Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 1 - 0 Cardiff Devils

We WILL be running Match Night Live! for tonights game, thanks to Gerald from Red Army Travel :D Coverage will be live about 15-30mins before the game starts :)

OK I think I'm all set-up and ready to go In case you didn't know it's Gerald from Red Army Travel hosting for you tonight Warmup has started and a few texters have reported in You can send your score prediction to me by text if you've got my number, twitter to @GeraldJDavies / @Red_Army_Travel or to

Panthers are missing Jonathan Boxill and Brandon Benedict

Mark Gough has gone with a Panther 5-3 win but hopes he's wrong

Clive Barton, after being spot on for the Steelers game, is going for Panthers 4 Devils 1

Huge thanks to Cheryl Clarke, Charlotte Bramley, Rob Scott and Trev & Viv Steadman who are texting in tonight

Announcement says Devils are only missing Mark Smith No news on Ben Davies or Jake Morissette

The referee tonight is Dean Smith

Any more score predictions? Maybe one with a Devils win

Text score from Sophie Griffiths, 2-1 win for the Devils

Devils are on the ice, Ben Davies is icing no sign of Morissette yet

Carl Jones all the way from Carmarthen has gone for a 3-2 shootout win for the Devils

Panthers now on the ice too

Kowalski announced as Panthers player of the month

Only one lino at the moment, the other is stuck in traffic

Game starting without him - Anthem time

Viv says no sign of Morissette

Puck is dropped - Lets do this Devils, we need those points!

Devils start with Rupert Quiney Luke Piggot Chris Jones Josh Batch Mark Richardson

Kosowski saves blue line shot from Norton

Devils offside - Rama gets levelled

Oreskovic checks Kurka to boards by Panthers bench

Lots of Devils pressure, scramble in front of Kwall and a few shots

6 minutes played

Panthers icing

Brent Henley shouting at Devils bench and waiving his stick

6:59 Devils icing

Good save for Kosowski through traffic, Henley jawing again

Charlotte says Henley telling Rama to keep his stick down or he'll whack him

Allen Winton goes for a 6-4 Devils win

Face off in Panthers zone

Very little happening on the ice, no energy or forecheck from either team

Kwall covers

Kosowski covers

10:24 played

Stephen Lee tries a coast to coast, Max intercepts shoots to glove save

Kwall saves from Myers slap shot

Couple of big hits from Kalus & Lee on Piggott

12:47 played

Devils icing

14:08 gametime

15:00 Kwall saves from Kurka and puck knocked out of play

Kurka shoots, picks up the rebound and shoots again just wide

Kosowski great save from 2 on 1 breakaway

17:11 Devils icing

Panthers upping the intensity

18:20 Panthers icing

Handbags Farmers & Myers to left of Devils goal, stripeys quickly break it up

19:00 Devils Penalty Marsh Holding

Scuffle in front of Devils net, Kosowski on the bottom

End of the 1st 0-0

1:01 left to serve on Marsh penalty

Shots on goal are Panthers 12 - 13 Devils

2nd period started

Devils back to full strength

Francis sits on the puck until whistle is blown

Kwall saves 21:51

The 2nd linesman has now arrived, lots of applause

22:33 gametime

2nd Lino calls Panthers for icing, applause stops

Charlotte says Devils are looking the stronger team

Puck almost trickles over the line behind Kwall

Devils go close again

26:39 Penalty Panthers - Francis Slashing

Henley send Faulkner flying

Henley & Lee trowing their weight around again - hitting everything that moves

Panther full strength

Great save by Kosowski

29:10 Panthers are not shooting when eating chances

*taking chances - autocorrect strikes again!

30:00 Neither team showing much effort

Kwall glove save

31:21 Panther penalty - Henley cross-checking

Corey not happy with the call, check was on Lord

Corey not happy with the call, check was on Lord

Panthers full strength

Max in front of open net shoots wide

33:29 Devils penalty - Myers hooking

Kwall snapped his stick

Come on Devils, get us a PP goal

Panthers go offside in short handed breakaway

Sorry, something went wrong, ignore last few delayed messages - Devils full strength

Rob says Panthers have only scored once in last 7 periods of hockey

Henley has left ice and gone to changing room

Kamil Kosowski glove save

2:27 left in 2nd

38:29 Devils Penalty - Kurka hooking

Last minute of second period

Petr Kalus trying to get CJ to fight

End of the second period and still 0-0

39:59 Penalties - Panthers Kalus & Devils Plumton roughing

Shots on goal now stand at Panthers 22 - 29 Devils

Panthers will have 0:29 Power Play to start the 3rd

Panthers return to the ice

Devils back out too

And we're off - puck is dropped for the third

Puck deflects into Devils bench

Panthers goal - Weaver

41:43 Even handed goal - Jonathan Weaver from Greg Jacina & Robert Lachowicz

Kalus & Plumton return to the ice

Max drop pass, shot is taken, Max gets the rebound and almost scores

Kosowski covers 44:58

Kosowski glove save

47:03 end to end with the occasional shot - nothing exciting

Weaver leaves the ice looking hurt, throws stick and slams door in temper

10:00 left to play

Kwall save

51:16 Kwall saves again - Panthers going for the dump and change - Devils picking up the pace

Kwall goes for the cover and looses puck, Davies picks it up but can't get a shot off 51:16

52:08 Panthers icing

Kalus helped off the ice holding his face

Play stops while blood is cleared from ice

Apparently he skated off on one foot, Zamboni is out to help with the clean up in front of Kwall net

7:52 left on the clock, could be a lengthy stoppage

Zamboni returns and they're sticking with the bucket & scraper method

Kalus returns to Panthers bench

Weaver is back too and is helping with the clean up

During the delay Whistle toting his white board to an eager Devils team, Panthers just chatting amongst themselves

And we're off (again)

Kalus takes a shift

Farmer goes close but trickles wide

Kosowski makes 3-4 excellent saves then covers

4:00 left to play

56:52 end to end

Kwall gloves Davies wrist shot from left circle

Kurka faced with open net doesn't shoot, would have been an easy tap in goal

58:00 Ryan nails Plumton, Devils offside

Kosowski wants off, Whistle tells him to hold

Kosowski pulled

Devils time out 47.2 seconds left

Face off Panthers zone, Devils empty net

Panthers hit post

Devils offside

14.5 seconds left

Kurka hits puck out of air to save certain goal

All over - Final score Panthers 1 - 0 Devils

Devils almost scored in final seconds, Henley got the save

Devils man of the match - Kosowski

Final shots on goal Panthers 29 - 41 Devils

Panthers man of the match Weaver

That's all folks! Hope it all went alright apart from the slight hiccup with the delayed messages

Huge thank you to great friends (even if they are Panther fans) for helping out tonight - Cheryl Clarke, Charlotte Bramley, Rob Scott, Viv Steadman and Trev Steadman.

Wait! it's not over yet - Henley gets game ban for abuse of official after MoM presentation