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Cardiff Devils 1 - 2 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL for tonights visit of the Hull Stingrays

OJ here in the MNL studio waiting for my texters to get in touch

Any predictions for tonights game emil me at

With this cold weather it will be interesting to see how many turn out for tonights game, Hull are not the most exciting of teams in the EIHL

Chris reports that it is freezing at the Tent, well it is an ice rink after all

Chris reports that it is freezing at the Tent, well it is an ice rink after all

No e-mail so fatr tonight, so thaw those fingers out and lets be hearing from you

With Devils fans spread all over the country anyone got snow yet?

Keith in cold Aberystwyth call it a 3-1 Devils win

Waiting for news on referee etc

Torres scores for Liverpool in 89 minute

Maybe an omen of a red success this evening

Tent filling up slowly

Now 2-0 to the Reds

Come on u DEVILS

Thompson is referee

Sam in Pontypool also predicts a 3-1 victory for the Devils

Teams take to the ice

Cameron calls a 4-0 victory whilst says 4-1 to Devils

Elich is wearing 22

No snow in Plymouth, did start snowing in Aberystwyth but has stopped.

1,200 - 1,300 at the Tent this evening

We are off

Latulippe, Hill & Voth start for the Devils

Voth & Kostadine having words after 54 secs

Cruickshank saves from Davies @ 1:20

2 minutes gone, all Devils so far

Some big hits from Prpich

Devils offside @ 2:44

Cruickshank saves from Francis @ 3:31

Devils GOAL

Devils 1st goal @ 5:37 scored by Jarvis, assist Latulippe

Hull playing their normal defensive game

Hull penalty @ 7:23 Gomenyuk - holding

Lets see if the DEvils pp has been iumproved in training

PP good for 30 secs now awful

Hull kill penalty easily

Cruickshank saves again from Davies @ 9:26

Devils penalty @ 10:29 Voth - charging

Play stopped @ 11:25 holes in the ice infront of Aubry

12 minutes gone

Devils pk working well

Devils kill penalty

Hull icing @ 13:12

Devils having more of the play but not finishing - usual story

Cruickshank save @ 14:19

Vith flattens Wilson and invites him to drop gloves not taker

Another Hull save on 15 minute mark

Ben Davies breakaway folied at last minute

Francis flattened onto Cruickshank @ 16:43 then Voth lands on top of the two of them

Game getting more physical

17 minutes gone

Final 2 minutes of 1st period

Hull putting all five skaters between puck and net

This must be a Hunberside technique as the football team does the same

Prpich shot deflected high @ 19:09

Voth & Gomenyuk come together as buzzer goes to end 1st period

Its DEVILS 1 Hull 0 after 1 period

Texters report an uneventful 1st period

Teams return to the ice

Come on you DEVILS lets put on a show for all the loyal fans who have braved the weather

2nd period underway

Puck out of play @ 21:12

Cruickshak save @ 21:38

Aubry deflects puck out of play @ 22:36

Stone very much hit or miss tonight in defence

Cruickshank save @ 23:35

Devils are back in their dump & chase mode

Correction - Dump & DON'T CHASE

Hull icing @ 24:56

Does paint dry in cold weather

Aubry save @ 25:42

Hull are only shooting from Blueline or neutral zone

Another Cruickshak save @ 26:33

28 minutes gone

Elich not featuring very much

Elich not icing very much

Hill misses open net

Aubry save @ 29:44

Nothing eventful in last 20 minutes - no goals, no penalties


Not sure what started it but MacIver went spare

Hull player hit Latulippe, Maciver went ape

Penalties called awaiting details

Gomenyuk (H) tripping, MacIver (D) 2+2 roughing @ 31:02

Ben Davies serving MacIver 1st penalty

Elich now on ice

Hartwick seems to be iciong more than Elich

Davies returns as 1st penalty killed

Davies came of of sinbin goes on a breakaway Cruickshank saves

Devils hit pipes

35 minutes gone

Devils ice puck @ 35:37

Gomenyuk & Maciver return

Hull penalty @ 35:40 Glowa - tripping

Sub-standard pp from Devils

50 secs of pp left

37 minutes gone, fans produce a collective groan

Voth hits pipes on breakaway

Hull killed their penalty with ease

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Hull 0

Another unexciting game against Hull

Heavy snow in Thames Estuary

Will try and get some other breaking news to keep you awake

I wonder if anyone has left South Wales for Murrayfield already in readiness for next Sundays game

I hope the stewards are waking up those fans that have gone to sleep, hyperthermia is very serious

No e-mails for some time

No e-mails for some time

Teams return to the ice

Third period starts

Devils icing @ 40:45

Elich hits pipes

Hull icing @ 41:45

Hull don't seem to want to cross the centre line

42 minutes gone and the atmosphere in the Tent nonexistant

Cruickshank save @ 42:43

Devils are everywhere in the Hull zone except in front of their net

Sorry about the break in service, technical problems

Devils penalkty @ 45:43 Jarvis - x-check

Penalty killed

Elich hits pipes again

Latulippe misses open goal

Prpich hits cross bar and puck goes out of play @ 50:16

Latulippe hits pipes @ 51:15

Aubry save @ 51:33

Devils all over Hull

Another Devils shot deflected high @ 52:52

53 minutes gone

Loads of shots, NO GOALS

Loads of shots, NO GOALS

Cruickshank save @ 53:54

Glowa compares handbags with Prpich & Latulippe

REf stops game for a hand pass

55 minutes gone and Devils can't buy that 2nd goal

HULL goal @ 55:22

Hull goal scored by Gomenyuk unassisted

Devils icing @ 56:03

Aubry save @ 57:11

Latulippe hits pipes

Final 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 58:31 Latulippe - tripping

Hull timeout @ 58:31

Latulippe penalty changed to slashing

Final minute

Elich breakaway saved

Hull ppg @ 59:30

Hull 2nd goal scored by Gomenyuk, assists Glowa & Koulikov

Devils 1 Hull 2 Final score

Devils dominate a game but lose but if you can't score that will happen

HULL MoM Kalmikov


Awful performance by Devils by all accounts

Our thanks to Chris our texter

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next time when we hope we can bring you better fare than that on offer tonight