Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 6 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good afternoon!

Chris with you for this game, as always all predictions and general shouting about the scoreline to :)

So just under an hour to go until face off. No team news yet, but Myers should be back in the lineup after sitting his 4 game ban. No word on Davies or Morissette yet. Kurka was back in the lineup last night and Smith is still injured unfortunately...

Just incase the end of the season can't come quick enough for anyone out there... It's almost F1 time again! Ferrari to win everything hopefully :D

Only one prediction so far and that's saying a Steelers 6-2 victory :( Unfortunately I don't think you'll be far wrong there Clive.

It was a big point to lose last night the way the table is at the moment, with Fife not playing tonight just another 1point would give us some breathing room for the playoff positions...

Warmup is over at the house of rust, no team news yet but looks like Hicks is ref tonight :(

Almost game time! Final cut of the ice being done as the Steelers show an interview with Adams. Gerald said he again thanked the Devils fans for the support :)

The ice is cut and we have some team news... Davies and Morissette are not playing and are sat with the fans :(

Sheffield have unveiled yet another intro video, this one is played before the proper intro begins and takes their full intro upto about 4 days long :D

Devils on the ice, hurrah!

Well there's at least 1 positive prediction. 2-4 Devils says Chris B...

Anthems are done, and it's confirmed that Myers is back in the lineup

Jon says the attendance doesn't look good up in Sheffield, less than half full. That's still probably 4-5000 though

And we're off! Hicks drops the puck, Kurka, Birbraer and Rama start

Rama offside, Hill goes in about 3 hours behind the play with a late hit and we have some handbags. Sounds like no penalties called though

Steelers score :(

Steelers first goal timed at 00:59. Meyers from Dowd...

Sounds like it was tipped over Kosowskis pads and was the first shot Steelers had taken :(

Jon says the Devils are looking disorganised out on the ice and as a result the Steelers are getting a lot of good, early chances :S

Devils penalty timed at 2:31, Marsh 2mins for delay of game

Faulkner manages to clear the puck, about 1:20 of PK left

Another Steelers shot is tipped and pings off Kosowskis helmet, Whistle is getting wound up by Hicks already, shouting at him from the bench

Kurka and Birbraer go for a shorthanded attempt, but the shot goes high :(

Devils back to full strength \o/

Red Army making plenty of noise as always supporting the team, but the Steelers score a 2nd :(

Steelers 2nd goal timed at 5:10, Hewitt from Phillips and Hill

Sounds like Svete missed his man, puck slipped past and the Steelers scored their 2nd. Balls! :(

Steelers really putting the Devils under pressure at the moment, only Kurka and Birbraer getting close to Doyle down in the Steelers net

Steelers penalty! Legue gets 2mins for hooking at 6:53

Lord gets very close but Doyle manages to cover the puck. 8:07 played, 46 seconds remaining on the powerplay

Additional assist on the Steelers 1st goal, should now read... Meyers from Dowd and Meyer @ 00:59

Doyle saves a shot from Svete and as play resumes, Steelers are back to full strength :(

Texters weren't impressed by the Devils powerplay overall, although Lord did come close only to see his shot bounce off the pipework...

Kosowski makes a save at 9:38, sounds like the young Brit line is again playing well :)

Jon says the Devils have no shape so far. Not entirely sure what that means, but they should clearly try the Mighty Ducks flying V or whatever it was

Lord and Faulkner playing well together again, starting to create more and more chances

Steelers offside at 12:36. Just incase you missed it, Devils have Morissette, Davies and Smith out of the lineup tonight

Jon says the Devils puck retention tonight is rubbish which means they can't build anything trying to push forwards

Steelers called for icing at 13:17

Puck out of play again, I guess around the 14min mark

Handbags! Quiney and Hewitt square up...

Penalties called, both get 2mins for roughing

Penalties were timed at 14:19

Good shot from Plumton, but goal denied by Doyles face...

Blight goes close, after going coast to coast and both teams then return to full strength

Devils penalty called at 16:22, Svete 2mins for hooking

Steelers hit the pipework from Fata, then a great save from Kosowski!

And the Devils are back to full strength, phew!

