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Cardiff Devils 7 - 5 Belfast Giants

It has arrived - Devils first home game of the 2014/5 season.

After last nights so called "friendly" in Belfast it looks as if we are in for a cracker to open the BBT season for the reborn CARDIFF DEVILS

Join me (OJ) from around 5pm as MNL brings you its unique form of game coverage

waiting for our texters to report in from the BBT

Any comments etc to

Warmup underway

Andrew Lord icing: Carl Hudson, Chris Culligan and Tyson Marsh not icing

It will be interesting to find out what size crowd will be at BBT tonight.

Warm up done and dusted

Countdown has started

Officials take to the ice

Team Intros

Hazel joins us from Southend

Jim Mc thinks Giants will win 4-2

Anthem sung

Anyone sunning themselves, let us know where you are

Puck dropped and we are off

I wander if fans had any problems getting to the BBT tonight

Devils penalty Josh Batch hooking @ 1:10


Giants offside

Colin Shields the guilty party

One minute killed

Giants icing

Duncan in Gloucester calls it 4-3 to Devils

Devils going hell for leather, BBT is rocking

Giants penalty Robby Sandrock high sticks @ 3:22

Correction it was Trevor Hendrikx called for High Stick

Josh Batch back

Great glove save Ben Bowns

50 secs of Devils PK left

Sue & Kevan Batch call it 4-2 Devils

Devils back to FS

Puck out of play@ 5:51

Excellent PK by Devils

Pat in Bridgend calls it 3-2 to RED ARMY

Trevor Hendrikx deflected out

Darryl Lloyd minor penalty

Hooking the call @ 8:52

Adam Keefe minor for slashing

Devils have 39 secs of 5 on 3

Adam Keefe penalty was @ 8:23

Good save Stephen Murphy

Devils penalty Joey Haddad cross-checking @ 9:20


Andrew Hotham scores

Great screening by Doug Clarkson

Jake Morissette shoots Andrew Hotham buries rebound

Assist Jake Morissette on Devils goal

Josh Batch confidence is showing thru

Tom Darnell is ref

Darnell shouting at Giants rather than calling penalties against them

Maybe he given up on Broadway and wants to be a teacher - "Don't do that you naughty boy"

