Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

OJ here in the MNL cuby hole hoping we can bring you coverage of the Devils game in Edinburgh.

After seeking texters for days I have now been told that Tom is on his way to the Murrayfield Ice Rink and will text us when he arrives.

We live in hope and will not know how much coverage of the game we can bring you until face off time at 6pm

Russky if confident that the Devils can make it a 4 point weekend

Score predictions plus any other publishable comments to matchnightlive@gmail

At least the Devils have arrived in Edinburgh

One bit of good news Mike Hicks and Tom Darnell are not in charge - they are in Sheffield

Scratches for the Devils are Jesse Mychan & Doug Clarkson

Steve (Borders Devil) is at game and will help us out as long as his mobile battery lasts

Scratches for the Devils are Jesse Mychan & Doug Clarkson

all we now need is for Tom to report in

warm up underway

I assume Carl Hudson is icing after his match penalty from last night was cancelled

Dean Smith is at Coventry so we are likely to have Cowan or Wilson (possibly Thompson) as ref

My sole texter has not found any other Devils fans so far,(other than his family of course)

Steelers leading 2-1 at home to Gian late in 1st period

Warmup done

Zamboni problems at Coventry 5:15 face off put back until 6pm

the ice at Murrayfield Ice Rink is ready.

Game officials take to the ice

Ref is Matt Thompson

If anyone has purchased the webcast can they send me the link - for Joey Haddad family -

Puck is dropped and we are off

Devils miss open net @ 0:16

Brent Walton shoots wide @ 1;18

Matthew Myers takes out the referee @ 2;02

Joey Martin shot hits netminder on hemet

Tomas Hiadlovsky save

I know it was too good to last coverage in doubt

Cannot locate Tom

Its all Devils at the moment

Devils penalty to Jake Morissette high sticks @ 5:28


Capitals Goal a PPG

@ 6:51 - Riley Emmerson

assist Joe Grimaldi

Scrappy goal, Devils should have cleared their zone

Lets get that goal U DEVILS

Bus legs should be gone soon

Capitals penalty @ 9;54 Dennis Rix - charging

Bus legs should be gone soon

Capitals fs

Gametime 12:16

A Capitals fan Bryan has come to our aid, thank you very much

Huge giveaway by Caps in the slot Tyson Marsh blasts narrowly wide

It is all Devils

Puck out of play @ 15:44

Its all Devils but Capitals fast on counter attack

Sean Beattie takes a puck in the face, nasty

Beattie goes to dressing room

Total accident but nasty

Ben Bowns big save from Rene Jarolin @ 17:45

Devils penalty coming

2 minutes for boarding for Trevor Hendrikx


Capitals Goal

Another PPG

@ 19:14

Richard Hartmann assist Emmerson

End of 1st period Capitals 2 DEVILS 0

The assist on the 2nd Capitals goal was Jade Portwood not Emmerson

SoG for 1st period Capitals 11 DEVILS 12

Bryan's period report reads: SOG tell the story, very even. Devils look slicker than Caps but Caps seem to be carrying a bigger goal threat especially on pp.Devils struggling to cope with Caps big guys. He goes on to say that this Caps team ie very different to those in recent years

Devils being pushed around - must be the bus legs

Those are now parked so LETS GO DEVILS LETS GO

We have Allyn Jones to thank for finding us a texter at Edinburgh, thanks very much

Borders Devil is nursing his mobile battery

Devils fan Tom has also joined us but he is suffering with a bad network signal

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS

Save Tomas Hiadlovsky from Chris Culligan point blank range

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves again from Brent Walton this team

Devils have started 2nd as if they mean business

Devils penalty Chris Culligan slashing @ 21:30


Get the PK into gear

Capitals penalty Tomas Hiadlovsky delay of game @21:50

Emmerson serves Tomas Hiadlovsky penalty


Rene Jarolin caught in a Devils sandwich - he is hurting

Carl Hudson shoots inches wide

both teams back to Fs

Huge hit by Trevor Hendrikx

Chris Culligan called for slashing @ 4:02


23 secs left on PK for Devils

Very quiet on comments

Everyone watching WebCast I know Haddad family are

Tyson Marsh huge hit on Riley Emmerson, who limps off

Devils back to FS

Devils have finally got the PK working as normal

Game stopped @ 27:17 as Tomas Hiadlovsky took a knock

Capitals penalty coming

Callum Boyd high stick @ 28:15

Daniel Naslund & Jade Portwood on breakaway BIG SAVE Ben Bowns

Another save by Ben Bowns - glove save

Capitals FS


Up the intensity

Gametime 32:02

Capitals penalty Joe Grimaldi tripping

@ 32;48


@ 33:21

PPG scored by Carl Hudson assist Andrew Lord

2nd assist for Matthew Myers

Goal was @ 33:11

Come on U DEVILS lets have another

Tomas Hiadlovsky save

Devils pushing for equaliser

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves a rocket from Carl Hudson

