Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Fife Flyers

Good evening and welcome to Match Night Live from the BBT

James here in the 'hot' seat

Teams are out for warmup. It might be easier to list who is playing rather than who's out. A slightly depleated side

Players rumoured to Telford tonight are Kurka, Gipters, Morisette, Davies, Smith and of course Myers sitting his farcical penalty

In preperation for his move to Telford probably

Devils with 13 outskaters, Fife with 15, 16 if you count Nickersons beard

Predicitons to the usual address.

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Pat from Bridgend thinks the short bench will be overcome and is going for a 4-2 Devils win

Lights dimmed

Olive doing the rounds on the ice

Jason is keeping the faith and going for devils to win 3-1 and either plumton or lord to hand mr Nickerson his arse on a silver platter.

Goughy is thinking we'll let some in but score more. He's going for a 5 - 3 win

Mr Snelson is going for a 4-1 devils win. "Not sure why we wouldn't win to be honest! Positivity people!"

Flags are out

Mr Smith with the whistle tonight

Zebra's take to the ice

Flyers take to the ice

Lights are down

The Lord Mayor is rumoured to be in the building tonight.. get him in some skates

Devils are on the ice

Ceremonial face off

Anthem underway

Looks like we've got a game of hockey, Faulks, Maxi and Lord to start

Plumton and Chaumont having words after a cheeky slash from Plummer

Dr Piggot, Batch and Rama next up

Nickerson goes close

Harding, Rama and Batch our other line

or more accurately whoever has some puff

Piggot chirping Nickerson

Jordan Fulton 2 minutes for cross-checking

Reber breaks away but Kosowski is up to the task

Face off in the Flyers zone. 46 seconds left in the PP

Flyers FS

Kosowski saves from Muir

Bobby Chaumont goes close

Kosowski saves from little Danny Stewart

Luke Piggot 2 minutes for boarding

Flyers goal Derek Roehl


Devils icing

Marsh puts a shot in. Face off in the Flyers zone

Flyers penalty

Kyle Haines 2 minutes for slashing

Devils able to set up better this time

save from a Plumton blue line shot

Face off in the Flyers zone. 51 left in the PP

Flyers FS

Kosowski save from Fulton

Plumton goes to the box. 2 minutes for slashing

Steeeveee clears

Devils return to FS

1:16 left in the period

Plumton called again

2 minutes for slashing

Puck goes high into the netting

Face off in the Devils zone

Flyers PP good tonight

End of the first here at the tent and its 0-1. A fair reflection of the game so far.

Refs back on the ice for the 2nd

Shots on goal in the 1st, Fife 9 and Devils 6

teams back on the ice

2nd period underway

Devils back to full strength

Fife Thomas Muir 2 minutes for boarding

18 mins to play in the second

Matt Nickerson hit Brad Plumton who ends up in the box

Matt Nickerson in as well

Matt Nickerson 2 minutes for roughing and Brad Plumton for cross-checking

Devils with a shot deflected

Max Birbraer goes close

Fife back to five skaters

Mark Richardson denied by Kevin Regan

Face off in the Flyers zone

15:40 to play in the second

Adam Harding shoots

Stephen Gunn with a shot on devils goal

Face off in the Devils zone

13:15 to play in the second

Mac Faulkner with a shot saved. Face off in the Flyers zone

Puck out of play as a Devils shot deflects high

Justin DaCosta has a slash at Max behind the play

Face off in the Flyers zone

lots of devils pressure right now but still nothing on the scoreboard

Face off in the Flyers zone

Flyers clear and we have a face off in the Devils zone

10:00 to play in the second

Kevin Regan deflects a shot

Brad Plumton heads to the box for his fourth visit of the game 2 minutes for tripping

