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Braehead Clan 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Clan v Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as we bring you coverage of the crucial game.

Warmup underway

Julie reported sightings of 8 Devikls fans in the Bar (where else would they be)

The last couple of weeks has been frustrating as I had to rely on MNL and dodgy WiFi in Tenerife

After this afternoons big win 2 points are called for

Allen W goes for a 4-2 for the Devils

I have identified 3 of the Red Army at Braehea, Gerald, Olivia and Rachael

I thought I had read on the Forum that Jake Morissette was ill/injured well I am told he is icing

Warmup completed

Reports that Giants are using their backup netminder and resting a few players

Mike Hicks is the ref

No Martens Gipters for Devils

Devils come onto the ice

Ireland are 6 Nations Champs

Those Chariots will have to stay in the garage

Clan take to the ice


Some Clan fans are desparate for Devils to keep Fife out of the playoffs

Game starts

Kurka, Rama & Birbraer start for Devils

Andrew Lord goes close

Kyle Jones covers from Luke Piggot @1:43

Clan offside @ 3:41

Its end to end at the moment

Save Kamil Kosowski

Save from Matt Towe that was after Ben Davies was turnedover

Matthew Myers shoots, rebound not taken

Save Kyle Jones

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 5:51


Ben Davies assisted by Andrew Lord

Time of goal 6:41

2nd assist for Mac Faulkner

No shifts for Brad Plumton yet

Clan penalty Kevin Bergin hooking @ 8:19

Save Kyle Jones @ 8;23

Esders blocks SoG

Devils offside @ 9:11

Clan Goal -

SHG scored by McGane

Assist Neil Trimm

Clan back to Full Strength (FS)

Clan SHG was @ 9:43

Brad Plumton now icing

Kamil Kosowski glove save

Clan Brit line giving Devils problems


Jake Morissette @ 12:56

Assists Ben Davies

Hull losing 2-0, Fife in a 1-1 tie with Giants

Clan penalty - Larocque - interference @ 15:03

Call was roughing not interference

Devils PP not up to much

Clan back to FS

1-1 at Fife

Clan offside

Last minute of 1st period

Easy glove save by Kyle Jones

Clan go close @ 19:33

Kamil Kosowski saves the day

Clan icing

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 2

Geralds end of period report says: Very end to end, Devils creating most chances but Clan look stronger

Both teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Devils icing

Clan penalty @ 21:56 Neil Trimm high sticks

Ben Davies goes close

Clan clear zone

Scott Aarssen shoots high

Clan return to FS

Puck out of play @ 24:11

Clan player down @ 24:54

Matt Haywood it is by team bench

Big pile up he was at the bottom of it, medic on ice

Matt Haywood now being helped off the ice

Chris says Kyle Jones coughing up rebound after rebound tonight

If that is so bury a few U DEVILS

Clan shoot wide

Devils penalty Jake Morissette tripping

DEvils mess up a clear 2 on 1

Clan goal waved off, net off its moorings and the whistle had been blown anyway

Devils back to full strength

Kamil Kosowski save @ 31:01


Zajac v Myers

Win for Sam Zajac says Chris

Gerald says Zajac jumped Myers who didn't really get into a fight

Both get 2 for slashing + 5 for fighting

Mac Faulkner fails to bury a rebound


Clan fans very upset

Mac Faulkner threw away netminders stick and Devils score

Timed at 32:12

Argument ongoing

Player is allowed to move debris on the ice if in his skating line

Goal allowed

Now Clan score

Kenton Smith @ 32:50

Apologies McGrane scores Clans 2nd goal

'@ 32:50

Mark Smith scores Devils 3rd @ 32:50

Devils 3rd goal changed to Kurka assist Lord

The upset Clan fans are making so much noise announcements cannot be heard

Puck out of play, Face off in the Devils zone

What I am sure is the score Clan 2 DEVILS 3

Devils 3rd goal was @ 32:12

and it was Kenton Smith whop scored Clans 23nd goal @ 32:50

Puck goes into Clan bench

devils offside @ 36:22

Chris Devlin says Ben Davies has been outstanding so far

SoG for 1st period Clan 6 DEVILS 12

Devils net off its moorings, Kamil Kosowski puts it straight back but still gets booed by Clan fans

Last minute

End of 2nd period Clan 2 DEVILS 3

SoG for 2nd period Clan 7 DEVILS 11 making it 12-23 after 2 periods

Devils net off its moorings, Kamil Kosowski puts it straight back but still gets booed by Clan fans

Teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

Matt Haywood hasn't reappeared since he was hurt

Devils icing

Save Kyle Jones

Easy pad save by Jones from Tomas Kurka

Devils penalty Tyson Marsh

Clan penalty at the sametime 42:31 for Harper - cross check

Marsh penalty call was interference

Clan ofside

Mark Richardson is down

Scott Aarssen gets a major penalty

Scott Aarssen given 5 + Game for boarding @43:54

Gerald thinks it was a bit harsh

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Blood on the ice being cleared

Gerald has changed his mind as he didnt realise that there was blood - automatic Game

Richie now on the bench

game restarts

Devils back to 5 skaters on PP

4:03 pp left

Kyle Jones hangs on to a shot for a change

Another Jones save

2:33 of PP left

Clan clear zone

Matt Haywood gone to hospital I am told

Kyle Jones covers from Tomas Kurka

Rama shot marginally too high

Save Kamil Kosowski

Time Out called by Devils

With 1:41 left of PP

Save Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones covers after scramble as Devils press for that crucial PPG

Clan return to FS as Devils terrible PP expires

Kevin Bergin throwing late hits on Devils

Ben Davies goes close but biscuit didn't cross the line

Puck out of play

gametime 52:21

Laroque goes close

Devils icing @ 53:13

Kamil Kosowski save

Devils offside

Gametime 53:36

icing Devils

Gametime 54:01

Pad save Kamil Kosowski

No sign of Richie

Kenton Smith takes a baseball swing at a Devil in front of Hicks - NO CALL

Time Out Clan

Devils p[enalty - Brad Plumton @ 56:27


Roughing the call

Devils clear zone

And again

And again

Save Kamil Kosowski @ 57:16

Devils clear zone again

Final 2 minutes

Devils return to FS

Gametime 58:56

devils icing @ 59:17

Kyle Jones pulled


ENG for Devils

Final Score Clan 2 DEVILS 4

Devils ENG was @ 59:28

Lots of booing drowns announcements

Who cares DEVILS pocket 2 valuable points

Stingrays lose 8-2 at Dundee


Clan MoM - Ed McGrane

It was BEN DAVIES who scored the ENG

Assists Mac Faulkner & Andrew Lord

Kenton Smith & Chris Frank acknowledge RED ARMY - nice touch

Our thanks go to Clan fans Julie Patterson & Chris Devlin who helped us out tonight as they have done throughout the season. It is much appreciated by all of us at MNL

Our thanks to Gerald for texting leaving Olivia & Rachael to shout the Devils home

Hopefully I will be back to host MNL coverage of the play offs away leg.

Now where is that Form Book, racing at Ffos Las tomorrow

Hopefully I will be home to follow the coverage of the Devils v Capitals game at the BBT

If you are not going to the BBT join us at MNL