Kosowski showing off his acrobatic skills tonight in net :)

The Devils D are no where to be seen, what's going on?!

Puck out of play at 19:25, Devils D still missing and Kosowski making save after save

End of the first period. Poor period from the Devils according to all the texters :(

Dunc says that the Steelers looked the better team in the 1st period, but the Devils did create pressure at some points, there just weren't enough of them

Steelers back on the ice...

And here come the Devils! A couple of goals or more please this period...

Hicks drops the puck and we're off! Come on Devils!

Devils penalty called at 21:26, Faulkner 2mins for hooking

21:46 even, not 21:26

Birbraer and Gipters have cleared the puck so far, no word on our D turning up

And the Devils are back to full strength \o/

Piggot and Quiney breakaway, but the show from Piggot goes wide :(

And the Devils are called for icing at 24:55

Steelers are called for icing even, texters are getting confused!


Devils first goal timed at 26:03. It's been announced as Rama and is on the gamesheet as Rama, but texters say it was clearly Birbraer who scored :D

Doyle makes a save from Myers at 27:38. There are no assists on the Devils goal (yet...)

It's all gone a bit quiet...

Another big save from Kosowski, good stuff!

Devils looking much better this period, hopefully it continues!

Kosowski making save after save. This is good, but it would be even better if our defence helped out a bit more

Steelers think they've scored, but Hicks washes it out after they hacked away at Kosowski after the whistle...

Steelers called for icing at 33:22. Texters say that the Devils have come out more physical this period

Devils penalty called at 34:02. Batch 2mins for accidental high sticks

Batch playing well, almost gets a breakaway chance, but Steelers regain possession and then Dowd shoots wide

Devils back to full strength! :D

Handbags! Spencer and Plumton

Penalties coming, Spencer, Meyers and Plumton have all ended up in the boxes...

Steelers penalties called as... Meyers 2mins for hooking, Spencer 2mins for roughing @ 37:15

Devils penalties called as... Plumton 2mins for roughing

Marsh shot denied, then both teams back to full strength...

Steelers score a 3rd :(

Steelers 3rd goal timed at 39:49, Lacroix from Legue and Kohn

End of the 2nd and there's some handbags at the benches. Players are getting wound up by Hicks non calls yet again

It was Spencer and Plumton at the benches having words at the end of the 2nd period

A more even period according to the texters, Kosowski did well to keep what he did out of the net, but Hicks and his noncalls didn't help again :/

Steelers back on the ice...

And here come the Devils!

And we're off for the 3rd, come on Devils!

Another good save from Kosowski at 42:09

The save came after Hicks ignored another tripping call for the Steelers. Devils players and bench getting more and more wound up by him

Steelers called for icing at 43:55

Even 3rd so far according to Jon, but the Devils are starting to look tired out there :S

And as he text me that, the Steelers scored a 4th :(

Steelers 4th goal timed at 45:13, Hill from Fata :(

Steelers score a 5th after a bad turnover from the Devils :(

Steelers 5th goal timed at 45:46, Blight from Legue

Devils committing too many men up the ice, leaving Kosowski horribly exposed according to Jon :(

At 5-1 up, the Steelers fans are finally starting to make some noise. I'm not sure if that's good or bad really


Devils 2nd goal timed at 47:46, Birbraer from Rama and Kurka

Another big save from Kosowski, otherwise it's all a bit quiet at the moment

*Sigh* Steelers score a 6th :(

Steelers 6th goal timed at 51:50, Hewitt from Fata and Meyers

Hicks watches Myers being hooked, decides that as it's the Steelers that's definitely not a penalty...

Kosowski glove save from Meyers at 54:17

Kurka doesn't look 100% out on the ice, but that's only to be expected after several weeks out with illness

Steelers penalty timed at 56:35, Meyers 2mins for tripping

Into the final 2minutes thankfully :(

Steelers back to full strength

The pain is almost over...

Jon says the Devils have looked out of sorts for most of the game, injuries and illness obviously not helping

And it's all over, Steelers win 6-2 :(

Devils man of the match goes to.... Birbraer!

Steelers man of the match goes to Hewitt

That's all from me, i'm off to do something more fun like using a cheese grater as a comb or something. Chris out.