Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Hello and welcome to tonight's MNL coverage of Devils Vs Blaze.. round 10 for this season with the Blaze currently leading the season 5 - 3 ( with a draw).

Teams are on the ice and warming up already can't seem to spot Jake Morissette or Mark Smith at the minute for all your predictions and general abuse and comments

James calling it a 3 -2 win for the Devils

Waiting to hear from Goughy who hates the Blaze but lets say he calls it a Devils win

Not aware of any scratches for the Blaze tonight

Jon calling it 5-2 Devils

All positive here tonight apart from me who thinks it may be another 2-4 Blaze win

Goughy has arrived slightly merry and as expected is calling a Devils win and for the Devils to smash the Blaze about a bit

Waiting on tonight's big news.. and we can't see a screen here. The Guess would be Kurka for next season ?

News is going out now but its hard to tell from the crowd reaction what the news is..


they seem happy

Lights down as we head into the intro

Tomas Kurka a Devil for next season as we'd hoped

seems to be a lighting issue here as we sit in the dark

Tomas Kurka signs for two years we understand

Teams onto the ice as we have the lights back up

into the anthems shortly

Almost underway here

game underway

Early face off in Blaze zone


Ben Davies assisted Mac Faulkner

18:10 to play in the 1st

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze clear

Luke Piggot and Chris Jones with a chance

and the blaze break away Kamil Kosowski makes the save

Face off in the Devils zone

Max Birbraer fans a big shot on a breakaway its all Devils at the minute

Face off in the Blaze zone

lots of pressure from the Devils

all the play in the Blaze zone at the minute

Blaze take a penalty

Mike Egener 2 minutes for slashing at 5:31

Devils on the PP looking to break the 0 for 26 record

minute gone on the powerplay

come on Devils give us a goal or something

38 seconds left on the PP

and that's 0 for 27 power plays for the Devils

Blaze back to F/S

11:44 to play here in the 1st

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze take another penalty

Gerome Giudice knocks down a Devil right in-front of the ref

Gerome Giudice 2 minutes for cross-checking

11 mins to play in the 1st

and the Devils Power play unit swings into action

Tyson Marsh and Shea Guthrie exchange words

Devils PP seems to have stalled again

Blaze back to full Strength ( 0 from 28 Power plays now )

8:40 left here in the 1st

Gerome Giudice with a shot saved Kamil Kosowski

Less Cowbell..

Brad Plumton nails Gerome Giudice to the boards and takes a penalty

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze making the most of their PP

and we have cowbells ringing

Face off in the Devils zone

1 minute left on the Brad Plumton penalty

6:10 to play in the 1st

Devils back to full strength

If your on the Web cast hit F5 and your stream should refresh after an issue with the Stream ( i'm told)

3:30 left to play here in the first

Just been announced the Fife have lost 5-2 in Nottingham

howling mix up by the Devils D see's the blaze with a chance

Kamil Kosowski covers the puck with 1:44 left in the 1st

Face off in the Devils zone

Shea Guthrie with a shot

Fight !!!

Max Birbraer and Wilson exchange blows

Wilson looked to come away with the win but not much of a scrap

Wilson jumped Max a bit there

waiting on penalties being called

Blaze 47 Kelsey Wilson 2 minutes for charging and 5 minutes for fighting and Max Birbraer 5 minutes for fighting

Devils on the PP so don't expect a goal before the end of the first :(

Adam Henrich with shot shorthanded saved by Kamil Kosowski

Face off in the Devils zone

Period ends Cardiff Devils 1 - 0 Coventry Blaze, with the Blaze only managing six shots on Kamil Kosowski

3 Power plays the Period Devils 0/2 and Blaze 0/1

Devils Goal Davies from Faulkner @ 0:52

Back shortly for the 2nd Period

Teams back on the ice with Devils with 35 seconds left on the Power play when we get underway

And we are underway

Blaze back to full strength

Tomas Kurka fires high and we have a Face off in the Blaze zone

short stop in play as an issue with the net at the blaze end is sorted

Devils pressuring here but not looking like scoring with 17:50 to play in the 2nd

Blaze with a shot

Devils icing

Kamil Kosowski in the Devils net being made to work a but harder this period already

Devils take a Penalty

Gipsters called something 2 minutes for cross-checking

15:30 to play here in the 2nd

Blaze not getting set up on the PP as yet with 40 seconds left

Devils break out

Blaze get of a shot with the Power play pretty much done

Devils back to F/S and go close on a breakaway great play from Gipsters

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils with more chances so far this period

Blaze go close

Blaze really working Kamil Kosowski in the Devils goal now

Shots for the 1st period Devils 7 and Blaze 6

Puck out of play in the Blaze end

Devils D go close with a big shot from point

James Griffin for the Blaze takes a penalty

and the Devils PP swoops into action

James Griffin 2 minutes for holding

Blaze breakaway for Ryan Ginand denied

1:04 left on the PP Face off in the Devils zone

9:09 left to play in the 2nd

Devils goal washed out

Mike Zacharias expertly kicking the net off the moorings as soon as he knew he was beaten

Rama the scorer there aside from it being wiped

Watching the replay and its clearly the net being kicked off nothing called

15 seconds left on the Power play

Blaze back to F/S

All devils at the minute

aside from the Power play.. is that 0 from 30 now ?