Flyers set up well on the PP but Devils clear

Devils Pk doing well

Devils back to F/S


Tyson Marsh scores on Fife while all eyes are on Brad Plumton

Tyson Marsh assisted Josh Batch

Face off in the Devils zone

Fife Goal details to follow

Danny Stewart unassisted

Matt Nickerson has some words with Brad Plumton

5:55 to play

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Kevin Regan covers a chipped shot from Max Birbraer

big hit from Brad Plumton on Thomas Muir

3 minutes to play here

Devils go close

good play there from the Devils

Face off in the Devils zone

2 mins to play

Devils pressuring

Face off in the Flyers zone

Brad Plumton playing the panto villain role well

but takes a penalty

five on five as both teams have a man binned

final minutes here in the 2nd

20 seconds to play no one taking the advantage at the minute

Puck out of play

4 seconds to play

Kevin Regan saves and the period ends

Just been told 11 shots on Kevin Regan from the Devils that period

Lukacevic for Fife and Brad Plumton for Devils both took a ten minute misconduct near the end of the period

Fifes second goal from Hartung(11) @ 13:27

Devils only goal from Marsh, (9) assisted by Batch @ 13:04

Getting close to being underway in the 3rd

Devils back on the Ice for the third

Shots for the 2nd Devils 11 and Fife 8 so all equal at 17 going into the third

underway here

Face off in the Devils zone

early pressure from the Flyers

Face off in the Devils zone again

17:24 to play

Devils short bench looks to be taking its toll now

Bobby Chaumont skates hard but nothing for him on a 2 on 2

15 minutes left here in Cardiff

Kamil Kosowski being made to work hard here

Face off in the Flyers zone

Andrew Lord goes close

13 minutes to play here

Jordan Fulton goes close but denied by Kamil Kosowski

Flyers looking dangerous around the Devils nets

Face off in the Devils zone

a lone Flyers fan making most of the noise here tonight

Flyers 2 minutes for high sticks number 8

Devils on the PP Face off in the Flyers zone

Crowd have started to make some noise

Devils struggling to get set up on the PP

Matt Reber with a awesome solo effort but can't put the puck away

Devils back to full strength

8 minutes to play here in the bay with the Devils trailing by one

Flyers shot goes high

about three flyers having word with Plumton now

Flyers shot goes high

we seem to be having some connection issues here so please bear with us

5:50 to play here

Devils short bench clearly running on empty here with 3:40 to play

Face off in the Flyers zone

Luke Piggot goes close with a back hand shot

Flyers icing

Devils creating some chances but not putting them away Kevin Regan very strong for Fife

2 minutes left here in Cardiff

Fife playing very defensibly now one forward and four back on D

1:29 to play Face off in the Flyers zone

Flyers take a Penalty

Devils time out

1:09 to play

Derek Roehl with the 2 minutes for Fife

Kamil Kosowski pulled

Devils pressing

20 seconds

Net off its moorings

Penalty shot awarded

Devils shooter Mac Faulkner


Mac Faulkner scores with 10 seconds to go and the crowd go wild

Still five on four here

Into overtime here in Cardiff

bet the people who left from block 5 feel silly now

4 on 4 here in Cardiff

bet the people who left from block 5 feel silly now

Fife take a penalty

Danny Stewart a ten minute misconduct for abuse of official we think

4 on 3 here now

Fife back to four skaters

Derek Roehl taken out by Tyson Marsh both head to the box

If you left early your missing out

Derek Roehl and Tyson Marsh 2 minutes for roughing

Face off in the Devils zone

3:54 to play

Mac Faulkner goes close on a huge rebound from Kevin Regan

Face off in the Flyers zone

3 on 3 here still

Jordan Fulton denied

end to end now

Fife score

Big ask with the Devils so short benched

Shaky hand line will behaved so far

Matt Nickerson and Brad Plumton trading insults

Just waiting on MOM awards now

Kevin Regan for the Flyers

Matt Nickerson's beard being booed off the ice

Brad Plumton award MOM for the Devils

thanks for following along we'll be back next week for the Blaze game on Saturday

Night all