Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Braehead Clan

MNL tonight brings you coverage of the Devils first game this EIHL season against Scottish opponents when the Clan travel to Cardiff Bay.

Score predictions welcome as ual to along with any comments you wish to make

Any Devils fan travelling to Edinburgh for Sundays game get in touch as we are still looking for texters for this game.

Any hockey fan north of the border going to Murrayfield for the game prepared to help us out at MNL please get in touch by emailing or text the MNL number 97527 625206

Texters allocated duties

Will bring you team news when we have it

We believe Jesse Mychan is not icing

Warmup starts - no Jesse Mychan

Hazel M goes for a 4-2 win for Devils

Owner Brian P goes for a one goal Devils victory after a physical game at the BBT

Still looking for texters in Edinburgh tomorrow, I've lost my usual through holidays, work and sickness

Its a long trip for Devils fans to make

Matthew Myers icing tonight

Border Devil if you are following MNL are you have the trip to Edinburgh It will be a great chance to see the reborn Devils in action

With the Fife Flyers at Dundee that has taken another of my guest texters out of the equation

Rest assured I am still trying

Jesse Mychan seen going into the dressing room some 10 minutes ago, so he is either an unhealthy scratch or has overslept

Warmup done

One bit of good news we haven't got Mike Hicks

Hopefully Tom Darnell is elsewhere as well

very quyiet on the predictions front, hopefully many of them have gone to the game

We have a new game announcer at BBT

Referee is Ashton

Andrew R calls it 3-2 for the Devils

Hes a new one for me, trying to check what his first name is on the SPECSAVERS customer list

Intro time

One minute applause for fans Ben Beer & Joseph Campbell and former Devil Rod Hinks who passed away in the last week

Off we go

shot from Tyson Marsh saved by Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones covers @ 1:32

Clan goal @ 2:06

Derek Roehl the scorer

First SoG that was

Ref is James Ashton

Assist for Matt Haywood

Stephan E (Cornwall Taffy) joins us from France and predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Very open play at the moment no clear chances for anyone

Trevor Hendrikx fires a rebound wide

Devils penalty @ 7:48Chris Jones hooking


Clan miss clear scoring opportunity

Carl Hudson clears

then Matthew Myers clears Devils zone

Devils back to FS

gametime 9:52

Doug Clarkson feeds Matthew Myers Kyle Jones saves

Kyle Jones saves from Jake Morissette

Clan penalty ' 10:53 Zack Fitzgerald holding

Come on U DEVILS

another Clan penalty 2 secs of 5 on 3

Stefan Meyer hooking

Clan back to 4

2 mins for hooking @ 12;52 was the call

Clan clear zone

One minute of PP gone

Doug Clarkson misses a cross icer pass with an open net in front of him


Doug Clarkson v Chris Frank

Doug Clarkson batters Frank

Easy win for Doug

Chris Frank punished for nasty hit along the boards

Both get 5 minutes for fighting @ 14:38


Andrew Lord assist Joey Martin @ 14:47

A PPG no less


awaiting confirmation, might be the same goal - told Marsh scores

Yes @ 15:17 - Tyson Marsh assists Andrew Lord & Mark Richardson

Clan penalty @ 16:14 Zack Fitzgerald

cross-checking the call

Clan clear

One minute of PP gone


@ 17:14 a PPG scored by Andrew Hotham assists Tyson Marsh & Brent Walton

devils penalty ' 17:72 Matthew Myers cross-checking


Final minute

I agree Brian Dougie seems to be the catalyst for the Devils

Devils clear

Devils FS

End of 1st period - DEVILS 3 Clan 1

SoG DEVILS 11 Clan 6

BBT is pretty full according to Rachael

Hopefully the "Sold OuT" days of the glory years at the WNIR are back soon, all we have to do then is fill the new arena

Doug Clarkson has served his major, now being allocated his next task

Both teams back on ice

Puck dropped


Doug Clarkson has not appeared this period

Ben Bowns saves @ 22:59

Clan foil breakaway by Luke Piggott & Chris Jones

Mate from Tenerife is pestering me, why am I not there

At least hes following MNL

Devils penalty Mark Richardson - slashing

@ 23:47


Devils penalty @ 24:08 Joey Martin - interference

Devils 3 on 5 for 1:40

Clan miss open net


Ben Bowns covers with 14 secs of 3 on 5 left

Devils back to 4 skaters

Clan PPG

@ 25:51

Ryan Kavanagh unassisted

devils back to FS

OJ has had a power cut, so TheStub has jumped in

Lots of altercations in the tent. Hudson has been thrown with a Match for checking to the head.