Now Jake Morissette fires a bullet at Tomas Hiadlovsky

Carl Hudson & Andrew Lord combining well forcing a save from Tomas Hiadlovsky

2 minutes left in period

Dennis Rix on breakaway Ben Bowns saves but Josh Batch called for hooking @ 38;08


Puck out of play @ 39:20

Ben Bowns saves from Richard Hartmann

End of 2nd period Capitals 2 DEVILS 1

Devils have 9secs of Pk in 3rd

2nd assist on Devils goal changed from Matthew Myers to Mark Richardson go reads Hudson asists Lord & Richardson

SoG for 2nd period Capitals 7 Devils 11 making it 18-23 after 2 periods

Devils fan wins chuck a puck

I wonder who that was

Teams back on ice

puck dropped for 3rd

Come on U DEVILS

Devils FS

Lets get into our normal 3rd period overdrive

Devils penalty tripping Brent Walton @ 40:53


Ben Bowns double save from Rene Jarolin 1:19 left in Pk

Ben Bowns denies Daniel Naslund

Devils clear zone

Devils 2 minutes for tripping Andrew Hotham ' 2:52

2 secs of 3 on 5

Devils back to 4 skaters



SHG at that

@ 44:38 scored by Andrew Lord

Assist Trevor Hendrikx

Devils return to FS

Puck out of play Face off in the Devils zone

Handbags comes to nothing

Penalties for Joe Grimaldi & Luke Piggott

Piggott high sticks; Grimaldi roughing

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves from Andrew Lord after the coach skates past Kyle Flemington

Tomas Hiadlovsky kicks away Brent Walton shot

Andrew Lord having another great game

Rix & Naslund breakaway messed up by Capitals

Ben Bowns save Face off in the Devils zone

Devils pushing Capitals ddep into their end zone

Delayed penalty for Capitals - Flemington

cross-checking @ 52:31

Come on U DEVILS lets have another PPG

Tomas Hiadlovsky saves a blast from Carl Hudson

40 secs of pp remain

Ben Bowns saves after a Capitals 3 on 0 - amazing

Capitals FS

5 minutes left

Ben Bowns saves from Dennis Rix

Capitals 2 minutes for Emmerson

he gets 2 + 10 for check to the head @ 55:47

Chris Jones was the victim

Come on U DEVILS

Might have been Trevor Hendrikx not CJ

Capitals clear zone

Devils come again Tomas Hiadlovsky blocker save

Final 2 minues as Capitals return to FS

Devils look the likeier to get that winner

Final minute

Tomas Hiadlovsky save

Ben Bowns from Richard Hartmann

End of regulation Capitals 2 DEVILS 2

O/T here we come

Lets grab that 2nd point just like last night

SoG for 3rd 8 by each team

O/T underway


With 2 points

Ben Bowns saves after Andrew Lord turnover

Devils have more possession Capitals more direct on this big ice

Jordan Steel tries to kick puck home

Gametime 61:05

Tomas Hiadlovsky denies Trevor Hendrikx

not sure of gametime

7 secs left I am told Face off in the Capitals zone

end of O/T we now have penalty shots

Devils to go 1st

Jake Morissette (big delay)

Jake - scores

Dennix Rix - scores

Brent Walton - saved

Joe Grimaldi - scores

Joey Martin has to score and does

Collins for Caps


Final score Capitals 3 Devils 2

Good point for Devils who played well

SoG in O/T Capitals 4 DEVILS 3

Our thanks go to Tom & Border Devil


a special thanks to Capitals fan Bryan who did a brilliant job.

Capitals MoM - DENNIS RIX

After allthe hassle of finding texters it went OK in the end

Thats all from me join us at MNL next Saturday when the Devils are in Challenge Cup action in Sheffield