Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

The Other G is your host tonight as the TK takes his Devils to his old stomping ground in Belfast

I'm here! just got to the party, all set up and ready to MNL - Your host G from that Red Army Travel place :)

We are without Lord, Marsh and possibly another. Lordo wouldn't spill the beans this morning

Giants Missing Brookwell, Kompon and Sawada (all arriving early next week) - so you'll only see McCutcheon, the rest of the players will be familiar to you

And Broadway Tom is your ref

You can send your score predictions to @Red_Army_Travel - @GeraldJDavies - text me if you have my number or the inferno email if I can remember the password

Your texters tonight are Anna & Steve Everitt, Jason 'Spud' Murphy and Giants fans Shannon Wright, Jake Proctor & David Mercer

Decent crowd for a pre-season, intro underway

And I've remembered the email password so get your predictions in to

Ref confirmed as Darnell, with Dalton and Kavanagh assisting

Two minutes to go...........

Devils are out wearing the green jerseys we saw in Coventry

Rhodri Thomas going for a 3-4 Devils win with the GWG in the last few minutes

Giants take to the ice

The extra long intro is finally over and we're almost ready to go

And we're off, puck is dropped

Giants goal - 32 Seconds

McCutcheon from Saurette

Goal was a result of open ice breakdown

Giants offside

A few chances for Devils, fairly even game

Giants goes close, Bowns covers

Shields hits the pipes at 3:56

Devils win face off then ice it

5 Minutes played

5:29 Devils Goal 1-1

Brent Walton from Joey Haddad

Richie playing aggressive

Walton goes close

Giants goal

Bowns not happy about something but goal awarded

Goal judge says no goal but Darnell allows it scored at 9:32

Scorer was in the crease and took down Bowns before tapping it in

It was Keefe from Lloyd, no surprises there. Giants fans texting in agree it should not have been allowed

Bowns is furious

Devils penalty Hendrix Slashing 10:30

Pealty giants Keefe Tripping 11:45

Think thats 45 seconds of 4 on 4

Devils full strength, lets get that PPG

Giants Clear the zone

And again

Giants back to full strength

Clarkson wasting time at face off organising positions, just had a warning from Darnell

17:00 game time

Joey Haddad Penalty tripping 16:43

Giants offside

1 minute PK left

Devils full strength

Lots of offsides by both team, new blue lines taking a bit of getting used to

End of the 1st Period Giants 2 - 1 Devils

We'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors....

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Both teams are back out

We're off

Murph makes a beaut of a save

One of the Giants texters thinks Clarkson is big lad

24:12 Trevor Hendrikx Penalty cross-checking

Jake saying Brent Walton very impressive, he had a good game in Cov too

The missing Giants players are due to arrive over the next few days

Devils full strength

Huge save by Bowns from Sheilds slap shot

Hendrikx got a Giant in headlock after he sticks Bowns in the face

29:35 Superb save by Bowns from Saurette

Devils picking up the pace and throwing some hits

Fiiiiiiiiiight! Jesse Mychan vs Lloyd

Instigated by Lloyd mid ice hit behind play, Myers Keefe and Clarkson get involved

Lino Lee Young gets hurt breaking things up

Waiting on penalties, Keefe may have been chucked

He's out, a fuming raging Keefe gets himself ejected

Keefe gets third man in

Penalties timed at 29:16

Lloyd and Batch are in their boxes

Devils are on a 5-4 Power Play somehow

Giants penalties Roberts 2 roughing & game misconduct. Lloyd 2+2 charging

Devils Batch & Mychan roughing all times at 31:45

The last time update must have been clock time

Giants FS

Keefe 2+game for 3rd man in

Myers goes close

Hendrikx, Mychan and Haddad throwing some huge hits

4 minutes left in the 2nd

Devils getting a few decent breakaways but Murph stopping them all

Fiiiiiight!!! Hotham vs.....


Roberts got tanked, easy win for Hotham

Apparently Roberts been wanting a good fight for years, Hotham battered him

Another fight David Phillips vs Mychan

Mychan ejected

Mychan blowing kisses to the giants bench as he leaves the ice, class :)

Rocky theme - Davy got Jesse down but he gets back up and lands 4 solid punches knocky Davey to the ground

Mixed texts coming in, one says Mychan 5+5+game - Phillips 5 fighting. Other says both got 5 fighting - gametime 38:34

End of the second, Devils booed off the ice by Giants fans - looks like we've made a good impression at the O

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And we're off for the third

3:34 left on Batch penalty

Suarette makes a lovely move on Bowns, Ben gloves it

Shots on goal stand at 17 by the Giants and 16 by Devils at the end of the second

Devils full strength

While it's quiet, lets take another commercial break......

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Texts coming in fast, looks like a signal problem at the O

Devils 5 (any ideas?) gets 2 interference

Walton a joy to watch, all Devils at the moment

51:15 gametime

Bowns getting better and better as the game goes on

Devils FS Martin shoots

Turner is number 5 I'm told

Giants PP was poor at best

Murphy 2 high sticks Haddad 2 Interference

Penalties timed at 47:30

Giants Mason holding 52:45

Hotham Elbows

Sandrock Roughing

3 on 3, times are coming in but getting conflicting info, latest is 7:15 left to play

make that 6:38 left, gametime 53:22

4 on 4 5:30 left to play

Peacock shoots and hits Bowns on the lid

Both teams full strength 4:38 left

Sandrock penalty 56:22 roughing

Devils time out

I'm going for a toilet, back in 5 minutes.....

Just kidding, Come on Devils lets get that PP GOAL!!!!!!

2 minutes left

Devils not setting up the shot

Giants full strength

60 Seconds.......

Bowns pulled

And now a word from our sponsors....

Giants time out

Walton goes close

All over Giants win 2-1

I'm told it was a fantastic game and Devils could have easily go the W, Hendrikx was our stand out player

Right while we're waiting for man of the match get your phones out and text GMAN92 1 to 70070

Next week I'll be riding from Brecon to Cardiff with Lee Poole, Sophie Gough, Dan Perkins and Geraint Jones to raise money for Ty Hafan

Devils MOM Mark Richardson, Giants Stephen Murphy

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Thanks for tuning in guys and reading all my semi drunken ramblings, Ger

And now a word from our sponsors.....

Huge thanks to our super star texters tonight, Shannon Wright, Anna & Steve Everitt, Jake Proctor, David Mercer and an M.I.A. Spud

Tomorrow the Devils host the Giants at the BBT, tickets are still available, book online at or call the box office on 029 2038 2001

And that's all folks, see you at the Red Army Travel sales desk tomorrow :)