Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

MNL brings you coverage of the Challenge Cup game between the Sheffield Steelers and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

OJ your host, not at the BBT but in his MNL cubby hole

Score predictions to before the 6pm face off

Waiting for texters to report in

Warmup under way

Pat in Bridgend calls it 3-1 to Devils

Jason M says 4-2 and predicts that Trevor Hendrikx or Andrew Hotham batters a SteelerCardiff

Warmup done

Russky predicts a Devils win on goals and fights

Steven B sees Devils winning 6-3 - he also predicts a penalty for Deeds within 5 minutes

Its a relief to return to the old hosting methods after last night

Blaze 1 Flyers 0 after 10 mins

Last night was my first game at the BBT and in fact it was my first home game since the lockout season

I was surprised to see so many of the old faces there along with a number of oldies who had returned this season

Who is out there following MNL let us now at especially families of our DEVILS

And of course Mr King & family in Calgary

talking of Calgary it is my record for the least spent (awake anyway) in any city, having arrived at 10pm only to be told I was expected in Ottawa by noon the following day

I am rabbiting on as usual as we await the teams.

In my day Devils v Steelers was the big rivalry having replaced Devils v Durham Wasps

Lets hope that those heady days are just around the corner

Teams take to the ice

Linda & Wizard are in a log cabin in Devon

Southend isn't abroad is it Hazel

Hazel thinks Devils will win 5-4

Tom Darnell has the whistle

Hopefully there is no pea


Lee Young & Sam Motton are the linesmen

Jason M says Darnell's call are pea poor

not his exact words but this is a family channel

Anthem done

We are off

End to end action 2 minutes gone

Steelers penalty Rodney Sarich kneeing @ 2:18

Called a trip apparently

Good glove save by Frank Doyle

Trevor Hendrikx slap shot saved @ 3:01

Steelers penalty Cullen Eddy - boarding @4:12

steelers return to 4 skaters

Frank Doyle keeping Steelers in game

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG just like last night

No Matthew Myers again tonight

Steelers FS

Jon J thinks Steelers haven't had a SoG yet

Devils offside

Gametime 6:41

The prediction of a penalty for Deeds is a losing bet

Devils go close, even Frank Doyle doesn't know how it didn't go in his net

I wonder how Frank Doyle feels now about abandoning the DEvils last year

Josh Batch shot deflected - Puck out of play

Jason Hewitt mouthing off as he leaves ice

Finally a Ben Bowns save @ 8:02

Welcome to the game Ben

Hewit being dirty with his stick work, top of the list for a pounding says JohnWildthing

Frank Doyle covers

Sly & dirty Steelers are pushing their luck

Stay cool lads

Devils offside @ 9:33

Very little Steelers offence so far

Brian Parker one of the owners joins us from Calgary - welcome

Devils penalty coming

Andrew Lord hooking @ 11:32


Jesse Mychan has Mark Thomas on his radar

Co-ordinates for a big hit locked in

One minute killed

Big block by Brent Walton

Steelers dislodge net as Jake Morissette breaks clear

Steelers penalty Robert Dowd delay of game @ 13:22

Devils on PP

Joey Martin breakaway he shoots wide

Steelers breakaway leads to outstanding Bowns save

Bowns saves a 2 on 0 - brilliant

gametime 15;08

around 1,700 in BBT tonight

Frank Doyle saves a Joey Haddad rocket

Doug Clarkson breakaway - save Doyle

Gametime 16:03

Steelers penalty Michael Forney - delay of game @ 16:03

Ben Bowns saves with his skates

Steelers bench minor - too many me @ 17:06

55 secs of Devils 5 on 3

Come U DEVILS give us a goal

Carl Hudson fires 3 screamers - all blocked away by Frank Doyle

Now 5 on 4

Devils completekly dominant

Steelers Fs

Final minute

Dirty hit by Pascal Morency on Andrew Lord

Penalties for Andrew Lord & Pascal Morency @ 19:56

End of 1st period - DEVILS 0 Steelers 0

Will bring you details of penalties when I get them

Ian H shouting for the Devils in Kih Samui, Thailand

Thats abroad Hazel not Southend

Jon J says that was the best period of Devils play for a very long time

Jon thinks expects for phusicalty in 2nd period, Jay Latulippe & Di Diomete been very quiet

I stand correct Jason says hes been to Southend and it is in a foreign country

Gerald (RED ARMY TRAVEL) has raised over 1000 for his cycle ride from Brecon to Cardiff. If you have sponsored him there is still time

Shelly M in sunny California calls it 4-2 to the Devils

For those minors late in the period Andrew Lord was called for charging whilst Pascal Morency was assessed a roughing minor

Gerald (RED ARMY TRAVEL) sponsored cycle ride from Brecon to Cardiff is on target for well in excess of 1,000, if you haven't sponsored him this is still time

