Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Good evening and welcome to tonights MNL

Devils have just taken to the ice for warmup

Kurka is a scratch for tonight. Apparently he isn't injured but he is sick.

Some guys in orange are on the ice too

Predictions can be sent to the usual address

and dont forget there is a livestream of tonights game usual location, usual price

Ben Davies is also not icing tonight

Harding is icing tonight

Apparently a big queue outside for tickets.

A big announcement tonight before the game

Apparently it could be Brent coming back early

Goughy, who is still upset after the Coventry game thinks Steelers will take it 2-5

Jon is a bit more positive and think Devils will win 4-2

Teams off the ice.

Lights are low and the Olympia is doing circuits

Steelers of course without the big Dog and the Furby, not sure who will be on the bench for them tonight. Maybe Simmsey will be running the line changes

Steelers are of course icing a number of ex Devils tonight, with Bight playing his first game back at the tent since the move.

Hazel is keeping everything crossed that the Devils win 3 - 2 tonight, but thinks it could go to O/T

Flag bearers are out

Lights down

and the big announcement is Dave Whistle has signed a 3 year deal

and the crowd are just a bit happy

Officials are on the ice Dean Smith in control

Players are on the ice

Possibly the biggest crowd of the season here

Blight and Faulks do the ceremonial face off.

Blight gets a good cheer

Anthems over

CJ, the Doctor and Batch starting

Blight, Lacroix and Legue for steelers

Spencer seems to be playing forward tonight

End to end so far

Devils offside. Face off in the Steelers zone

Not many steelers fans in the tent tonight. They are blending in with the stewards due to their orange jerseys

Maxi with a nice hit on Steven Goertzen

Kosowski covers

Face off in the Devils zone

Nate DiCasmirro puts the puck out

End to end at the moment

CJ clears the zone nicely

Steelers penalty coming up


Delayed penalty goal


Nate DiCasmirro whining about it

just waiting on the scorer.

Jake Morissette from Faulkner and Myers

Batch shot from the blue line saved

blight misses the pass with an open net

some pressure from Steelers soaked up

Maxi called for a charge

hellava hit


Morissette stops a puck with his foot and limps off in pain

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils killing well. set up in their zone at the moment

Max back. 5 left in the period

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Kamil Kosowski saves and dislodges the net

Devils throwing some checks. Nice to see

Doyle saves

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Great save by Kosowski. Ends up on his back

Thats the whistle for the first and its 1-0 at the tent

Doyle and Meyers moaning at the Refs

Olive is out cleaning the ice

Officials are back on the ice

Players are also out

And the puck is dropped for the second

Kosowski just went down on the floor

not sure what happened as play wasnt near

He's up on his knees now but being seen too

he's got his helmet back on. Looks like he's staying out

Kosowski gets a good save in

Face off in the Devils zone

and again

Doyle saves from Mac

Lord laminates Baldwin to the plexi

batch and Piggsy almost get it in the net with Doyle out of position. Not sure how that one didnt go in

Devils penalty

CJ 2 minutes for slashing


Kosowski with an awesomely quick glove stops the Steelers

Steelers goal

PPG @ 23:10 bit of a rebound

steelers piling on the pressure

Marsh going to the box

@ 26:40

2 minutes for high sticks

Devils clear

Doyle makes a nice sliding save.

A Steelers player has checked himself into the plexi

still down

Steven Goertzen helped off the ice

games on hold when its sorted out

game resumes

Face off in the Steelers zone

1:10 left on Marshs penalty

Kosowski saves

Marsh back

Rama goes close

Maxi playing well. Goes close

Doyle picks up a dangerous loose puck

Face off in the Steelers zone

Lord goes close

puck into the rafters

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers penalty

Batch lays in a big check and gets hooked for doing so

Danny Meyers 2 minutes for slashing

Face off in the Devils zone

Doyle with a good save from Faulks

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers fs

Steelers icing

prehaps they forgot they were fs

Steelers icing again. They must have

Steelers penalty

Maxime Lacroix 2 minutes for slashing

Doyle saves a high lob

Face off in the Steelers zone


Faulkner pops the water bottle

Mac Faulkner from Svete

Faulkner goes close when the goal is still being announced

Face off in the Steelers zone

Steelers goal


Tim Spencer with the goal. bit of an overreaction to his handywork, was a good goal though

Faulks lost his stick


Plumton going to the box

as is Maxime

4 on 4 with 1:12 left in the period


Myers and Baldwi center ice

Baldwin tries to take Myers down but ends up first to the ice

both cool their skates in the box

Dustin Kohn going to the box now.

2 minutes for slashing

Lord saved from at the whistle. 2-2 in the tent after 2

Usual steelers moaning at Smith for a bit after the period. Can they not go to the dressing room without a whinge

Ice is being conditioned

Ice is done and ducks are flying

Squeelers back out

Devils back

we are 4 on 3 for the first 40 seconds of the period

Lord, Faulks, Gipters and Svete

Doyle saves

5 on 4

loads of pressure there but no result. Steelers fs

Doyle pads away a CJ shot

Steelers icing

Steelers offside

Rama goes close

Game has lost a bit of pace

Phillips runs Kosowski

Plumton goes to the box. Think he told Phillips not too

2 minutes for cross-checking

steelers looking dangerous

Smith breaks a stick

Maxi almost puts one in on Doyle on the break

Face off in the Steelers zone

Face off in the Devils zone

Plumton back

steelers penalty

Drew Fata 2 minutes for hooking

Devils icing

51:12 gone in the game

Steelers fs

1656 attendance tonight

Phillips tries to run kosowski again

Spenser and Plumton have words

steelers Nate DiCasmirro goes in the box

Hewitt breaks away but shoots well wide

think his beard might have got in the way

Marsh blueline shot saved

Face off in the Steelers zone

4 secs left on pp

Hill moaning to Smith

Gipters clears legwee from the crease nicely

Face off in the Steelers zone

final 2 mins

Last minute

lots of action around the steelers net

a steelers loss tonight will see the giants haded the league apparently

Thats the whistle for full time. A point each and overtime

4 on 4 sudden death overtime is underway

Legue shoots high

end to end

Kosowski saves a red line shot

Doyle gloves the puck

2:41 left

Face off in the Steelers zone

last minute

Devils lots of pressure.

penalty shot devils

Think doyle cross checked someone

Andrew Lord to take the shot


25 seconds left

Thats overtime over

Blight - Denied

Morissette - GOOAALLL

Legwee - misses

Maxi - Gooaall

Stick that in your pipe steelers

Well deserved win by the Devils.

Steelers MoM - Chad Langlais

Fata having a go at Myers as the squeelers skate off

queue more squeelers whining at the ref

Devils MoM Myers

Right thats all from me from the rink of cold, I'm off to see if I can score myself a jersey.

Thanks for joining me tonight. James out