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Sheffield Steelers 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Devils start their weekend of Challenge Cup action with a trip to the City of Steel to take on the Steelers

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The Americans are crying in their beer tonight, lets make the Steelers do the same

Russky predicts a Devils win in O/T which is impossible as there is no O/T in Challenge Cup games

Clive B calls it a draw 2-2

Two of our texters Gerald & JohnWildthing have reported in from Sheffield

Devils fan Maria is on her way from Doncaster to report on the game for us

Cenwyn & Rachel go for a 5-4 Devils victory in O/T

I hope I haven't got it wrong as I don't think there is O/T in Cup games in fact I am confident there isn't

Simon says 3-1 Devils

As Clive points out there is only O/T in the 2nd leg of games in knockout stage of CC if equal on aggregate after 120 minutes

Warm up started

Lewis Turner wears #23 for Devils

Mychan family go for a 4-2 Devils win

Brian P in Calgary thinks the Devils will play their usual physical brand of hockey and win by 2 goals

Trevor Hendrikx & Jake Morissette wearing the "A" tonight

If there are potential texters at the Sheffield arena your comments are welcomed by MNL on 07527 625206 05

Claire P says that there is O/T in Challenge Cup Pool games - rule change 2 seasons ago

Warmup completed

Pat in Bridgens says Devils will win 3-2

Ice is ready

Lets hope the Devils stay in their dressing room as I anticipate the pre game events will drag on.

I am really upset, my buddy in Puerto de la Cruz has put a live web camera outside his bar, and they must know I am hosting as they are waving their beers at me

Just over 2 weeks and I shall be with them

Maria has arrived

Face off delayed

What did I tell you

Tom Darnell is the ref

Delay due to lighting issues

Now Steelers PLay Off video prior to the raising of the Championship banner

Thankfully no players on the ice

Don't fall asleep we will have you hockey soon

Banner is raised

Devils come onto ice

Still waiting for Steelers

Steelers finally appear

Anthem time

Puck is dropped

Devils penalty Chris Jones slashing @ 2:02


Devils PK doing well

Devils back to FS

Steelers Robert Dowd tripping @ 4:03


Joey Martin hits post

Steelers FS

Save Ben Bowns

Adam Harding icing for Devils tonight along with Lewis Turner

Plenty of action in from of Steelers net during Devils PP They were unlucky not to score on a couple of occaisions

Devils penalty ' 8:03 Jake Morissette slashing


Huge save by Ben Bowns

Chris Culligan breakaway goes close

Devils FS

Chris Culligan goes close again @ 10:59

End to end hockey, no clear chances though

Steelers do look a threat says Maria

Jonathan Phillips declines a fight with Trevor Hendrikx

Handbags really

Trevor Hendrikx called for roughing @ 13:06

Ben Bowns covers @ 13:21


Andrew Lord shoots wide to the right on breakaway

series of saves by Ben Bowns

Gametimr 14:21

Devils FS

Good series of passing from Devils

Frank Doyle covers @ 16:10

Brent Walton shot - blocker save

Matthew Myers falls over when Devils had a clear breakaway

Devils penalty 2 minutes for roughing for Andrew Hotham @ 17:26

Jake Morissette SH breakaway shoots wide


Puck out of play @ 18:48

Devils clear zone

Devils FS

Excellent PK by Devils

Final minute

end of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 0

To clarify Devils team news: No Jesse Mychan or Doug Clarkson

Adam Harding called up from Swindon Wildcats: Lewis Turner called up from Bracknell Bees

SoG for 1st period Steelers 12 DEVILS 10

***Latest score NIHL Devils 2 Milton Keynes Thunder 0 after 1 period

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Devils penalty Matthew Myers 2 minutes for interference @ 22:15

