Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to a new season of MNL coverage. Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as a bring you news of the brand new (well almost) Cardiff Devils as they make their debut at CoventryCardiff

Waiting for my texters to report in from Coventry.

Everyone seem to be eagerly awaiting the re-birth of the Cardiff Devils

Any comments you wish to make please e-mail me at

As its a preseason friendly we shall give score predictions a miss.

Hope you have all had a good off season, hockey time it is

A large number of Devils fans have made the trip to Coventry

Waiting for warmup to start

I know some fans thought I was overstating the problems likely to be caused by the NATO Conference next Wednesday - well I can tell you Cardiff is grid locked at the moment especially west of the river

Take my word for it next Wednesday will be a nightmare.

We have exported Carnwall Taffy to France and got Shoni Wniwns in exchage

Warmup underway

Blaze netminder is BIG

Jon J says Doug Clarkson is huge

Away section at Coventry Blaze full, RED ARMY now filling other sections as well

Tyson Marsh & Andrew Lord not icing for Devils

Warmup done & dusted

Devils wearing their Green warmup jerseys but a return to RED helmets, gloves & shorts

I don't suppose the families of our new players have heard about MNL yet. If you aere out there mail us at

A general invitation to you all and sundry

Not many Blaze fans present, RED ARMY estimated as close on 300 and they are still coming in

Loud music as atmosphere grows

Devils take to the ice, I forgot the green socks

Blaze also on the ice

Blaze in smurf blue

Welcome to the Mychan family in Saskatoon

Team intros

Jason I don't know why the Blaze logo is a fire breathing goat with matted hair

Anthem time

Welcome to Jason, Pat & Cenwyn & Rachekl

Four officials ion the ice

away we go for 2014/15 season

Bowns covers at 8 secs

Glove save Bowns

Scramble in front of Blaze net

Friendly I don't think so it is physical already

Will try and get some ideas of lines

Mychan not intending to take any prisoners

Bowns covers @ 1:59

Stewart covers from CJ after feed from Jake Morissette

Doug Clarkson goes close

Ben Bowns covers @ 2:39

Devils icing

Good quality hockey from both teams so far

Blaze goal @ 4:19

Jereme Tendler scores

Assists Derek Lee & Cale Tanaka

Blaze penalty @ 4:36

No joy for Devils on PP so far

Stewart goes to Bench??

Chest pad problems

10 secs of pp left

Blaze return to fs

Blaze penalty Craig Cescon - holding ' 6:42

Haddad goes close

Stewart kicks net off

Forward trios spotted so far Haddad, Cuklligan & Walton: Myers, Martin & Morisette


Trevor Hendrikx the scorer

A ripper from blue line

Blaze goal

Lapse on D from Devils give Blaze soft 2nd goal

Steven Goertzen scores Blaze 2nd

Assists for O'Marra & Arnt

devils goal was @ 8;12

Mike Egener comes off 2nd best in check on Doug Clarkson

Puck out of play Blaze end @ 10:56

Save Bowns

Devils goal was a ppg

Assist went to Carl Hudson

Devils penalty ' 11:35 - Hudson


Devils return to fs

Hudson shot saved @ 13:44

High tempo game

Ben Bowns covers @ 15:10

Blaze goal @ 15:35

Generous Devils D again

Jereme Tendler with his 2nd goal of the night

Corrected goal given to Derek Lee assists Jereme Tendler & Ashlee Tait

Blaze skater collides with Bowns

Ben OK

Mike Egener blind sides Doug Clarkson - what a brave man/idiot

Michael Hicks is one of the refs the other is a short fat guy according to Jon J

Bowns covers

Final minute

The Clarke family in Venice join us

End of 1st period Blaze 3 DEVILS 1

Blaze look a better unit than last season, Devils need to start to dominate the game physically according to texters

Both teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Ben Bowns glove save @ 22:26

Devils penalty @ 22:30 - Carl Hudson - delay of game


devils back to FS

Stewart covers

Game time 26:31

I hate games at Coventry as mobile cover at arena is bad, very bad

We miseed a roughing penalty for Joey Haddad

Bowns save @ 30:20

Penalty for roughing for Culligan

apologies it was a roughing penalty for Craig Cescon (BLAZE)

Stewart covers from Morisette

Blaze penalty - Kyle Bochek slashing @ 32:03

Devils 5 on 3 for a short period

Craig Cescon returns - Blaze back to 4 skaters

Devils PP not looking good - where have we heard that before

Game gone a bit flat

Stewart covers

Jereme Tendler misses when he goes clear on Bowns

Blaze back to FS


Matthew Myers @ 34:43

Announced that Chris Jones scored

Now corrected -Myers assists CJ & Morisette

Some great passing coming from Devils as they surge forward

Final minute

Bowns covers

end of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 2

Devils now looking good

Both teams return to the ice

Lets have a quick goal - Come on U DEVILS

3rd period starts

Blaze icing

Lets have a Goal U DEVILS

minors for both teams @ 43:19

Jesse Mychan & Steven Goertzen given roughing minors

Steven Goertzen was boarding not roughing

Stewart save

One minute gone

Devils offside

Gametime 45;04

Both teams back to FS

Stewart saves from Luke Piggot @ 46:17

Joey Martin breakaway saved ' 46:50

Gametime 47:19

All Devils at the moment as they seek that equaliser

Blaze blowing hard

Gametime 51:30


Blaze penalty - Mike Egener

Hooking @ 52:23

Its been all devils for most of this period

I have asked my texters - Jon J, Johnwildthing, Rachael, Gerald & Viv to tell me who has impressed them

Gametime 56;02


Josh Batch and Craig Cescon

Both get fighting majors

JohnWidthing iopressed by Trevor Hendrikx & Andrew Hotham

Final 2 minutes

For Rachael itsJesse Mychan &Trevor Hendrikx

Gerald goes for Andrew Hotham & Josh Batch

gametime 58.54

Time out Devils

Jon J likes Jesse Mychan

Bowns pulled

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils offside @ 59:23

Ryan O'Marra minor penalty

23secs left

its 6 on 4 for Devils

23secs left

Its all over

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 2

A bit of a punchup between Andrew Hotham & Kyle Bochek at buzzer

well handbags really

Our thanks to regular texters - Jon J, JohnWildthing, Gerald, Rachael & Viv

devils MoM - Joey Haddad

A popular choice to RED ARMY

I am sure there will be coverage of the remaining pre-season friendlies

I will not be hosting, someone will, I am tied up with NATO conference

Blaze MoM Derek Lee

Good Night everyone - Nos Da Pawb