Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Good evening and welcome to match night live

apologies for the late start but I had an appointment with the tasty pizza van outside

Teams are on the ice. Kurka appears to be icing, on loan from Telford. Morisette is back too

Devils in green tonight and the shirts actually look pretty decent

Smith is still off and Myers is serving the last game of his ban. Should be back tomorrow for the game against the Devils Rejects

Predictions to the usual address

Hazel in Southend says Devils to win 3 - 2 tonight

I havent heard from Goughy yet but Im gussing hes going to tell me he hates the blaze

as if by magic.

Goughy says 4-3 win possibly in overtime

Skip says 3-4 to Blaze, Ginand with 2, A Henrich with one and one from their D

Needlessly specific there Skip

Jon says 5-3 Devils

Pat in Bridgend is glad to see more players tonight and is going for a 3-2 win.

Martin cant make the game as he was watching the Ospreys get hammered in the Thugby but is going for 5-3 win

Jon says 5-3 Devils

Lights going down here

Megan and Bailey in Bridgend are going for a 4-2 win for the devils :)

Flags and stripeys out

The silhouette looks like Dean Smith is ref

Devils out on the ice

Blaze players slink onto the ice

Anthems over

Ref is Dean Smith

Rama Lord and Faulkner start

Tanaka tests Kosowski with the first play

Face off in the Devils zone

Plumton nails Cowley

Mike Zacharias covers

Face off in the Blaze zone

Mike Zacharias called on to save again.

Devils icing

sorry .. offside


Lovely pass across the goalmouth

Kurka from Morisette and Maxi @ 2.44

All kicked off by the Devils bench

Adam Henrich gone to the box along with Plumton

Crowd looks very good tonight

Devils on the Powerplay. Guthries number on the board

Devils working well on the pp but no end product

Guthrie back

Henrich and Plumton back at the whistle

Face off in the Blaze zone


Mike Zacharias thought he'd covered from a goalmouth scramble. Lord unassisted

Marsh going in for a high stick call


Richardson clears the zone

Kosowski with a nice stretch save from A Herich

Guthrie takes a shot on Kosowski after the whistle and Lord goes straight over to explain why thats naughty

Fiery match so far, Devils are checking too

If this is what wearing green does....

Marsh back in the box.2 minutes for hooking

Face off in the Devils zone

Puck almost goes in off the back of Kosowski but he manages to roll it the right way somehow

Blaze not getting a chance to set up

Face off in the Devils zone

Marsh back

Zacharias almost helps the puck into his own net

Egner in the box

2 minutes for cross-checking

Berlisk joins Egner. 30 seconds of 5 on 3

2 minutes for tripping

Egner back

Plumton lays a great hit in on Ginand behind the net

Blaze fs

Blaze pressure. Kosowski stops the puck with his helmet

Morisette taken down on the breakaway

Penalty shot to the devils

Tait not happy.

Hes the guy you want to take it.


Face off in the Blaze zone

Rama goes close

Blaze offside


Maxi I think

Morisette with the goal. From Kurka and Maxi

Thats the first over. Devils winning 3 to 0

A great period from the Devils. Mike Zacharias looking shaky from the off. Devils playing with intensity and speed and checking well. Who knew

In other news, Fife are beating Belfart

Cars and zamboni on the ice

Ice is done. Zebras out

Teams are back out for the second

Faced off

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze goal


Tanaka with the goal

Henrich checks Lord into the ground

Berlisk hits the ice hard

bit of light hand bagging

Lord has gone into the box

2 minutes for boarding

not sure if 2 players went into the box though

he might have got more :S

Whistle unhappy with the call

Blaze PP looks sharp but Kosowski shuts the door

Mike Zacharias saves down the other end. Face off in the Blaze zone

CJ clears

Lord back

Kosowski with a save off a big play.

Morisette going in the box.

2 minutes for hooking

Think that was a professional penalty there to help Kosowski out

Devils breaking up the PP well

lots of devils putting their body in front of the shooting lanes

Devils FS

Face off in the Blaze zone

Zacharias saves from Harding

A Henrich lays a high hit on Dr Piggot

Steeeve lays a nice hit on Venus

Max goes high from Morisette. Great play, just a shade off the mark

Blaze go offside

Smith calls Henrich for repeatedly hooking and slashing Kurka down the ice

Adam Henrich 2 minutes for slashing

Kosowski pads away a breakaway shot

Kurka goes close

Blaze FS

5 left in the second

Maxi winds Egner

and Egner goes to the box

2 minutes for delay of game

Rama goes close

Blaze FS

Last minute of the second

Devin closes down Faulkner

And thats the second period over. Devils leading 3-1. A closer period but Devils are definitely up for it tonight

Olive the Olympia is doing laps

Ice is done

Chuck a duck is a sellout tonight apparently fact fans

Stripeys back

Blaze slink onto the ice

Devils return to the ice

1817 the attendance tonight

Face off

Guthrie shoots high into the netting

Face off in the Devils zone

Kosowski saves from Ashleene

Mike Zacharias saves from Maxi

Lovely glove save from Kosowski

Lord shoots for Zacharais to toe away

Steevee laminates a Blaze player to the plexi

Face off in the Blaze zone

Face off in the Devils zone

Richie goes in on net but Zacharias stops the puck

Cowley with a Blaze goal


Blaze icing

M Henrich equalises

And suddenly the Blaze fans find their voices

Harding goes close

Blaze icing

Marsh chases down another puck. Blaze icing

Adam Henrich goes to the box


Kosowski stops a Adam Henrich breakaway

Blaze FS

8:11 left and its getting tetchy out there

Looks like Morisette is out of the game

Richardson breakaway deflected into the crowd

Kosowski saves first with his face and then his glove. Blaze players angry as the net came off, despite the fact the puck was in the glove

4 Mins left in the third and its all tied

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze icing

Plumton creams Berlisk

Blaze penalty

Timeout Devils

Devin 2 minutes for hooking


Final 2 Mins

Blaze Fs

Gipters covers the ice well to prevent Devin collecting th puck from the penalty box

And thats fulltime. A point a piece. That means Devils cant go 6th tonight but can still go ahead of Hull. And with Fife beating Belfast at the moment it could be a valuable point

Were off into 4 on 4 sudden death overtime

Devils with the early attack

Devils go offside on the breakaway

Blaze turn with the pressure

Faulkner shot saved

Morisette is out of kit and watching from the sidelines. No magic from him if it goes to penalties :(

Last minute of play

Devils icing. Kurka looks to tired to chase down the puck, understandably

Blaze T/O

Face off in the Devils zone

Thats it .. its on to penalties

Ginand ... takes an age overplaying it and it gets poked away

Faulkner Saved

M Henrich scores

Maxi .. gloved easily

Ashleene .. saved

Its all on Kurka

Kurka ... scores

Sudden Death Penalties

Ginand Scores

Faulkner . misses

thats it .. 3-4 Blaze

Light went on for Macs goal but Smith wiped it

Blaze MOM .. Little Russel Cowley

Devils MOM goes to ..


Well thats it for me tonight

Join Chris tomorrow for the second game of the weekend, Devils away at the Devils Rejects in the house of rust

That's it from me, James. I'm off to get warm. Thanks for joining me