Fitzgerald for Clan got 2 + 10 for instigation plus 2 + game fighting

Devils scored on the PP

Frank then lucky to not get called for a high stick (sorry trying to catch up here)

Then Devils crashing the net, Clan taking a bit of an exception... we have rather a lot of players in the box.

It's 5 on 5 in Cardiff.

I am back after power cut

Devils pushing the pace now. Swarming on Jones.

Breahead are struggling to get line changes in.

Salters laying some big hits for the Clan. Seems keen to have another fight.

Penalties @ 34:48 - Chris Jones slashing Matthew Myers roughing: Chris Frank roughing, Matt Keith slashing

Jake Morissette breakaway foiled


Jones covers in the Clan crease, and both teams have a nice chat about the price of bread in the crease.

will update you with what happenned @ 31:42

This game is moving at a hell of a pace now.

End to end, but Devils seem to have the best of it.

All the coincidental minors (which I missed sorry) have expired... so Myers, Jones return for the Devils... Frank and someone else return for the Clan.

Walton forces a turn over and skates in on Jones. Good save for the Clan.

Jones with a good save as the Devils shoot from the faceoff.

Last minute of the second period.

Final minute of 2nd period

Lord makes a rink wide pass, Hotham can't get control and Hayword scores on Bowns.

Braehead Clan goal was Heywood unassisted at 49.41.

Basically nothing happened in 2nd period until 31:42

End of the second.

Zack Fitzgerald got 2 minutes for instigator + ten minute misconduct +5 minutes for fighting + Game misconduct

Carl Hudson got 5 + MATCH for check to the head

Apologies for that we had a power cut at home and my UPS didn't kick in for some reason

Clan 3rd goal by Heywood was at 39:41 - Gareth turned the clock on 10 minutes

SoG for 2nd period Devils 9 Clan 12 making it 20-18 after 2 periods

Clan back on ice, so are Devils

Game restarts

Clan penalty @ 40:57

Derek Roehl - slashing

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Doug Clarkson has not iced since 1st period

One minute of PP gone

Clan back to FS

Kyle Jones covers @ 44:36

Clan penalty Jamie Fritsch @ 44:19

interference the call

Devils 4th goal was a PPG @ 31:58 scored by Andrew Lord assists Jake Morissette & Joey Martin

Poor PP by Devils so far

Devils penalty @ 45:56 Joey Martin cross-checking

Clan go on PP


Clan PPG

@ 46:35 soft rebound by Bowns

Scott Aarssen assists Leigh Salters & Ryan Kavanagh

Clan penalty Esders - Hoojking @ 46:49

Kyle Jones covers @ 48:07


Clan FS

Gametime 49;02

Devils penalty @ 49:19 Joey Martin cross-checking


Some very poor call by referee - on both teams

Ben Bowns bScott Aarssen shot

Clan claim they scored GJ - no light, Ref says no goal


Jake Morissette hits cross bar

Lower Jake

Luke Piggott goes close

Puck out of play @ 53:25

FOG has arrived at BBT

Both teams circle the ice to clear the fog

I can't recall it being this warm in September for many years

NIHL1 lost 4-2 at Chelmsford

Game restarts

Come on U DEVILS give us a Goal - please

gametime 55:03

Andrew Lord goes close

Clan time out @ 57:49

Game restarts

Final 2 minutes

Clan icing @ 58:24

Final minute

Kyle Jones save @ 59:15

Kyle Jones glove save from Joey Haddad

Puck out of play @ 59:42

Ben Bowns covers @ 59:59

end of regulation DEVILS 4 Clan 4

O/T here we come

Lets get that 2nd point

Teams ready - no referee

He's back maybe he thought his work was done

Puck dropped

Brent Walton shoots marginally too high

Brian sees coach getting the winner, I hope so

Clan penalty @ 62:00 Chris Frank -slashing

Devils time out

Game restarts

Andrew Hotham shots just wide of target

1 minute of pp gone

Clan cover @ 63:12

Meyer & Lord - handbags


Clan incensed that goal stands

Awaiting details

Texters to excited to text me details

Clan MoM Ryan Kavanagh

No one seems to know who scored


Crowd given as 1,972

Our thanks to texters - Rachael, Gerald, Nigel & Phil - brilliant job as usual

Devils winning goal was @ 63:36 scored by Joey Haddad assists Jake Morissette & Andrew Hotham

Thats all from me, I haven't given up all hope of covering tomorrows game from Edinburgh - just need to find a texter or two

If not join me next saturday as we bring you coverage of the Devils Cup game against Sheffield in the City of Steel

Good night everyone - Nos da pawb