEVILS


RED ARMY estimated as 150 strong

3rd period starts


Devils FS

Devils clear off goal line - that was close

Ben Bowns covers

Stephen Murphy bats away shot into netting

lots of DEVILS pressure

Lets have one of your famous 3rd periods U DEVILS

Sharp glove save Stephen Murphy

Giants goal

Darryl Lloyd & Adam Keefe combine for goal

Ben Bowns saves from Evan Cheverie

Gametime 48:26

Giants penalty - Phillips which one i don't know yet

roughing the call

David it was

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Glove save Stephen Murphy from Joey Martin @ 51:26

Network problems from Belfast

Giants PK solid so far

Giants FS

Ben Bowns save @ 53:54

Devils penalty high sticks Chris Culligan @ 54:06



One minute killed

Tyson Marsh blocks a bomb

Looks hurt

Devils FS

icing Face off in the Giants zone

Giants 2nd goal was at 47:02 scored by Keefe assists Lloyd & Brockwell

Devils penalty @ 57:39 Doug Clarkson tripping


Final 2 minutes

Devils clear zone

Gametime 58:41

Final minute

Final 2 minutes

Giants goal - a ppg

Devils time out

Goal queried

Goal stands

Ben Bowns pulled 42 secs left

Final score Giants 3 DEVILS 2

Penalties (especially stupid ones) cost you games

LLoyd scored winner assists Sawada & Mason


Our thanks to Giants fans - Dorothy, Jester and David M for their texts

Thanks to my regular on road crew - Rachael, JohnWildthing & Gerald

Giants MoM - Mike Kompon

Thats all from me, join us at MNL tomorrow night from around 6pm as we bring you the next Giants v Devils encounter