Darnell apparently is his usual useless self


Devils FS

Steelers Goal

@ 24:14

So a PPG by 1 second

Darrell Hay the scorer unassisted

Texters thinks it took a deflection off a Devils D man


@ 26:33 scored by Matthew Myers assists Mark Richardson & Luke Piggott

Devils bench penalty 2 minutes for too many men @ 27:15


Gerald says officials can't count


Devils FS

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone @ 30:59

Steelers awarded a goal - nobody knows why

The referee reviewed an earlier play and award a goal

Everyone confused

Darnel has lost the plat & control of the game as usual

Devils penalties called

Eddy wants a piece of Batch, officials sepatate them

Michael Forney credited with goal @ 31:52

Gametime is 28:36

Kohn has penalty, Joey Haadad 2 minutes for tripping & 2 minutes for roughing

Trevor Hendrikx also had a penalty - co-incidental with Kohn

Devils have a 4 mins PK

All this @ 28:36

Texters say it is a total shambles caused as usual by ref Tom Darnell


I am told Devils back to FS after another excellent PK

Steelers penalty Jason Hewitt

2 minutes for cross-checking + 2 minutes for roughing @ 33:26


Anyone watching the webcast can they let me know what the goal was all about -

The story on the goal was Forney shoots no player reacts but goal judge puts his light on and keeps it one

Sheffield FS

No one saw it go in other than the goal judge, my understanding is if the referee doesn't ward a goal the GJ should turn off his light, the GJ has no power to stop a game

Gametime 38:08

Jonathan Phillips elbows Brent Walton in the head, no call

Dirty hit that was behind the play - REVIEW

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Maria says everyone is still raging (Devils fans) or mystified (Steelers) by that 2nd goal

Jason Hewitt is his usual horror bag and the 3rd period could see some physical action

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 17 Devils 10 making ir 29-20 after 2 periods

Accoding to Ian E Forney shot and celebrated no-one else did. Ian thinks it hit cross bar and came out. Whilst in line with the goal he couldn't see whether it went in or not

Panther 1 Stingrays 5 @ 51:00

teams are back

Viv says Devils should be in front, but Darnell ensured they were trailing

3rd period starts

Urmston57 confirms what I said about the powers of a Goal Judge

Play stopped due to waterlogged ice

Game re-starts after some water dispersal

Mark Thomas loses his lid

No illegal equipment call - are you surprised

Gametime 43:15

You have to score Devils - Tyler Mosienko has money on a 2-2 tie

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for tripping @ 44:43


Devils FS

Devils icing @ 47:15

As Gerald says Team Darnell 2 DEVILS 1

Steelers penalty called

Cullen Eddy high sticks @ 47:38

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Steelers clear zone

Robert Dowd breakaway foiled

Steelers FS

Its all Steelers at the moment

Gametime 51:04

Joey Haddad fails to get a shot away @ 52:02

Maria says Devils showing very little urgency

Now its all Devils as Frank Doyle pulls off a brace of saves

Devils penalty

Joey Haddad 2 minutes for elbowing @ 55:04

Sheffield icing @ 55:43

Devils FS


Get that equaliser NOW

Steelers penalty coming pp for Devils @ 57:565 - Gord Baldwin boarding

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY in full voice


PPG ' 59:14 scored by Matthew Myers assists Carl Hudson & Jake Morissette

End of regulation - Steelers 2 DEVILS 2

O/T here we come

O/T starts

Andrew Lord goes close

Devils should have scored then, they had 2 clear chances

Gametime 62:30

2 minutes left in O/T

Final minute


Devils go first

Jake Morissette SCORES

Michael Forney - MISSES

Joey Martin - SCORES

Tyler Mosienko SAVED


Final score Steelers 2 Devils 3


Maria would have picked BEN BOWNS

Steelers MoM - Jason Hewitt

Our thanks go to Maria, Gerald & JohnWildthing for brining us such excellent coverage of a fantastic DEVILS win

If you can get down the BBT tomorrow night when the Panthers come to Cardiff Bay. I expect they will be up for it after having a drubbing at home from the Stingrays

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm as MNL brings you more Challenge Cup action