7 mins left here in the 2nd

and the Cowbells are making noise

Face off in the Devils zone

Luke Piggot takes 2 minutes for holding

Devils clear their zone

Devils killing this well

Blaze go close with a shot

Devils back to f/s


Mac Faulkner the scorer

4:46 to play in the 2nd

Mac Faulkner assisted by Andrew Lord

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone


Ben Davies robs a blaze D man and slots one over Mike Zacharias

2:09 to play here in the 2nd

Ben Davies unassisted goal at 37:51 seconds

that annoying Cowbell noise seems to have gone away

Mike Zacharias mixes in a save

Face off in the Blaze zone

Face off in the Devils zone

1:37 to play here in the second

Blaze with some pressure here at the end of the period

nasty hit on Ben Davies with some handbags now behind the Blaze goal

Nothing called oddly

teams going at each other after the period whistle

Mike Egener checked someone to the back of the head after the whistle

Looks like it could get "kicky offy" in the third

Devils 2nd goal Faulkner from Lord & Piggott @ 15:13

Devils 3rd goal Davies unassisted @17:51

Power plays for both teams are poor Devils 0 from 4 and the Blaze 0 from 3

In other games Sheffield have taken the Giants to Penalty shots

Shots on goal for the 2nd as low as the first both teams now on 13 shots

Mark who hates the Blaze is well happy with the score and hates the blaze

Steelers win on Penalty shots against Belfast so looks like they played tonight

So at 3-0 up will we see a Devils stall out ? Can the Blaze come back ?

teams back on the ice for the 3rd


Steelers win on Penalty shots against Belfast so looks like they played tonight

3rd Period underway here

Puck out of play

Devils take a Delay of game penalty Brad Plumton 2 minutes for delay of game

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils on the PK force Mike Zacharias to cover the puck Face off in the Blaze zone

1:20 left on the Blaze PP

not getting much out of it here

Period less "Kicky offy" than expected


as Blaze come back to full strength

Andrew Lord with the Goal

Not a Cowbell to be heard

Andrew Lord Un-assisted

17:10 to play in the 3rd

crowd here in the BBT oddly silent given the scoreline

Kamil Kosowski makes a save and we have a Face off in the Devils zone

Luke Piggot called for ? Something none of us saw

Face off in the Devils zone

Luke Piggot 2 minutes for holding

Kamil Kosowski with a big save on the Devils PK

Devils clear the zone

Kamil Kosowski deflects a shot from point

Blaze actually getting chances on the PP

the Blaze score.. details to follow

Adam Henrich with the goal

Adam Henrich assisted Michael Henrich power play goal

second assist for Ashleee Tait

Face off in the Devils zone

12:5o left to play here in the 3rd

Devils seem quiet content to Defend here now


Max from Rama it looked to be

Max with all the time in the world picks up a pass from behind the net from Rama

Adam Henrich takes a penalty in there as well

not sure what for as yet

Adam Henrich 2 minutes for slashing

11:14 to play here in the 3rd

big shot from Gipsters

Blaze starting to get a petulant edge on their game some big hits

Blaze back to F/S

Blaze offside

Devils pressuring for a 6th !

Kamil Kosowski makes a save

Blaze getting some shots in with 8:09 to go

big chance for the Blaze there but Kamil Kosowski see's them off

Cale Tanaka takes a penalty for something

Its a Devils power play

Cale Tanaka 2 minutes for slashing @53:24

massive slap shot from Gipsters

Devils go close on the Powerplay ! 2 seconds left and Mike Zacharias covers the puck

Blaze clear and the PP ends

So many power plays with nothing

blaze getting some pressure now

3:20 left to play here in the 3rd

Kamil Kosowski covers the puck which is apparently cowbell worthy

Hang on Blaze fans are leaving...

2 mins left in the 3rd

Devils pressing

Blaze have been pretty poor this period

Bryan Adams on the way anytime now !!

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze drill the puck into the roof and we have the dulcet tones of Bryan Adams playing here in Cardiff

Face off in the Blaze zone

James Griffin takes 2 minutes for slashing

1o seconds

Its all over here in Cardiff

Just the MOM awards to go now.. will be an interesting one for the Blaze as they didn't seem to bring much.

MOM of the Blaze Dale White

Devils MOM coming up shortly

stuff happening not sure what it is..

Devils MOM still waiting..

Ben Davies of course for Devils man of the match

We have games next weekend and we will have MNL coverage for whatever they are

Devils need more points to ensure that Play off spot

Thanks for following along and that's all from my Skippy your reluctant host for this evening

Night all and save trip home to the Blaze fans who came down even the ones with Cowbells