Steelers back on ice so are Devils

2nd starts

Lets have that goal U DEVILS

Deeds only had 2 shifts so far


Joey Martin assist Andrew Hotham

@ 21:30

devils penalty Josh Batch tripping @ 22:18


Correction holding is the call

SoG for 1st period Devils 14 Steelers 5

Steelers score

@ 24:19 Mathieu Roy


Assists Michael Forney & Dustin Kohn

Jake Morissette shot saved @ 24:55

Steelers score

Jason Hewitt scores

Very fast slick passing from Steelers

assist Phillip Hill @ 25:05

Snap out of it Devils lets not have a 10 minute disaster like last Wednesday

Get that equaliser now

Steelers penalty Pascal Morency - tripping

Hooking was the call @ 26:26


30 secs of pp left

Devils pressing but Steelers hold out

Frank Doyle covers

Gametime 28:50

Jesse Mychan & Mark Thomas wrestle

Rachael calls it a FIGHT

More wrestling says Jon

Penalties awaited Jesse Mychan in sinbin already

Big discussion over penalties

JohnWildthing says FULL STOP

Andrew Hotham & Luke Piggot go in as well

Game restarts

Nothing announced yet


Chris Culligan fantastic solo effort

@ 29:33

Absolutely outstanding goal

Penalties were Steelers Mark Thomas 5 minutes for fighting: Robert Dowd 2 minute minor

Mychan 5+2+10

Hotham 2

Pascal Morency & Trevor Hendrikx have words

Luke Piggot back on the ice

Ben Bowns great save

Steelers goal Mathieu Roy @31:36

Assist Cullen Eddy

FIGHT Trevor Hendrikx v Pascal Morency

@ 32:09

Trevor Hendrikx destroys him

Gord Baldwin gets a slashing minor@ 32:29

Trevor Hendrikx & Pascal Morency 5 minute majors for fighting

Carl Hudson called for illegal equipment after his helmet fell off @ 33:08

Rachael says helmet was knocked off

One minute killed

Very noisy in BBT, tell me about it

Gametime 34:18

Where are my regular viewerts in West Wales, Llampumsaint & Aberystwyth

Carl Hudson returns

Rioja going down well, sandwiches on the way

Devils offside @ 36:44

Jon convinced Steelers are playing on the edge of legality

I don't want to be the judge of that, I have enough to do in criminal court

Trevor Hendrikx & Pascal Morency return

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 3

Those you who want to contribute to Gerald's eforts in the Ty Hafan Taff Trail Challenge go to

Must apologise to the Piggott family for missing off a t

Luke your mum is on her way

Teams back

3rd period underway

Let me know what the webcast is like -

Is Simms on it

Jay Latulippe hits post

Deeds tries to run Bowns

SoG for 2nd period Devils 9 Steelers 13 making it 23-18 after 2 periods

Gone very quiet

I am surprised that mobile coverage is as good as it is with all those naval ships in the Bay

Devils penalty Joey Haddad

Gametime 46:25

Slashing the call for Joey Haddad

Devils return to FS

I've lost contact with most of my texters very odd indeed

Very open end to end game at moment

Doug Clarkson battling hard

Bown covers

Texts are being delayed

Gametime 49:55

Devils seeking that equaliser

Steelers offside

Devils are working hard according to Jon J

Deeds goes high on Andrew Hotham but comes out 2nd best

Trevor Hendrikx penalty @ 52:30

Pascal Morency got the Trevor Hendrikx treatment

its looks as if Trevor Hendrikx has a 2+10

Hes in the sinbin for a check to the head


Great save Ben Bowns

Its got a bit heated

To illustrate the problems - Rachael tells me the teams are back

GOODBYE NATO let us get on with our hockey

Steelers penalty Robert Dowd - slashing

He tries to goad Andrew Hotham into a fight

Both assessed a minor what Hotham did is a mystery

Slashing the call

More handbags as games goes on

Gametime 54:30

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Hotham penalty was roughing

Devils penalty @ 54:56 Joey Haddad - bad call

Tripping was the call


Gametime 55:19


Devils offside @ 55:49

One minute killed

Ben Bowns saves from Pascal Morency

Gametime 56:50

Joey Haddad returns

final 2 minutes

One goal PLEASE I will eat my greens if you score

Final minute

Ben Bowns pulled

SOOOOO close

12 secs left

Time out Devils

Mixed reports about webast - Kevan says it freezes, Ian see its great

Face off in the Steelers zone


Final score DEVILS 2 Steelers 3

Thanks to Rachael, Jon J and JohnWildthing for excellent coverage

Steelers MoM - Mathieu Roy


Join me next Saturday as the Devils travel to Nottingham for a league game that also counts for the Challenge Cup

Hope you enjoyed the coverage if not the result. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB