Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 4pm as MNL brings you coverage of this winner takes all game as both teams push for those points that guarantees play off action

Texters have reported in from Coventry and are eagerly awaiting face off jhust like the rest of us.

Will bring you team news when I have some

RED ARMY have been on the sherberts for a few hours already

Andrew Lord is banned for this game hopefully everyone is fit

Warmup in progress

Dunc predicts a 4-3 win for Devils

Pat in Bridgend says 3-2 Devils

Mark G has Devils winning 4-3 in an illtempered fight ridden encounter

It would appear that the Devils have a full roster (Andrew Lord apart that is)

Score predictions to before face off (5:15) please

I think I am going to be busy tonight

RED ARMY balloon has been launched

Warmup done & dusted at Coventry

Marilyn G just wants a Devils win - so say all of us

RED ARMY estimated as 200+

No Harding, Giptors or Lord for Devils

Devils have to play with one less import due to Lords suspension

Who is the ref I ask - Smith - Hicks or Darnell

Darnell is icing

No Guidice for Blaze , Olsen however is icing

Face off delayed until 5:30

Due to traffic problems

The are digging up Coventry City centre looking for the bones of Lady Godiva's horse

An additional tense 15 minutes I could do without

Shall spend it looking for flights to North America as we visit family this summer

officials take to the ice

Kwl calls it 4-1 Devils

Clive B says 2-0 Devils

Chris M says 4-1 Devils

It is very noisy at Coventry

Texters worried they might not hear all the announcements

Texters on duty tonight are Rachael, Dunc, Aaron, Jon J, Gerald and JohnWildthing

Devils on the ice

Tedious Chav intro begins

Blaze on the ice finally


Blaze playing "We are going to win" aka Steelers

Blaze actually tried to drown out Welsh Anthem by playing music

Puck dropped

Tomas Kurka taken down @ 11secs

Tomas Kurka shot covered @ 0:42

Another Mike Zacharias save

Mark Smith misses a pass from Max Birbraer

Mike Zacharias glove save from Ben Davies

Blaze penalty Cale Tanaka tripping @2:44

Messy pp so far for Devils

Devils offside

Ryan Ginand clears Blaze zone

Blaze return to full strength (FS)

