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Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL, join me (OJ) from around 5pm as MNL brings you coverage of the Challenge Cup game against the Panthers

Score predictions plus comments to

Neil F in Torremolinos calls it 5-2 to the Devils

Well done to the Ponty Lad who won the Ryder Cup for Europe

What is happening in this league - last night the Panthers got steamrolled at home by the Stingrays then this afternoon the Flyers win 3-1 in Belfast

Texters have been allocated their duties

Gerald & JohnWildthing given the night off to concentrate on the RED ARMY TRAVEL trip to Belfast.

I must say that we were served up a tremendous reporting service from Sheffield last night by Gerald, JohnW and Maria, it was brilliant

It took a lot of working out when you had reached 31:52 only for the clock to be turned back to 28:08. The official gamesheet still lists the goal @ 31:52. with penalties at 28:36 (the 2nd time around)

It reminds me of the clock in the old Durham Ice Rink that consisted of a single hand on a 60 minute game face and you didn't have a clue what the gametime was until there was a penalty or goal

Whenever were were on the PP or PK I had my stop watch(es) out shouting out the times to the coach & players.

Warmup in progress

My apologies Giants v Flyers game still on now its Giants 1 Flyers 5 @ 34:50

Watching the Ryder Cup and hosting is challenging me

Russky goes for a Devils win

Warmup done & dusted

Looks as if we have a visiting ref at Belfast - M Nikolic

can we keep him in exchange for T Darnell

Ice is ready at BBT

Flag Bearers on the ice

Officials take to the ice

Lets hope its Dean Smith

Mike Hicks is in Coventry

Panthers on the ice

Devils Intro

Pat says 2-1 Devils

No Doug Clarkson

Cornwall Taffy goes for Devils 4 Panthers 2

Welcome on to the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Will bring you team news shortly

Jesse Mychan also a scratch for Devils

We know have a fight prediction - Lee v Batch

Dean Smith is the man in charge

No callups for Devils

Anthem time

Off we go

Joey Haddad almost scores in first 10 secs

Panthers penalty @ 0:16 - hi stick

Panthers clear zone

Tyson Marsh stops Bruce Graham breakaway

Joey Martin shot blocked

Devils failing to set up PP

Carl Hudson rocket from blue line

Panthers FS

Gametime 2:20


Carl Hudson assist Joey Martin

That was a ppg @2:13

Very fast hockey at the moment

Craig Kowalski covers

from Chris Culligan

Panthers penalty was against Max Parent

Nasty hit on Brent Walton

Josh Batch clears zone

Good hit Batch followed by excellent hit by Trevor Hendrikx on Jonathan Boxill

Devils very physical

Joey Haddad fouled @7:45

Penalty Shot for Devils


This game is being played at a cracking pace

I am finding it hard to keep up

Chris Jones goes on a great skate to establish Devils in Panthers zone

Chris Lawrence goes for CJ who appears hurt

Cardiff penalty @ 10:53 2 minutes for slashing Joey Martin

It was a nasty knee check on CJ


Now Stephen Lee lays a klate hit on Jake Morissette

Panthers have resorted to dirty hits

Nathan Robinson hits Andrew Lord in the face with stick

All hell breaks loose

Its a series of fights scuffles everywhere

Penalties for Tyson Marsh & Andrew Lord along with Panthers Nathan Robinson

All this @ 9:53

Robinsion gets 5 + Game or even MATCH

Awful head hit by Nathan Robinson deserves a MATCH

2 minutes for Lord 2 + 2 for Marsh

Game restarts

Devils clear zone


Joey Martin is back

47 secs left on Lord penalty

Lord was 2 minutes for slashing: Marsh 2 + 2 for roughing

Lord returns its 4 on 4

Gamesheet shows GAME for Nathan Robinson

Charles Landry hits pipes for Panthers

Brent Walton beats Panthers D but shoots just wide

Gametime 13:55

By my calculation Panthers will have a PP for 1:14

Matthew Myers solid hit on Stephen Lee

CJ is back

Andrew Lord looks sore but OK

Panthers FS

Panthers penalty Chris Lawrence 2 minutes for holding @16:10

Devils now on PP

Panthers FS

Adam T says Joey Martin looking sharp as usual

Panthers seem to be targeting Chris Jones

Final minute

Panthers penalty on buzzer I think

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 PANTHERS 0

Panthers penalty @ 20:00 Chris Lawrence 2 minutes for slashing

Devils to start 2nd period with a nice PP - thank you Mr Smith

Brian Parker thought we would win by the odd goal, so come on U DEVILS and show the owners we can do better than that

Laura Mychan calls it a convincing winfor Devils just like Europe in Ryder Cup

I hope you noticed Laura that it was a Welsh golfer who got them over the winning line

