Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join us at MNL as our very own CARDIFF DEVILS travel to the lace city for their first away league game of the new season

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm, score predictions always welcomed to - before FO please.

Texters in position at the NIC

In addition to our usual band of texters we are having an input from two Panther fans - Charlotte & Cheryl

Laura Mychan goes for as Devils win after a spirited affair

Warm up starts

Laura Mychan pointed out that a cousin of Jesse played for the Panthers

That a good question for you who was he?

Your answers to

Laura you cannot enter!!!!

I will give you further clues later

No Matthew Myers - last game of his ban

Carl how did you know that!!

Carl is the winner I will not name him hoping others will know also

I have just realised that Jeess might have named him in his interview for the Forum

Russky J goes for a Devils win

Jason F calls it 3-2 Devils

Jason M in sunny Dorset predicts a 3-1 for the lads

Steven B says Devils will win 5-3 as Panthers are finding it difficult to ajust after the CHL

Mark G says big ice, big hits BIG WIN for DEVILS (4-3)

Warmup done

No Harding or Buglass for Devils

David Clarke & Chris Higgins scratches for Panthers

I don't think Jesse identified his cousin in his Inferno interview

Jesse's cousin wore one of the Devils retired numbers

I beive Michael Hicks has the whistle, its not Darnell as he is in Hull

Is Princess Quay in Hull deep I ask, its near the rink

Lights are dimmed at NIC

We have 2 referees

Devils come onto ice

Who the other ref I dont know

Panthers finally make an entrance


a tribute to a Panther fan who died recently

We are ready to start

No sign or the owners Mr King & Mr Parker so far

We are off

2 minutes gone

End to end at the moment

Chris Culligan saved by Craig Kowalski @ 3:31

Jake Morissette backhand goes inches wide

Matt Thompson is the other referee

Ben Bowns covers after a scrammble in front of his net

Good save Ben Bowns @ 5:20

Panthers goal Bruce Graham

@ 6:14

Assist for Brandon Benedict

Panthers penalty Greg Jacina hooking @ 7:46


Chris Culligan assist Jesse Mychan @ 8:28

A PPG no less

Craig Kowalski covers Doug Clarkson breakaway @ 9:54

Panthers penalty Bruce Graham slashing @ 9:54

Assists on Devils goal corrected to Joey Haddad & Andrew Hotham

Devils penalty Carl Hudson cross-checking @ 11:16


4 on 4 for 378 secs

Interference was the call on Carl Hudson

Panthers FS

Ben Bowns blocker save

Devils Fs

Both Panthers penalties were drawn by Doug Clarkson who waltzes past people who are then forced to foul him

Panthers goal Maxime Langelier-Parent assist Greg Jacina

@ 15:09

Soft goal says JohnWildthing


Brian P has snow in Calgary, we have had a mini heatwave in Cardiff although a bit cooler today

Devils seeking that equaliser, hope they dont press too hard, there is plenty of time left in this game

Jesse's cousin also played for London Knights and Bracknell Bees

Blatant slasing on Chris Culligan Panther even breaks his stick - no call Hicks

Final minute

End of 1st period Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

Anyone out there following us in a foreign country - and I don't mean England or Scotland

Just to upset those in colder climes its going to hit the mid 20s next week

At this rate I will be staying in Cardiff and not seeking warmer weather in sunny Tenerife

We are told that Chris Jones got a penalty at the buzzer - no details so far

A tripping minor @ 20:00

It wouldn't put it past our sub-standard refs to call a delay of game penalty in the period interval.

Ice ready

Teams are back

Off we go

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Carl Hudson roughing minor @ 20:24

Panthers have a 5 on 3

SoG for 1st period Panthers 9 DEVILS 7


Devils penalty @ 22:06 Jake Morissette interference

Hudson returns

One minute killed of Jake Morissette penalty


Lets keep out of the naughty boys room

Gamertime 24:44

Craig Kowalski saves from Joey Haddad @ 26:05

Devils penalty @ 26:39 Andrew Lord slashing


Ben Bowns save @ 27:06


One minute killed

Mark Richardson clears Devils zone

Panthers hit post Ben Bowns pockets rebound

Devils FS

Very good Devils PK - it needs to be

Panthers penalty Schmidt - holding @ 29:50

Come on U DEVILS get the PP into gear

Panthers SHG @ 30:42

Cody Wild assist Robert Lachowicz

Panthers FS

Elementary error by Devils e left Bowns out to dry

panthers penalty Robert Farmer @ 32:41 - holding

Craig Kowalski covers @ 33:03

Panthers FS

2nd assist for Greg Jacina on Panthers 3rd goal

Ben Bowns save from Nathan Robinson

Gametime 34:55

Trevor Hendrikx 2 minutes for delay of game @ 34:55


Devils FS

Ben Bowns save @ 37:51

Doug Clarkson (D) & Greg Jacina (P) both get 2 minutes for slashing @38:45

Final minute

Ben Bowns save

Devils penalty Brent Walton 2 minutes for hooking @39:15


end of 2nd period Panthers 3 DEVILS 1

Back to the question - Who was Jesse Mychan cousin?

He was David Struch who played for 5 seasons in the ISL. He played for Panthers in 1999-2000, 2000-1 and 2003-4. He played for London Knights 2001-2 and Bracknell Bees 2002-3. He was Jeese coach at Saskatoon Blades in the WHL and is currently Assistant Coach of the Regina Pats

Teams are back

Off we go

SoG Panther 8+8 Devils 7+4

Devils Fs

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

We can win this with one of those epic comebacks Devils were renowned for

Gerald is texting from the bar

Panthers Scmidht 2 minutes for slashing @ 44:01

Joey Martin goes close

26 secs left on pp

Panthers FS

Tyson Marsh has the C tonight

Devils Jesse Mychan 2 minutes for slashing @ 47:53


Ben Bowns save @ 48:00

One minute killed

Great save Ben Bowns @ 49:12

Devils back to FS

Gametime 50:51

Rachael is baffled by refs

They dont call the obvious but then call penalties that nobody else saw

Jesse Mychan v Charles Landry FIGHT

@ 51:31

Panther gone

Waiting on refs call

Jesse Mychan gets 2 minutes for slashing + 5 minutes for fighting

Charles Landry 5 minutes for fighting

Blood on ice

Gerald convinced that Panthers 1st goal was offside and on 3rd Netminder interference should have been called

Game re starts

I assume Charles Landry went off as he was cut

Joey Martin shot saved by Craig Kowalski @ 52:16

As being worn by Mark Richardson & Carl Hudson

Panthers offside

Devils FS

Ben Bowns @ 54:37

About 100 RED ARMY fans in NIC tonight

Gerald has raised over 1,200 for cycle ride from Brecon to Cardiff, WELL DONE HIM

Gametime 56:54

Jake Morissette shoots high

Final 2 mins

Panthers offside @ 58;19

Final minute

Ben Bowns pulled

Thats it folks Final score Panthers 3 DEVILS 1

Devils MoM - BEN BOWNS

Waiting for Panthers MoM

Our thanks go to regular texters Rachael, Gerald & JohnWilding and Panthers very own Charlotte

If any of fans that have helped us out at MNL in the past are still willing to text please get in touch PM or text MNL hot line 07527 625206. I am especially keen to get more texters at home gamesso my away team can have a break

Panthers MoM - Craig Kowalski

Join me on Sunday night when our "friends" the Coventry Blaze visit us at the BBT