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Hull Stingrays 5 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join us at MNL from around 6pm as we bring you our unique coverage on the Devils game at Hull.

As normal score predictions plus anyother comments welcomed to

Early news that Tomas Kurka , Ben Davies and Martins Gipters are scratches for Devils

Injured I would assume.

Warmup underway

My mistake face off is 6:30 not 7pm

Very quiet on the predictions side, only Tara so far predicting a 4-2 win for Devils

Warmup completed

RED ARMY in full voice

Well they have been in the pub for 3 hours

Teams out and we start

Penalty shot for DEVILS



@ 0:33

Sorry 0:55

Faulkner was tripped when he was clear on goal

Michael Hicks is the referee

Devils exert pressure

Devils penalty ' 2:57 Mac Faulkner hooking


About 80 Devils fans in Hull but sounding like 2-300

Adrian R and one week old Emily Beth predict a 4-2 Devils win

Bowns save ' 3:44

Devils 2 on 1 @ 4:03 - Matthew Myers shot saved

Another SH chance for Devils, Bowns saves

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Piggott goes close

Devils had more chances on PK than Stingrays had on PP


Marcis RAMA scores @ 5:32

Great feed out in front buried by MR

Matthew Myers tripped no call

RED ARMY have got LOUDER if that is possible

All Devils so far Stingrays can hardly get out of their zone

Bowns save @ 7:49

From STEEEVEEE that was


Matthew Myers assist Max Birbraer @ 8:11

2nd assist on devils 3rd goal for Tyson Marsh

Cardiff icing @ 8:28

Assists on Markus Rama's goal for Andrew Lord & Mac Faulkner

Kamil Kosowski @ 10:50 from Doucet

Stingrays trying to slow down the game

Adam Harding battling away keeps puck in Stingrays end

Bowns saves from Mac Faulkner @ 11:50

Kamil Kosowski covers

JohnWilding is complaining RED ARMY are too loud - well he took them there

Bowns save

Devils forechecking as if there is no tomorrow

Chris Jones shoots wide

Jake Morissette breakaway, he shoots wide @ 12:40

Devils penalty @ 17:11 Tyson Marsh cross-checking


Face off in the Devils zone

Stingrays goal a PPG @ 17:40

Tendler scored

Assists Pacha & Lauzon

Stingrays offside

there seems to be confusion on who got the assists on Hull goal

Bowns gloves as Devils go for line change

End of 1st period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 3

SoG Stingrays 6 DEVILS 18

Good 1st period for Devils, hopefully we will get a period roundup from Jon J in a minute

Also on duty tonight are Rachael, Gerald & JohnWildthing plus Keith our usual Stingrays fan

Jon J says - excellent 1st period for Devils, intense & passionate. Stingrays starting to find a little shape towards end of period. Two of the best snipers in the EIHL in Stingrays colours so we need to keep it going

STEEEEVEEE with some excellent shots and Batch playing D , just what he needs prior to GB duty (hopefully)

The texters had it correct on Hull goal - Tendler , assists Pacha & Lauzon

Ice is ready

Teams back on ice

RED ARMY have refueled

Puck dropped for 2nd period

Devils shoot wide @ 21:20

Stick save Bowns

Doucet shot blocked by Mark Smith

Bowns gloves a fierce shot from Brad Plumton

Gametime 22:34

Devils pressure

Kamil Kosowski save @ 24:05

Bowns save from Max Birbraer @ 24:22

Great defensive play by Brad Plumton

Devils offside

@ 26:07

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 26:16

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 26:40

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Stingrays exerting a bit of pressure at the moment

Gametime 29:02

Devils soaking up the pressure and striking back with the Lord, Faulkner & Rama line

