Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as we give a "warm" welcome to the Coventry Blaze with every intention to dowse their fire

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm

As usual score predictions before face off time to

Ant other comments welcomed especially from fans and players families that cannot get to the BBT

Now off to check if my horses have won

Texters reporting in from BBT

There would not be MNL without the efforts of the texters

I have managed to give my "away" team a night off

Keeping an eye on the 5:10 race at Ffos las

Nice 34.67 forecast, that will do nicely

Its hockey time as warmup starts

Apparently there was another team of Devils fans in the TY Hafan Cycle in addition to the team of 4 that included Gerald of RED ARMY TRAVEL fame

Well done to them all

Russky is confident Devils will win tonight

Laura Mychan & family have deserted us in favour of the webcast

I am told its worth watching Brian Stewart in the Coventry net squirting water in his face, its erotic since it seems to arouse him

Further more he seems to be doing warmup exercises through the game.

The RED ARMY will get on his back I am sure

This love/hate relationship between Blaze netminders & the RED ARMY has been going on for a few seasons

The Mychan family haven't deserted us they are watching the webcast and following our unique coverage.

Mike Hicks is the referee again tonight

Phil B predicts a 5-3 win for the Devils with Joey Haddad bagging at least one goal

It seems Matthew Myers is not icing

warmup over

Myers confirmed as a scratch

Tyson Marsh has "C" again tonight with "A" for Carl Hudson & Mark Richardson

Steelers 3 Flyers 1 after 1 period

A rumour that Blaze nettie Brian Stewart is carrying an injury

Take the puck behind the net as he has trouble turning

Very quiet on the e-mails, everyone watching the webcast

Lets us know have the webast goes

Ice is ready

Devils on the ice

Tony not impressed by Rory Rawlyk hair

Anthem time

Gareth D says Devils win 4-2 with a goal from Doug Clarkson

Anthem done by Paul Sullivan

Puck is dropped

Stewart drenching himself

False start

Ice problem

Solved and we do start

All Devils early on

Blaze icing

Ben Bowns save

Face off in the Blaze zone

Brian Stewart saves from Joey Haddad

@ 2;30

Brian Stewart save from Joey Martin

Gametime $:04 and its all Devils

Shot by Doug Clarkson

Chris Jones fails to control puck when he had a clear chance

Joey Martin forces a good save by Brian Stewart

Devils giving Brian Stewart a workout

Cale Tanaka goes close

Handbags in front of Blaze net @ 5:33

Devils moving the puck swiftly and making Brian Stewart move around

2 saves by Ben Bowns

Jesse Mychan & Doug Clarkson prominent

Rory Rawlyk arguing with ref

Icing Blaze ' 6:43

Crowd noisy

Save Stewart

Blaze have spent little time in Devils zone

Ben Bowns covers @ 7:46

Blaze Goal

Goes through a crowd of players

Freaky goal @ 7:51

Scored by Craig Cescon

Assists Ashlee Tait & Steven Goertzen

Jesse Mychan destroys Ashlee Tait

A good clean hit Ashlee Tait down

Hicks will call something

Boarding we believe is called @ 8:54


Correction penalty was at 9:54

1 minute killed

20 secs of PK left

Devils back to FS

Poor Blaze PP, alternatively good Devils PK

James Griffin cross checks Chris Jones & drops gloves

penalties James Griffin 2+2, CJ 2 @ 12:49

Brian Stewart stalling again, adjusts pads this time

Mike Egener clears Blaze zone

Brian Stewart stretching his back

Back to full strength

Cardiff Devils pp didnt amount to much

Apologies for everyone this is a CHALLENGE CUP GAME not a LEAGUE GAME

I must pay attention

gametime 16:57

Come on U DEVILS we need something to show for your efforts in this period

Devils offside @ 17:45

Pat late prediction is a 4-3 win for the Red Army

Great save Ben Bowns

Devils icing @ 18:27

Blaze Derek Lee injured

Craig Cescon & Chris Culligan tussle

Both Cescon & Culligan sit

Culligan got wrestled to floor early in tussle

Devils go on pp

More fighting in Blaze zone

Kyle Bochek down

Trevor Hendrikx down the tunnel

cescon & Culligan both get 2 for slashing and 5 minutes for fighting - but there was no fight

Andrew Lord in sinbin awaiting penalties

All this @ 19:21

Lord gets a minor

Kyle Bochek get 2 for slashing & 2 + 10 for check to the head

Andrew Lord & Trevor Hendrikx get minors

Trevor Hendrikx was roughing, Andrew Lord actually gets 2 + 2 for slashing

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Blaze 1

Good game for my virgin texters!!!

