Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 4 Coventry Blaze

MNL will be with from around 6:30, better still there's plenty of time to get you skates on and get to the BBT.

Waiting for texters to report in

Dean Smith is one of the refs, still trying to identify the other

Rachael has made it to the BBT

Warm up underway

It would appear that the only scratch is Tyson Marsh

Matthew Myers seems to be a scratch

Hazel has the Devils winning 5-3 tonight

Warm up done

JohnWilding & Jon J have also signed in from the BBT

Stephen in France also goes for a 5-3 win for the RED ARMY

Officials take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own NEW CARDIFF DEVILS

Blaze are also on the ice

Where are all my usual score predictors gone

Adam & Tony T have reported in so we are all systems go

I wonder how big a crowd we have tonight

Intros done now Anthem time

I wonder if Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister will make an appearance at the BBT, after all we have a Canadian owner and a full set of Canadian imports

Puck dropped and we are away

Mummy & Daddy Batch call it 3-2 for the lads

Glove save Stewart @ 1:53Cardiff

CJ goes close

Brian Stewart in the Blaze net making save after save

Blaze offside @ 3:23

Its end to end hockey at the moment

Devils icing

Gametime 5:24

Jesse Mychan breakaway shot saved

Tip from Doug Clarkson saved

Poor crowd tonight less than 1,000

Doug Clarkson pushes Rory Rawlyk into net

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx slashing

Devils return to FS

Chris Culligan creating a lot of chances

Blaze penalty ' 9:39

Craig Cescon hooking

Blaze have killed 1 minute

Blaze FS

Jon J impressed by Chris Culligan

Brian Stewart standing on his head in Blaze net yet again

Blaze net displaced after scramble

Gametime 12:12

All Devils at the moment : its Devils v Stewart

Gametime 13:24

Doug Clarkson & Jesse Mychan very physical

Ben Bowns covers after disorganised line change

Devils penalty Mark Richardson

1:20 of PK left

Roughing was the call on Richie


SHG dor Devils

Great breakaway by Jake Morissette assist Andrew Lord

@ 15:33

Blaze offside ' 16:55

Ben Bowns covers @ 17:46

Adam says good period for Devils

Final minute

Nice blue line shot by Mark Richardson saved

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 0

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Brian Stewart covers @ 21:27

Trevor Hendrikx tripping minor @21:45


Joey Martin breaks away poke checked by Brian Stewart

Devils return to FS

Late hit by Mike Egener on Joey Haddad

Egener spears Joey Haddad in groin area

@ 24:29

Slashing the call Joey OK

Considering the small crowd it is very noisy at BBT

One minute of pp gone

Blaze goalb @ 25:54

Rory Rawlyk SHG

blaze clear zone

Blaze score again - MARK SMITH

Devils losing focus

Assists for Tait & Cowley on Smith goal

Doug Clarkson scuffles with two Blaze players

Minors for Doug Clarkson & Kyle Bochek @27:18

Egener not Kyle Bochek - roughing the call

One minute killed

Jereme Tendler breakaway scores

@ 28:30

Bad error led to that goal

Carl Hudson saved by Stewart

Gametime 29:44 as Stewart saves from Jesse Mychan

Brian Stewart saves from Doug Clarkson

BLAZE GOAL '@ 30:17

Another defensive lapse

O'Marra the scorer assist Tanaka

Come on U DEVILS

Brian Stewart save @ 31:44

Devils have lost their shape

Brian Stewart save @ 31:44

Gareth I don't know what has hapenned to Devils

Chris Culligan elbowed no call

Gametime 33:39 as Derek Lee gets interference minor


PPG Chris Culligan

Assists for Walton & Haddad @ 35:25

Brian Stewart save

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Devils coming back to life after 10 minutes of costly hibernation

Final minute

Great poke check Ben Bowns

Doug Clarkson destroys his stick trying to launch a missile

SoG for 1st 12-11

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze 4

That deficit is totally down to some sloppy defending I am told

Officials are back

Come on U DEVILS lets have a great period to send everyone (except Blaze) home happy

Teams are back

Off we go for 3rd period

Blaze icing


Jesse Mychan scores

@ 40:49

Steward rebound buried by Jesse

Assist Chris Jones

Some doubt about scorer

Announced as Martin not Mychan

Originally it was announced as Walton from Haddadf

Clearly that was wrong

Never mind Devils are back to 3-4

Goal now given to Mychan as our texters called

Devils go on PP

One timer from Trevor Hendrikx


@ 43:41


Assists Brent Walton & Joey Haddad

Missed wehich Blaze player had a penalty - don't care we get a PPG - fair exchange

Bullet shot fired by Jesse Mychan

It was Cale Tanaka who got a minor @ 42:20

Devils pressure

Tanaka makes up for it working very hard for Blaze


Nice build up leads to a peach of a goal

Assis for Carl Hudson @ 46:44

Doug Clarkson the scorer

Ben Bowns save

Andrew Hotham & Mike Egener pushing & shoving

James Griffin called for clipping on Doug Clarkson

Nasty that was

@ 48:17

Kneeing was the call

1 minute of Devils PP gone

Blaze back to FS

Brian Stewart stops another Jesse Mychan bullet

Gametime 50:26

Doug Clarkson is OK didn't

Ben Bowns save

Devils icing

Another Ben Bowns save

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Brian Stewart covers @ 51:34 from Jake Morissette

Gametime 52:20

Brian Stewart saves from Doug Clarkson

Jesse Mychan called for High sticks @ 53:25


Blaze must have bought their pp from the same store as the Devils bought theirs last season

1 minute killed

Devils PK impressing Jon J

Ben Bowns covers

Devils clear zone

gametime 54:29

10 secs of PK left

Devils return to FS

Gametime 56:03

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone


Brent Walton from Chris Culligan @ 56:32

Walton dropped his stick in Dev, gets a replacement from the bench and buries the biscuit

2nd assist for Andrew Hotham

Very noisy in BBT

Final minute

You can see the fear in the Blaze eyes when Doug Clarkson gets near them


thats it folks

Final score DEVILS 6 Blaze 4

DOUG CLARKSON looks as if he wants to be here,

Tony thinks Blaze look intimidated when Devils raised their game

Blaze MoM - Rory Rawlyk

Our thanks go to texters, Tony & Adam T, Jon j, Johnwildthing & Rachael


Clarkson & Morissette in the mix as well

Get down to the BBT if you can for Saturdays opening League game against the Hull Stingrays

If you can't join us here at MNL