Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 7 Coventry Blaze

Good evening and welcome to Match Night Live at the BBT as the Coventry Blaze come to town

Both teams on the ice warming up

Svete the scratch for tonights game

Early predictions are Goughy going for a 5-2 win and Pat thinking we will win 3-1

Skip is going for a 4-2 win

Blaze are displaying their new coach Furby tonight

Quiney is warming up

Adam Harding is also icing tonight, proudly sponsored by The Inferno :)

Jason is also going for a 3-1 win and isn't happy with the lack of STEEEEVVEE

Lights are down

fortunately this new pc has a light up keyboard

Olive is doing circuits on the ice

Hazel in Southend says 'Come on Devils' and goes for a 4-3 win

flags are out

Not a bad Thursday night crowd have braved the weather.

Zebras on the ice. Think its Hicks with the whistle

Intro undeway

Blaze on the ice

Devils on the ice

Ceremonial faceoff

Anthems over

Face off. Myers, Lord, Morissette

Devils getting a shot on goal in the first 10 seconds

icing . Face off in the Blaze zone

Mike Zacharias covers

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze briefly get on the offensive

Rama deke deflected

Face off in the Blaze zone

Adam Henrich scores for the Blaze.

Kosowski covers one post and Henrich sneaks a wraparound

Goal timed at 2:24

Dr Piggot goes to the box for interference

Marsh lets A Henrich know not to try anything funny with Kowsowski

Blaze goal has given them intensity

Piggot back

Kosowski saves from a distance

PP coming up

Wilson in the box

2 minutes for hooking @6:04

goal mouth scramble but the whistle goes

Face off in the Blaze zone

Mike Zacharias working hard

Blaze fs

Blaze go 0-2 in front

Ross Venus @8:33

Mike Zacharias saves

Kamil Kosowski gloves the puck

Blaze icing

Face off in the Blaze zone

Devils pp

Wilson in the box

2 minutes for slashing

Blaze put the puck out delay of game

5 on 3

Michael Henrich in the box


and still a minute 33 of pp left

Mac Faulkner from Andrew Lord and Tomas Kurka

Tait fans the puck and checks himself into the boards

Blaze fs

Blaze goal

Blaze go 4-1 before mumbles has finished announcing

Timeout Devils

sorry not a timeout .. an informal chat

Blaze icing

lets hope the new coach bounce only lasts a period

Blaze offside

Devils go close. Face off in the Blaze zone

Kamil Kosowski save

Face off in the Devils zone

Blaze icing

blaze penalty. Mike Egener 2 minutes for slashing

2 mins left in the period

Kamil Kosowski covers

Blaze FS

and that's the end of the first.

A period to forget there

Goughy is in tears here. Against the Blaze of all teams

Jason thinks Svete was a bad choice to scratch tonight. I think you're right there

ice is ready

teams out for the second

And to cheer up Jason on the email

Apparently pictures of hamsters help when losing 1-4

Face off for the second

Blaze looking to put as many shots in on goal as they can by the look of it

Devils icing

Face off in the Devils zone

Maxi goes close

Rama with a cheeky shot. Just saved

Devils icing

Kamil Kosowski saves. Face off in the Devils zone

4 mins gone

Harding in the box for knocking over Russ Cowley

Marsh knocks down Russel

Harding back

good save from Kamil Kosowski

Devils finally showing a bit more physicality

Davies has a shot deflected high into the netting

well worked goal there by the Blaze :(

Blaze don't look that great tonight but they clearly want it more

all we need is a quick 4 goals and we could be right back in this game

Blaze penalty on the way

Guthrie in the box after a nasty check on Maxi

2 minutes for hooking

Blaze clear the zone

Blaze breaking up the pp well

Richardson rush on goal denied. lots of slashing on him as he went in

Blaze penalty

Michael Devin 2 minutes for hooking

Blaze again not allowing Devils to settle on the PP

Morissette with some smart moves but Mike Zacharias saves

Linos clearing away Mike Zacharias' snowman down the side of the net

Face off in the Blaze zone

Blaze fs

Devils hustling but don't look like scoring

3 mins left in the second

I'd better ready some more hamster pictures. Blaze fans making more noise than the Devils fans

Another blaze goal

Kosowski well beat and the puck goes high

Tanaka scoring

Kamil Kosowski with a great full length stretch save.

Face off in the Devils zone

end of the second period in the tent.

I've just seen Goughy sitting in the corner, head in hand rocking back and forth slowly

Ice is done and Olive retires for the night

Ducks are being chucked

Players on the ice

Face off

Mike Zacharias pads a shot away

Face off in the Blaze zone

Kamil Kosowski makes a double save from Ginand

Marsh in the box

Blaze set up nicely

And I just almost got hit with the puck :) Face off in the Devils zone

The risk we take to bring this coverage

Davies down. Play stopped.

looks like is leg. skates off with a little assistance


looked like a tight angle shot. I had half an eye on this screen

Kurka from Marsh and Faulks

Mike Zacharias beaten but the shot goes wide

All Devils at the moment

Blaze icing

Mike Zacharias with a great glove save

devils pressure

kosowski to the bench


Delayed penalty goal

Marsh by the look of it

Marsh from Kurka

Devils have left it late but are looking like the team from the last few games

Blaze offside

Devils too many men

Devils breaking up the play well

Face off in the Devils zone

maxi sitting the pen comes back on the ice

4 mins left

Myers trying to force it in from in front of Mike Zacharias gets some light handbag action

Face off in the Blaze zone

Kamil Kosowski pulled

2:13 left

well it was a good run whilst it lasted

1 min left

Devils goal washed out

I assume man in the crease

35 seconds left

and that's it

Well done to Furby


MOM for Blaze Griffin

Devils MOM Jake Morissette

well deserved. He's been everywhere tonight

right that's it from me at the big tent of cold. OJ should be back on Saturday for the Hull away game and I'll be back in what we laughably call the 'hot' seat Sunday when the Big Dog'less Steelers come to town

James out