Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 2 Edinburgh Capitals

Unfortunately MNL isn't running tonight due to a lack of host and texters :(

Hopefully we'll be back for next weekends game against the Blaze...

Gametime 15:15

I know Ben scored the first

OJ here just back from the Races trying to get texters

Ben Davies breakaway Caps nettie covers

Scorers are Davioes, Morrisette, Faulkner in that order

Max Birbraer shoots wide

Josh Batch shoots from point, deflected wide

Brad Plumton shoots wide

@ 18:40

Tomas Kurka shot saved @ 18;48

Face off in the Capitals zone

Jake Morissette shot saved

Final minute

End of period DEVILS 3 Capitals 1

Capitals are shortbenched

Devils 1st & 3rd goals were PPGs

I am somewhat confused as I am told buzzer is not working

I will try and bring you up to date

Dean Smith is referee

Devils 1st goal (PPG) scored by Davies assists Faulkner & Marsh

Caps goal @ 8;59 scored by Portwood assist Fowley

Devils 2nd goal @ 10:11 scored by Morissette assists Piggott & Myers

Devils 3rd goal (PPG) scored @ 13:23 by Faulkner assists Kurka & Lord

As far as penalties go - Devils 2 minors (Svete & Plumton) Capitals 3 minors - Fowley, Zembergs & Safar

Richie is playing

Same imports as last night - no Martens Gipsters

Teams back on ice

Our thanks to Rachael & Dunc for jumping into the breach to help us out

2nd starts


Tomas Kurka @ 20:22

Andrew Lord nails Safar

Devils offside @ 21:28

caps offside @ 21:53


Max Birbraer @ 22:48

Assists for Tomas Kurka & Josh Batch on Devils 5th goal

Devils penalty @ 24;11 - Ben Davies - cross-checking

Assists on Devils 4th goal go to Rama & Birbaer


Piggott clears zone

A bit of Capitals pressure

Devils return to full strength (FS)


Andrew Lord scores @ 26:50 assists Ben Davies & Jake Morissette

Portwood smashes stick in frustration

great save by Holland

Gametime 28:20

Curtis Lienweber goes close for Caps

Caps offside

Kamil Kosowski pad save from Steel

Good crowd at BBT some empty seats

Holland saves from Tyson Marsh

Kamil Kosowski saves a Fowley breakaway @ 32:20

Caps icing @ 33:26

Great save by KK

Face off in the Devils zone after hand pass by Mark Smith

Tyson Marsh having a shift up front

Gametime 34:06

Mark Smith goes close

Huge check by Andrew Lord leaves a Capitals player on the ice

Fowley cut and bleeding badly

Ice being cleaned

awaiting any penalty call

Andrew Lord ejected @ 35:18

Awaiting confirmation of that call

Match penalty for check to the head

Rama sits major

5 + Match for Check to the head was the call


2 minutes killed


SHG scored by Mac Faulkner

@ 37:52

Assists Chris Jones & Ziga Svete

Piggott fires wide

end of 2nd period DEVILS 7 Capitals 1

19 secs left on Caps PP

Gerald & JohnWildthing joined us during that period

The MNL away team covering a home game

BBT attendence given as 1,891

SoG DEVILS 12 + 12 = 24: Caps 8 + 8 = 16

Officials back on ice

Apologies on the confusion over MNL coverage, I normally host away games, so had gone racing.

Devils return to the ice

Flyers now leading 2-1 at Dundee

Stingrays lose 3 -2 at Sheffield

3rd period underway

Devils return to FS

Brad Plumton slapshot saved

Marc Fowley returns after being patched up

Gametime 43:38

Caps have come out firing this period

Glove save Holland @ 44:16


devils penalty @ 45:12 Rupert Quiney - holding


Another Caps player down after face off

Portwood it is, looks dazed

Gets up and skates off

Tomas Kurka clears zone

Caps offside

Capitals score

PPG @ 46:09

Scramble in front Zemberg gets last touch

Assists for Holecko & Cingel

Devils forechecking with agusto

Devils icing

gametime 48;58

capitals penalty - Holecko - tripping @ 48:58

10 minutes left in game

Caps return to FS

Holland save @ 51:45

Glove save from Mark Smith to give you the full details

Fife winning 2-1 at end of 2nd period

Portwood returns undazed as it were

Ben Davies goes close as Holland covers

Holland glove save from Smith @ 54:20

KK glove save

Holland foils a great breakaway by Jake Morissette

Holland glove save

BBT is rocking as Devils exert pressure

Gametime 56:14

Kamil Kosowski pad save from Richard Hartmann

Gametime 57:05

Josh Batch skates the length of the rink but foiled by Holland

Final 2 minutes

Devils hunting for the eighth goal

Holland covers @ 58:57

Bryan Adams being played at BBT

RED ARMY chants

25 secs left

Devils offside

Final score DEVILS 7 Capitals 2

Not a good weekend for Scotland

Dunc thought Ben Davies, Luke Piggott & Chris Jones were outstanding


Our thanks go to Dunc and Rachael as well as JohnWildthing & Gerald who joined us later when their RED ARMY TRAVEL duties allowed them, thank you one and all


Class move my Mac Faulkner who dedicated the win to a friend who recently passed away

Stars have equalised now 2-2 after

Stars score again now leading 3-2 after 47 minutes

Shout for the Stars we can do with the Flyers losing

Thats all from me until next Sunday night when the Devils visit Coventry need points to qualify for play offs

Flyers score to make it 3-3

Still 3-3 at Dundee with 2 minutes left

O/T at Dundee

Flyers win on penalties