Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 0 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Belfast Giants

OJ here in the MNL hot seat waiting for MNL texters to report in

I suppose they are all in the pub watching the Ireland v France game

I suppose they are all in the pub watching the Ireland v France game

Please remember to e-mail me at if you have any comments on tonights game

Chris says it is frezing at the Tent

Chris says it is frezing at the Tent

I hope that is not an indication that we are going to have technical problems tonight as I expect to be very busy with a physical fast game

Carl calls it a 3-1 Devils win with goals from Prpich, Voth & Elich

No news on referee yet, but it is not Boniface

Tom Darnell has the whistle tonight

Teams take to the ice

Adams wearing #55, Rushton # 91

Good crowd in tonight

My texters Chris & Sharlene eager for the puck to drop

Its gone very quiet for some reason

Looks like there is a problem with the officials, there were 3 now there are only 2

We are off

Devils start with Davies, Elich & Prpich

Aubry called upon to make a save after 28 seconds

Another Awbry save @ 1:03

2 man system being used to run game

Shot from Latulippe @ 2:28 deflected high

Giants penalty @ 2:44 Walton - holding

Devils putting pressure on Lyle in Giants net

Lyle save @ 4:07

Prpich playing well

Can't help with the radio link, but if you post on the Forum I am sure someone can tell you

Giants kill penalty

Giants ice puck @ 5:01

Devils penalty @ 5:52 Hill - tripping

Aubry save @ 6:27

Devils penalty kill on song tonight (so far!!!)

Devils back to full strength

Great Devils PK

Hill wanders offside @ 7:59

Adams hitting anything that moves when he takes a shift (limited shifts at the moment)

Stone hits the pipes

Glad you are all enjoying the MNL service

10 minutes gone

Giants go offside @ 10:43

Devils playing really well, 12 minutes gone

Giants skater puts body on the line to stop a Francis shot destined for the Giants net

Lyle save @ 13:02

Elich has a clear chance but passes instead of shooting

Someone should have a word in his ear, he was brought in to shoot

Aubry save @ 14:27

Rushton all elbows

Giants net off its moorings @ 14:41

15 minutes gone

My texters tell me Devils are playing brilliant - BUT NO GOALS

Devils penalty @ 15:39 Francis - delay of game

We now have 3 officials as Michael Hicks joins as linesman

Devils kill penalty

Aubry save @ 18:04

Voth takes out Thornton midice and has words with Rushton

Rushton fails in his attempt to get Voth to drop his gloves

Final minute of 1st period

Devils offside @ 19:19

Game has suddenly become very physical

Lyle save @ 19:30

Lots of mid ice hits

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Gianys 0

England are crap at rugby and cricket (all out for 51)

SoG for 1st period, Devils 17: Giants 10

Does anyone know whether there is BBC radio coverage tonight? If you know whats happenning post on the forum

Teams back on the ice

Come on you DEVILS give us a goal

2nd period starts

Elich hits cross pipe


Devils 1st goal scored by Latulippe, assist Davies @ 20:39

Ben Davies broke clear of breakaway draws Giants to him and delivers a perfect pass for Latulippe to score

Aubry save @ 21:56

I wonder if Ben is the new Lawless, same size or is it Vez

MacIver floors Morrison accidently apparently

Giants have upped their game

Aubry save @ 23:51

Lyle saves from Voth @24:10

25 minutes gone

Handbags between Prich & Burgoyne @ 25:50

Darnell not calling much

Hill cracking shot hits pipes

Hill shot off a Latulippe feed on a 3 on 2

Adams floors Rushton in midice, Rushton wants to fight anyone & everyone

Best hit seen at the Tent ever

Must be the #55 shirt as it was in Stephen Cooper class

Giants cant handle the Devils hitting

Devils 2nd goal scored @

Goal @ 29:30 scored by Teplitsky, assist Francis


Burgoyne floors Davies, Prpich hits Rushton, Rushton fights Jarvis and loses

Multiple penalties on the way

Rushton ejected, lost his sweater

Whilst we are waiting, Francis fed Teplitsky deep in Devils end and Tyson skates the length of the ice to score

Penalties @ 30:04

Burgoyne (G) 2 roughing, Rushton (G) 2 for illegal equipment; 5 for fighting + GAME

Devils penalties Prpich 2+2 elbows; Jarvis 5 fighting

Still 5 on 5 after all that

Will check penalties for you later

Devils ice puck @ 33:17

Aubry save @ 33:23

Devils penalty @ 33:23 Aubry - intewrference, being served by Davies

Burgoyne back for the Giants

Prpich returns for the Devils

Devils penalty Maciver - roughing @ 34:40

Devils pk for 43 seconds

Aubry has problem with pads

I don't know whether it is an "illegal equiopment call"

They are stll showing the Adams hit on Rushton on the video screens

They are measuring Aubry's pads

Must have been an equipment problem as Aubry is back in net and no call on play

It is 3 on 5 not 4 on 5

Davies back on the ice after serving Aubry's penalty

Maciver back

Now 5 on 5 as Devils kill penalties

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Aubry save @ 38:23

Final minute of 2nd period

Giants now having to use D Johnson as a winger

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Giants 0

Sharlene says Ben Davies is having a great game

Devils outshot 13 - 9 in 2nd period

úrd period underway

First save of 3rd period made by Aubry @ 40:15

Lyle saves from Hill @ 40:30

Lyle saves from Latulippe @ 42:33

Lyle save @ 43:57

Giants looking tired

Devils still hitting anything that moves

Devils ice puck @ 44:41

Pace of game has dropped markedly

Giants miss empty net

Aubry save @ 47:01

Giants getting frustrated, taking cheap shots


Devils penalty @ 47:15 Prpich - boarding

Latulippe keeps puck in Giants zone for 30 seconds on his own, brilliant

Voth shorthanded breakaway foiled

Latulippe then brteakaway on Devils PK

Devils kill penalty

Impressive display by Devils by all accounts

Giants penalty @ 49:50 Macmillian - hooking

50 minutes gone

Devils should have more than two goals to show for their domination of game

Devils all over Giants

Giants kill penalty

DEvils get puck in net but goal rightly disallowed as there were at least two Devils players in the crease

Lyle saves from Prpich @ 52:28

Aubry save @ 52:39

All of you out there chant "WE WANT A DEVILS GOAL" as loud as you can, its OK the men in white coats are off duty tonight

Giants Phillips dislodges Aubry's net @ 53:07

Aubry net off again @ 53:15

Latulippe shot deflected high & wide

55 minutes gone

Giants decide that puck is "hot" so they are passing it before they are flattened

Now a Giants goal disallowed

There were 2 Giants in the crease, must be small Giants as crease is not that big

Burgoyne floors Prpich mid ice to cheer up his team

57 minutes gone

Aubry save @ 57:34

Giants getting too close to scoring for comfort especially considering last Sundays game

Final 2 minutes

Prpich misses cross crease pass

Final minute

Devils ice puck @ 59:07

Giants timeout

Giants pull Lyle with 53 seconds left

Aubry save @ 59:27

Prpich misses empty net

Lyle back @ 59:51

Final score DEVILS 2 Giants 0

Two good points and a good game for those fans who ventured to the Tent on a bitterly cold night

Giants MoM Phillips


Our thanks to Chris & Sharlene MNL texters this evening

Thats it for this evening, please join me for Sundays game at Coventry when hopefully the Devils can harvest another two points OJ