Bowns covers @ 30:07

End to end as both teams seek that crucial next goal

Great block by Kamil Kosowski

now its Bowns turn to make a big save

Devils icing @ 42:41

Kamil Kosowski covers

devils penalty Andrew Lord high sticks @ 33:15


One minute killed

Devils clear zone

20 secs of PK remains

Stingrays offside

Devils return to FS

Luke Piggot & Chris Jones killed 90secs of that penalty - brilliant

Devils pinned in their zone

Kamil Kosowski saves from Tendler breakaway

Final 2 minutes of period

Stingrays Goal - Doucet

@ 38;39

Same at in firt period 80 secs before buzzer

FIGHT - RAMS & Cloutier

Sorry Plumton not Rama

Plumton win

Stingrays players pressuring ref

Cloutier gets a minor, Plumton 2=2 all for roughing


Final minute

Assists for Cloutier & Gomenyuk on Stingrays 2nd goal

Josh Batch jumped by a Stingray - lino steps in

End of 2nd period Stingrays 2 DEVILS 3

Stingrays called for charging

Will get the player for you in a minute

Stingrays penalty called @ 40;00

Jon J period report states - A bit more even that period with Hull looking very dangerous on the break. Devils will need to continue to fight if they want the points

Matthew Davies was the player called for charging @ 40:00

Sog for 2nd period Stingrays 13 DEVILS 11 making it 19-29 after 2 periods

Ice ready

Teams reappear

Devils start with 39 secs of PP

This is gouing to be a tense 20 minutes of hockey

3rd period underway

Kamil Kosowski saves

devils penalty Chris Jones - hooking @ 42:15


Kamil Kosowski covers

Breakaway by Matthew Myers & Max Birbraer foiled

Brad Plumton back

20 secs of PK left

Devils return to FS

Adam Harding shot blocked @ 45:30

Gametime 46:09

Devils pushing for that opening

Stingrays goal waved off @ 46:54

Goal ruled out as net was off its morings

Stingrays penalty Lauzon - tripping

Bowns save

Lauzon penalty was @ 47:14

Messy PP for Devils

Brad Plumton slapshot saved @ 49:10

Stingrays back to FS

Big effort being put ion by DEVILS tonight

Stingrays Goal

They score again against the run of play

Lauzon the scorer

Devils penalty

@ 50:39 - Brad Plumton

Elbows the call I think


Stingrays goal

PPG @ 51:10

Matthew Davies the scorer

Assists Tendler & Doucet

Stingrays penalty - delay of game @ 51:44

Gomenyuk the culprit

Devils aggressive on PP but Stingrays PK corps doing well

Stingrays clear zone after heavy Devils pressure

Stingrays penalty called - Smith - boarding @ 53:39

5 secs of 5 on 3

Stingrays back to 4 skaters

Hicks losing control


Stingrays trying to rough up Max Birbraer

Who wasn't having it

FOUR in sinbin for Stingrays , THREE for DEVILS

Birbraer, Plumton & Myers for Devils

Penalties were at 54:00 - roughing minors I think

Cloutier & Gomenyuk for Stingrays

Intense Devils pressure

Save Bowns

Gametime 55:58

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Stingrays clear

Kamil Kosowski save @ 56:44

Both teams back to FS

Stingrays score

Great finish by Doucet who was on a breakaway

Assist Cloutier

3rd Stingrays in the box for roughing was Ondrej

Stingrays penalty @ 57:56

high sticks was the call

Time out Devils

It was Gomenyuk called for high sticks

Kamil Kosowski pulled

1:18 left

Tyson Marsh breaks his stick

Final minute

Time out Stingrays

Devils shooting wide, cannot hit target

Final score Stingrays 5 DEVILS 3

Even Keith our Stingrays texter says Devils were the better team but we don't seem to have an answer to the quick breaking tactic of the Stingrays

Devils out shot Stingrays 43-28


Our thanks go to Rachael, Olivia, Gerals, Jon J, Johnwildthing and Stingrays Keith

If you cannot get to the BBT tomorrow night join James on MNL for coverage of the Sheffield Steelers visit to Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next Wednesday when the Devils travel to Sheffield