Will try to summarize everything in a minute

Craig Cescon & Chris Culligan got 5 minutes for fighting & 2 minutes for slashing @ 19:06

@ 19:21 Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for roughing: Andrew Lord 2 + 2 for slashing; Kyle Bochek 2 + 10 for check to the head & 2 minutes for slashing

Thats it folks exactly as my hard pressed texters called it

its all happenning at the BBT

Doug Clarkson also in sinbin before 2 period starts

Blaze penalty ' 20:46 Ben Arnt hooking

Hendrikx back

Correction Doug Clarkson was serving Lord minor

DEvils now on PP

Good save Brian Stewart from Marsh

Ben Bowns from Jereme Tendler breakaway

Rory Rawlyk breaks stick

Rory Rawlyk down injured after stopping a slap shot

Game time 24:08

Rory Rawlyk goes off injured

Mike Egener gets 2 minutes for cross-checking @ 24:40

Rory Rawlyk has injured his left knee

Lot of Devils pressure

Poor PP by Devils

Blaze FS

Its end to end without too much structure

Dean Smitgh repklace Mike Hicks as referee

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson 2 minutes for high sticks @ 27:18


Carl Hudson buries Cale Tanaka

Devils Fs

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze icing @29:52

Devils pp coming

Derek Lee 2 minutes for interference @30:20


Brian Stewart dislodges net once again

Blaze penalty @ 31:38 Mike Egener 2 minutes for cross-checking

Devils have 5 on 3 for 42 secs

Blaze back to 4 skaters

55secs of pp left

Devils have upped their game as PP looks better


Chris Culligan misses golden opportunity to tie game

Blaze FS

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan

interference @ 34:03

SoG for 1st period Devils 19 Blaze 11

Scuffle during line change

Trevor Hendrikx penalty


More delays as they try and sort out penalties

Josh Batch also in sinbin

Its 5 on 3 for Blaze


Kyle Bochek & Trevor Hendrikx both get 2 + 2 for roughing

Josh Batch 2 minutes for charging all 35:07

Gametime 37:01

Devils back to FS

Puck out of play @ 37:22

Game is on the edge of boiling over according to Jon J

Doug Clarkson gives Mike Egener a boxing lesson

Mike Egener is well and truly battered

waiting for penalties

All this @ 37:45

5 on 3 pp for Blaze

Jesse Mychan got 2 minutes

Slashing for Jesse

Doug Clarkson 5 minutes for fighting & 2 minutes for illegal stick

Mike Egener 5 minutes for fighting

Andrew Hotham breakaway loses control and fails to get shot away

Last minute

Blaze PPG @ 39:12

Steven Goertzen the scorer @ 39:42

Will check goal time

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 BLAZE 2

Ill tempered game made worse by poor officiating - WHATS NEW

Blaze 2nd goal was @ 39:12

Jon J period report - Devils lacking penetration and a final killer pass. Lots of endeavour but no end product

Tonights attendance listed as 1,672

Both teams back on the ice

Come on U DEVILS lets have one of the massive 3rd period recoveries the DEVILS were famous for

Off we go

Gametime 41:10

Luke Piggott shot forces rebound - no Devils near enough

Come on U DEVILS

all the play this period ins in Blaze end

Brian Stewart looks a great find

Its basically DEVILS v Stewart at the moment

Blaze penalty Steven Goertzen 2 minutes for hooking @ 43:04


A ppg by Joey Haddad

The BBT is in danger of falling down with the level of noise reaching critical levels

Assists fot Chris Culligan & Brent Walton

Frantic Blaze defence as DEVILS storm forward

Chris reports good viewing figures for MNL

Well as least some appreciates us

Joey Haddad launches into James Griffin - BIG HIT

Doug Clarkson is back - suitable rested so lets have a Goal Doug

Brian Stewart dislodges net again

Brian Stewart gets 2 minutes for delay of game

Brian Stewart goes mental with ref

Steven Chalmers sits penalty

Blaze clear zone

Devils come again

Net off again

Blaze clear zone



Another PPG @ 47:37

Carl Hudson the scorer

Assists Joey Martin & Jake Morissette

Brian Stewart is getting madder by the minute as Devils (+RED ARMY) wind him up

Ben Bowns covers @ 48:04

Chris how do I change header from League to CC, better still can you do it after

Blaze have too many men on ice - finally seen by ref @ 49:02

Bench minor for Blaze



Brent Walton scores

Assist for Joey Haddad

2nd assist Chris Culligan

Time of goal 49:40

DEVILS blitz continues as we pass the 50 minutes mark

This is what you are missing there in Calgary & Saskatchewan

Jesse Mychan witgh a great deke unlucky not to score

Devils have really upped their game this period

Jake Morissette buries Steven Chalmers but gets called for 2 minutes for boarding @ 52:28


Ben Bowns covers @ 52:56

Ben Bowns save

Blaze offside Face off in the Blaze zone

Monster save by Brian Stewart @ 53:38

From Jesse Mychan that was


Devils FS

5 minutes left

Brian P this is what the Devils were famous for in their heighday

Cale Tanaka hits ref Dean Smith in the face with his glove

Rory Rawlyk hasn't reappeared after his injury

Dean Smith bleeding

Craig Cescon penalty 2 minutes for hooking

Doug Clarkson drew that Blaze penalty


Jake Morissette stunner

@ 56:17

Jake beats the D , dekes the netminder, backhands

Bown covers @ 57:02

Chris Jones misses from the slot, hits the bar in fact

Final minute

RED ARMY in full voice

Brian Stewart covers

The noise is deafening, Devils are back from the dead - in this game and as a Club

Blaze goal 59:15 - Ben Arnt

Time out Blaze

Tyson Marsh giveaway led to that goal

Brian Stewart pulled

Thats it folks Final score DEVILS 4 Blaze 3

Blaze MoM - Brian Stewart

What a game

I think I have broken my all time record for the number of lines in the game blog - 269


Our thanks to Jon J, Nigel, brother Adam & Tony and Phil B (doing his first game)

Thats all from me, join us next Saturday when the Braehead Clan come to Cardiff Bay, they might need visas by then.