Blaze net off its moorings @ 4:52

puck out of play Face off in the Blaze zone @ 5;14

Jake Morissette hits post

Blaze offside

Kurka Rama breakaway comes to nothing

Blaze offside @ 6:11

Mike Zacharias covers

Kamil Kosowski blocks Mike Egener shot

Devils offside @ 6:48

Jon J says mostly Devils so far

Devils icing

Gametime 7:31

drop pass by Piggott to Myers Mike Zacharias block save

Adam Henrich turnover

Mike Zacharias save @ 8:02

Tyson Marsh shot blocked

Shea Guthrie penalty - interference @ 9:40

Should have been a major - according to Gerald

Brad Plumton shoots high

Blaze hitting hard

Check by Shea Guthrie on Ben was from behind, Darnell bottles it

Better pp this time

Mike Zacharias covers

From Richie that was

After Marcus Rams won the puck

Blaze FS

Piggott misses cross ice pass

Kamil Kosowski pulling off some great saves

Good hockey from both teams

Gametime 11:59

Blaze offside @ 12:44

Gametime 14;44

JohnW thinks botgh teams are playing for a point

Devils icing @ 14;51

Mike Zacharias saves after Luke Piggott goes coast to coast

Piggott then should have scored, tripped by Mike Zacharias says Gerald

Now Devils returning the big hits

Puck out of play @ 17:53

Luke Piggott shoots wide

Final minute of 1st period

Tomas Kurka hit by high stick - Darnell looks the otherway afterwards

Blaze offside

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

Darnell hit by puck to the ribs as buzzer goes, he's OK

No news on SoG for 1st period

Ice is ready

SoG Blaze 6 DEVILS 9

Teams back on ice

Stingrays take the lead 1-0

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - PLEASE

Handbags at Devils net @ 20:25

Guthrie shoving Svete

Blaze icing

Devils penalty @ 22:02 Matthew Myers tripping


Good save Kamil Kosowski

Steelers equalise

Luke Piggott clears @ 23:10

Good PK so far

Devils FS

Tomas Kurka takes puck to the head

He's back up - OK i think

Cardiff icing @ 25:37

now Kamil Kosowski is down hurt

Hes up - tough these Poles

Gametime 26:40

Mike Zacharias covers

Blaze offside

Kamil Kosowski blocks

Max Birbraer foils a Adam Henrich breakaway

Getting rough at Hull

Devils penalty ' 28:17 - Svete - holding


Kamil Kosowski saves from Cale Tanaka @ 28:34

Ryan Ginand shoots wide

Good pp by Blace but Kamil Kosowski on his best game

One minute killed

Blaze penalty @ 29:58 - Ashlee Tait holding

Correction hooking was the call

Brad Plumton drew that penalty from Tait

Devils FS

Hanbags between Ben Davies and Cale Tanaka

end of 1st period at Hull - Stingrays 1 Steelers 1

Ginand trying to goad Richie into a fight

Blaze offside

Brad Plumton & Benn Olson have words

Blaze FS

Gametime 32;02

Mike Zacharias covers from Mark Richardson

Mike Zacharias covers @ 33:25

Fantastic double save by Kamil Kosowski

EIHL website has gone down so no updates possible

Devils offside

Gametime 35:03

Michael Henrich shoots wide @ 35:49

Puck out of play @ 36:36

Kamil Kosowski pulls of series of amazing saves then kicks off net

Mike Zacharias covers @ 37:49

After Tomas Kurka goes close

Glove save Mike Zacharias from Mac Faulkner

Gametime 38:23

Final minute

EIHL website showing no goals in any of the games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 39:22

Kamil Kosowski is HOT tonight

End of 2nd period Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

Told Fife are leading 1-0

Still 1-1 at Hull

Officials back on ice

Devils back on the ice as are the Blaze

3rd period starts

Blaze penalty - Wilson High stick @ 40:16

Come on U DEVILS lets have a PPG

Blaze clear zone

Mac Faulkner goes close

Tomas Kurka goes close

Blaze FS

Hull so 3-1 up but thankfully Steelers score to make it Rays 3 Steelers 2

Blaze icing

Gametime 44:56

Olson checks Ben Davies off tghe play - NO CALL - NO SURPRISE

Tomas Kurka shot blocked

Blaze icing @ 48:43

Another Blaze icing

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 49;21

Handbags, no protection for Ben Davies from Darnell

Hull now winning 4-2

Devils icing @ 50:51

Kamil Kosowski superb glove save

Gametime 51:22

gametime 52:53

RED ARMY trying to goad Mike Zacharias

Kamil Kosowski from Cowley

Puck out of play @ 55:51

Devils pressing hard for that opening

Gametime 57:30

Final 2 minutes

Mike Zacharias glove save

Final minute

Mike Zacharias covers @ 59:13

Face off in the Blaze zone with 47 secs left

Blaze icing @ 59:23

Blaze player down ' 59:41

Medic on ice

Ryan Ginand is the player injured

19 secs left

It looks as if Ryan Ginand is out cold

Looks serious

Stretcher onto the ice

Penalty called against Devils

Darnell obviously didn't see it

Major called on Devils no player named so far

@ 59:41

We think its Matthew Myers

5 + Game for check to the head

Its confirmed as 5 + MATCH for Myers

End of regulation Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

Texters saying they didnt see what happenned before Ginand went head first into the boardsCoventry

It will be 4 on 3 for almost all the O/T

O/T starts

Max Birbraer shot deflected out of play @ 60;39

1 minute of O/T gone

Gametime 61:23

Blaze offside

2 minutes of penalty killed

Blaze score

@ 62:32

Final score Blaze 1 DEVILS 0

Blaze goal scored by M Henrich, assists A Henrich & Tait


Our thanks to texters - JohnWildthing, Gerald, Jon J, Dunc and Rachael who did their usual brilliant job

Presentations galore at Coventry, still waiting for Blaze MoM

Thats it from me folks, have a nice off season