Phil B in sunny Aberystwyth thinks the Devils will win 6-3

Ice is ready

SoG DEVILS 9 Panthers 2

SoG correction DEVILS 2 PANTHERS 9

I cannot believe that

Teams are back

Off we go for 2nd period


@ 20:38 Brent Walton assists Tyson Marsh & Andrew Hotham

Robert Lachowicz injured on the play

Robert Lachowicz hit by Tyson Marsh slap shot seems to be badly hurt

Helped off ice unlikely to be back

Craig Kowalski covers @ 20:46

I forgot to tell you Brandon Benedict left, nobody told me he never reappeared now gone to hospital in ambulance

Andrew Lord offside

Chris Jones breaks up Panthers attack

Ben Bowns covers

Gametime 22:25

That Devils 3rd goal was a PPG

Chris Culligan clears Devils zone after intense Panthers pressure

Panthers penalty its that Chris Lawrence again

2 minutes for hooking @24:48

Come on U DEVILS lets have another PPG - I know i am greedy

Panthers kill 1 minute

Panthers FS

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for cross-checking

@ 27:00

Panthers goal

Stephen Lee the scorer

Ben Bowns screened

Assists Max Parent & Jacinia

PPG @ 27:28

Ben Bowns save @ 28:12

Luke Piggott causing mayhem around Panthers net

Craig Kowalski covers from Luke Piggott

Panthers offside

Chris Lawrence takes another penalty 2 minutes for boarding

Lawrence declines offer from Marsh - chicken

Penalty was @ 29:44

Linesman takes puck in the ribs, play continues but he is clearly hurting

Gametime 31:33

Great Devils on PP but nothing to show for it

Panthers FS

Trevor Hendrikx destroys Evan Mosey

Trevor Hendrikx checks him into Casualty

Great Ben Bowns save @32:59

Brent Walton hits Craig Kowalski mask with a bullet

Panthers keeping a man high

Another great save by Ben Bowns

Trevor Hendrikx hip check makes contact and a Panther goes flying

Puck out of play @ 36:05

Its all Devils at the moment

Great save Craig Kowalski

relentless ressure by Devils occasional breakouts by Panthers who fail to establish themselves in Devils zone

Craig Kowalski covers @ 37:19

Its hot, its fast, its Devils hockey - says Jon J

Carl Hudson 2 minutes for boarding

@ 38:30


Final minute

Panthers goal

@ 39:14 slap shot through all the bodies in front of net

PPG scored by Cory Wild

Assist Bruce Graham

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Panthers 1

SoG for 1st period now corrected to 9 shots each

Come on U Devils turn up the gas in this 3rd period, Panthers will get tired as by my reckoning they only have 11 skaters left

A dry cut for the ice

Saving hot water

SoG for 2 periods Devils 21 Panthers 16

Officials back on ice

Teams back

3rd period underway


Ben Bowns covers

Mostly Devils so far this period

Craig Kowalski Puck out of play @43:57

Game needs some highspirited action

Andrew Hotham breaks up a promising Panthers attack

Glove save Craig Kowalski @ 45:20

Panthers penalty called

2 minutes for delay of game for Chris Lawrence @ 45:25


Andrew Lord PPG

@ 45:32

A spin o rama goal from Lord asssists Mark Richardson & Carl Hudson

The game needed something and coach Lord supplied it

Gametime 48:10


@ 47:09

Trevor Hendrikx assists Joey Haddad & Josh Batch

Glove save Ben Bowns

Jacina shot saved by Ben Bowns

That Devils 5th goal was the first evenhanded goal of the game

Panthers icing

Luke Piggott goes close

Gametime 31:10

Epic sm froCraig Kowalski

Brent Walton & Joey Haddad are causing Panthers all sorts of trouble

Gametime 52:30

Craig Kowalski losing his cool as Devils camp in Panthers zone

Bowns see some action and covers @ 53:09

Ice mist is back at BBT

Great save by Ben Bowns

what a difference a few months and a new owner makes, last Spring Devils fans were the most miserable and downcast on this earth

Now the old Devils fans are back

Trying to move mist at the moment

Chris Jones loses puck after a great deke as game continues

Trevor Hendrikx has left the bench and gone to dressing room

Gametime 57:30

End to end no clear chances to either team

Panthers penalty Greg Lacinia @ 57:45

In fact it was Bryan Schmidt called for tripping

Final minute

Panthers penalty @ 59:28 2 minutes for slashing

Charles Landry the guilty player

End of game Final score DEVILS 5 Panthers 2

Good convincing win for Devils says Adam T

Once Devils got going they were unstoppable says Jon J

Panther MoM - Stephen Lee

Tony T says Panthers looked poor


Our thanks to Adam & Tony T, Nigel, Jon J and Rachael a brilliant job as usual

Thats all from me until FRIDAY night when the Devils take on the Giants in Belfast