Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 7 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30 as we bring you coverage of the Devils game at Sheffield

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Waiting for texters to report in

On duty tonight we have Maria & Dunc

Maria has reported in from the rink.

I will bring you team news ASAP

Unconfirmed report that Mark Thomas & Stephen Goertzen are scratches for Steelers

Jason M calls it 3-1 to Devils and that Brad Plumton will have Drew Fata all tied up in his pocket

Pat in Bridgend says Devils will win 4-2

Ben Davies still in his track suit - so assumed to be a sratch

Warmup completed

Waiting for CrazyDunc to report in

Ice is ready for that long winded intro

Gareth says 4-2 to Devils and he is at Arena.

Lights out for intro

Go and have a cuppa, you have enough time

Devils on the ice - now the long wait

CrazyDunc has arrived

After battling through the heavy traffic

Still waiting for Steelers

Not a big crowd

Steeler start to get onto the ice finally

Red Army of around 12 present

Now we have a ceremonial face off

Ref is Michael Hicks

National anthems

Clan take the lead at Hull

Correction Stingrays it was who scored

Puck dropped

Devils start with Piggott, Harding & CJ, with Richie and Tyson

Early pressure from Steelers

Bit of handbags behind Steelers goal

Face off in the Steelers zone

Save by Kamil Kosowski

Fast open play

Maria says Chris Blight looks terrible in orange

Frank Doyle covers

Heavy Steelers pressure

Max Birbraer big hit on Drew Fata

Devils icing

Checking whether Martens Gipters is a scratch in addition to Tomas Kurka

Luke Piggott shot marginally too high

Its end to end

Srum around Devils net Kamil Kosowski finally covers puck

Devils icing

Gametime 6:44

Steelers icing

@ 7:10

Max Birbraer goes close

Devils very slow in breaking when they gain possession

Game being played in neutral ice

Devils icing @ 8:41

No sign of Gipters

huge hit on Mark Smith head first into boards

He's helped off ice

He seems to be OK

Robert Dowd gets 5 + Game misconduct for boarding

All that @ 9:21

Mark Smith heading for dressingroom

Chris Blight serving the minor

Not valued then

Devils sep up in Steelers zone

Give us a PPG U DEVILS

Josh Batch denied by Frank Doyle

Gametime 11:22

Devils trying hard to get that important first goal

2 minutes of pp left

Frank Doyle glove save

Lots of chances being created but cannot bury the biscuit

Another glove save by Frank Doyle

Devils powerplay looked good but has nothing to show for it

Steelers back to full strength (FS)

Harding, Piggott & Jones line getting a lot of ice time


' 15:22 - Tyson Marsh

Assists Jake Morissette & ????

Markus Rama was the 2nd assist

Steelers goal

@ 16: 36

Scrappy goal scored by Blight assists Fata & Lacroix

Steelers offside

Gametime 17:11

Max Birbraer breakaway denied

Final minute

Kamil Kosowski pad save @ 19:49

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 1

Maria in her period report states:- After a quick start the game has slowed down a little. Devils are a bit slow to respond to opportunities and the Steelers kook up for it. Really not sure how the next 2 periods are gonna go. Did think they were going to have a 0-0 opener

SoG for 1st period Steelers 8 DEVILS 9

Trying to get the latest on Mark Smith

Come on the Clan, Stingrays currently winning 3-1

Teams return to ice

Second period starts

Devils icing @ 20:24

Another Devils icing @ 21:03

Kamil Kosowski covers

Steelers icing @ 22:02

Josh Batch goes close

Devils pressure @ 22:54

Crowd is quiet

Devils icing @ 23:18

Josh Batch shoots wide after a Mac Faulkner breakaway

Devils penaltyy Rupert Quiney @ 24:16 - tripping


Steelers goal a PPG

@ 24:41

Scored by Stefan Meyer assists Gord Baldwin & Frank Doyle

STEEEEEEVVVEEE crashes into boards and loses his helmet

Steelers 3rd goal @ 25:55

Scored by Lacroix

Steelers score again

Now 4-1

Devils time out

Legue assist Blight for Steelers 4th goal @ 26:08

2nd assist for Lacroix on Steelers 4th goal

I am trying to sort out the times etc

Kamil Kosowski big save @ 28;36

Josh Batch tripped - no call

Steelers icing @ 28:23

Steelers goal awarded as Devils put puck in own net

' 29:33 goal credited to Lacroix

Rupert Quiney apparently puck puck in his own goal

Andrew Lord shoots wide @ 31:15

Grim says Maria

Steelers goal

@ 33:44

Devils performance has turned to rubbish

Spencer scores assists Legue & Lacroix

Devils are being turnover time and time again

Steelers goal number 7

@ 35:09

Scored by Hewitt assists Lacroix & Phillips

Mark Smith is dressed and sitting in the away fans seating

Andrew Lord forces as pad save from Frank Doyle @ 36:15

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 36:51

Devils defence is in total disarray

Gametime 37:10

puck out of play @ 37;54

Devils penalty - Mac Faulkner - delay of game

@ 38:04

Kamil Kosowski great save from Lacroix @ 38:20

Final minute

End of 2nd period Steelers 7 DEVILS 1

Maria says:- Devils completely went to pieces and have made the Steelers look a lot better than they are

When the Devils wheels come off they do so big style

SoG for 2nd period Steelers 13 DEVILS 5 making it 21-14 after 2 periods

Mark Smith is walking around in the stands.

Lets hope there is no damage

Steelers back on the ice, DEVILS back on the bus!!!

No Devils yet

Now they appear

Come on U DEVILS lets win the period

Puck is dropped for 3rd

In defence of Rupert Quiney he cannot have put the puck in his own net as assists were given on the goal

Pad save Frank Doyle

When a player puts the puck into his own net the goal is crediterd to the last player on the opposing team to touch the puck with NO ASSISTS

Pace of the game has picked up again

But Devils continue to give puck away too easily

Devils penalty STEEVVEE @ 43:20

Boarding the call


Brad Plumton clears zone @ 44:23

Devils return to FS

Gametime 45:43

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 46:27

Dunc says Steelers running rings round us

Andrew Lord goes close as does Mark Richardson

Maia says it is horrible to watch

Puck out of play @ 48:44

Tyson Marsh clears zone @ 49:30

Frank Doyle easy save from a soft STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEE shot

Frank Doyle covers as finally Cardiff exert some pressure

Frank Doyle save @ 51:11

Gametime 51:41

3rd line of Piggott, Harding & CJ only line that seems to break into Steelers zone

Max Birbraer goes close @ 52:12

Frank Doyle saves from Tyson Marsh

Devils have had a few nice shots this period but its too little too late

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 53:58

Gametime 55:08

Come on Clan, they fave fought back to 4-5 at Hull

Steelers Kohn - slashing @ 55:34

Clan were losing 4-1 at onetime

Devils PP not impressive

Very poor says Maria

Steelers back to Fs

Final 2 minutes


Final minute

Final score Steelers 7 DEVILS 1

Maria: Very poor performance by Devils, slow abnd unenthusiastic

It says it all

Devils lose 1 period and get trounced


Sheffield Steelers MoM - Jason Hewitt

Our thanks go to CrazyDunc and Maria for giving us comprehensive coverage

Correction: Steelers MoM was Maxime Lacroix who gathered 2+3

Thats all from me until the next time