Adam Keefe & Trevor Hendrikx fIGHT

A draw

Andrew Lord loses it after after a sneaking hit by Giant

Lord given a minor

Adam Keefe & Hendrikx sit in sinbin awaiting call

Keefe & Hendrikx get fighting majors

Lord 2 + 10

Luke Piggot sits Lords minor

Another fight @ 12:15

Not really a fight - Matthew Myers called for netminder interference

@ 12:45

One minute killed

Piggot returns

Masterful PK so far

Mark Richardson amazing shift

The major penalties were at 12:15

cracking glove save by Ben Bowns

Chris Jones goes close with a tip

Devils return to FS

Its mostly Devils now we are at even strength

Good save by Stephen Murphy

Giants goal

Against the run of play deflection beats Ben Bowns

Craig Peacock the scorer

Guest D man Lewis Turner (Bracknell Bees) got turnedover giving Giants 2 on 1

Giants Goal

Adam Keefe buries a rebound

Devils penalty Jesse Mychan

High sticks @18:45

Final minute

Save Bowns @19:16

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 2

Although Devils are losing there are lots of positives

Teams are back on the ice

Giants now have Dickson in goal

2nd period starts

Crowd at BBT estimated as around 1,600 - not bad for a pre-season friendly

Giants now have Dickson in goal

Devils return to FS

Its Dixon in net for Giants

Glove save Ben Bowns

Gametime 22:31

Peacock upset after a hit by Luke Piggot

The Mychan family go for a 3-2

Josh Batch buries Darryl Lloyd into boards

Batch get 2+10 @ 23:19 for check from behind

My texters very haoppy with that well deserved hit

Giants PPG

@ 23:55

Andrew Lord is back

Doug Clarkson Dixon saves

Not clear whether Giants backup netminder is Dixon or Dickson

Evan Cheverie - hooking minor @25:06

Great save Dixon



Joey Haddad

Lazer of ahot

Devils PPG @27:19

Assists Andrew Hotham & Brent Walton

Good save Bowns @ 27:57

Devils penalty Trevor Hendrikx @ 28:27 - interference

Colin Shields slashing Joey Haddad

Joey has words with him

One minute of PK killed

Joey Haddad - slashing minor @30:07

Devils back to 5 on 4

Giants icing

Jake Morissette playing D on PK

Devils return to FS

Ben Bowns save

Gametime 32:51


Joey Haddad scores again


its Dickson not Dixon apologies

Thank you Laura

Giants penalty Mark Garside hooking @34:42

Trevor Hendrikx fires a missile

Mychan goes close


@ 35:50

Andrew Lord scores assist Andrew Hotham

Brent Walton given assist on Devils 4th goal

Lloyd bats puck into net with his hand

Puck hits side netting Darnell whistles for goal, Devils bench laughing

Even goal judge is laughing and shaking her head

Giants sciore

Goal given to everyones surprise

Giants score again @ 37:20

Giants penalty

Their #10

Correction its a penalty against Davey Phillips

Final minute

The new Devils players have probably never come across officiating of such a low standard

Brent Walton goes close

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Giants 5

Tom "BROADWAY" Darnell is as poor tonight as we have ever seen him, and that is saying something

Teams are back on the ice

Come on U DEVILS lets get that win

Off we go

Off we go

Come on U DEVILS lets get that win

Adam T very impressed with Joey Haddad

Giants penalty - hooking

Evan Cheverie @ 41:55


Joey Haddad hattrick - PPG@ 43:16

Assist Brent Walton

Dickson covers from Andrew Lord

Laura Mychan was asking if we had video reply to review goals

We need video replay to review referees

Giants offside

Gametime 45:20


Evan Cheverie penalty for holding

Batch shrugs Keefe off

Not sure if Devils did score a 6th goal

Devils offside @ 47:25

Apologies I double counted a Devils goal it is a tied game at 5-5

Gametime 48:25

John M is sunning himself at Lake Iseo, Italy

Its getting warmer here in Cardiff - Indian Summer hopefully

Devils penalty Doug Clarkson hooking @ 50:06

Correction it was slashing not hooking

Ben Bowns save @ 50:53


Ice pad seems to be melting due to the mini heatwave thats hit us

Devils FS

Doug Clarkson misses a hit

Gametime 52:41

Brent Walton slick hands impressing JohnWildthing

ICE FOG HOVERS OVER Devils end of rink

Devils penalty Joey Haddad delay of game @ 53;35

We will just about finish this game as ice is melting quick

Great PK by Joey Martin

One minute killed

Devils FS

Colin Shields shot deflected high

Gametime 56:03

Time out Giants

Game restarts


Andrew Lord


Devils offside @ 56:50

Assist Jesse Mychan

Devils penalty Brent Walton @56:58

interference was the call


Puck out of play @ 57:47

Final 2 minutes

Ben Bowns freezes @ 58:09

One minute of penalty killed

Ben Bowns covers ' 58:19

Gametime 58:35

RED ARMY chant rings out

Devils FS

Dickson covers @ 59:20

30 secs left

Puck out of play @ 59:33



Jake Morissette assist Andrew Lord

Thats it folks

Final score DEVILS 7 Giants 5

Giants MoM - Craig Peacock

No prize for guessing who Devils MoM will be


Our thanks go to Rachael, Jon J, Adam t, Tony T and JohnWildthing who did a brilliant job as usual

If you cannot get to the BBT on Wednesday join us at MNL

If you are going to the Blaze game on Wednesday leave early as it is going to be total gridlock with Obama in town along with other lesser mortals

Hopefully I will be here to host if not too many protestors have been arrested. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB