Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Dundee Stars

Good evening and welcome to Match Night Live from the BBT

James here on the 'hot' desk for tonights League game against the Dundee Stars

Tonights game is a Premier Sports game so no webcast from the Devils

Both teams are on the ice for warmup

Richardson is back on the ice finally. Warming up

Rama appears to be the scratch for tonight

Jerry Pollastrone is icing tonight for the Stars

Ross Miller backing up Kamil Kosowski tonight

Just seen Rama on the ice. Apparently Gipters is the scratch, my apologies

should have recognised his blue gloves

Stars have brought a reasonable contingent of fans and their giant jersey

Predictions for tonight so far are Jason who says Devils to win 3-1 with Plumton leathering someone and Sam says Devils will win 4-1

Goughy has his Blaze hating hat on ready for the midweek game and also thinks it will be a 4-1 Devils win

Olive the Olympia is doing her thing

Franny and G are in attendance tonight at the rink

Flag bearers out

Darnell with the orange bands tonight

Lights not going down tonight as Premier Sports are in the building

Intro underway

Stripeys and players on the ice

big cheer for Richardson as hes announced


Darnell ready for faceoff


Lord, Myers and Max, Marsh and Richardson start

Lord crashes the net

Devils with a lot of early possession but not many scoring chances

Bagron gets robbed by Batch who carries it into the offensive zone

Devils set up in the Stars zone

Stars icing

Dundee gameplan appears to be to hit us on the breakaway

Stars icing

Face off in the Stars zone

Dundee icing

Face off in the Stars zone

6 minutes gone

Rama 2 minutes for tripping

replay shows its a guff call

Stars go offside on the rush

Hutchins fans on the open net

Devils back set up in the Stars zone .. on the PK

Dundee goal


Dundee fans in fine voice

Nico Sacchetti with the goal

Bakala saves

Face off in the Stars zone

Marsh breaks up some more action from Nico Sacchetti

Smith takes the puck from Rory Rawlyk. Rawlyk not happy

Dundee Stars fans in fine voice

Bakala saves from Richardson. Richie looking comfy out there.

Bakala save from Kurka

Bakala covers

Face off in the Stars zone

Stars penalty coming u


Delayed penalty goal from Plumton we think

Plumton from Faulkner

Thats woken up the crowd

Smith denies Nikita Kashirsky

Stars penalty

Faukner hacked down from behind

James Issacs with the hooking call

3 mins left in the first

Stars breakaway foiled by Marsh

Stars FS

Bakala covers. Face off in the Stars zone

lovely save by Kosowski. Gloved from a blueline howizer

5 seconds left in the first. Face off in the Devils zone

End of the first and its one a piece in the tent.

Devils very much in control that period Just need to make it count on the board.

Ice is done

Teams out

apparently there is some girl from Eastenders here watching. I don't watch it so can't tell you more than that

Delay for the cameras I assume

Face off

Puck out of play

Devils offside

Face off in the Stars zone

Face off in the Devils zone

Bakala covers from Rama

Face off in the Stars zone

Puck out of play Looks like dundee DOG

Stars Penalty for Delay of Game

Batch nails Rawlek twice

53 seconds left in PP

Devils set up nicely but cant find the net. Stars back to full stength

Some action down the other end and Kosowski makes a sliding save

Bakala saves from Davies

Face off in the Stars zone


Crazy shot rolls over about 3 players shoulders and goes in


Svete from Maxi

Penalty Chris Jones 2 minutes for interference


Plumton clearing the man from the crease well.

Devils not giving the Stars time to settle in the PP

Devils penalty. Think its smith

CJ is back out though

Mark Smith 2 minutes for delay of game

1/2 way through the game at the tent

Mo breaksaway twice

Smith back. Devils FS

Penalty coming up for Devils I assume for the awesome check Max put in

Max Birbraer 2 minutes for boarding

1.30 left on PK

Stars offside

34:20 gone in the game

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils FS

Stars penalty Hutchins .. not at all happy.

2 minutes for hooking

About time hes been called for something. Hooking and slashing all night the way he does

Devils putting some pressure on

Devils penalty coming up

Davies 2 minutes for tripping

final minute of the second


Shorthanded from Kurka. You wont see many better this season

Kurka from Faulkner

End of the second and its 3-1

Ice ready for the third

Chuck a duck

The latest from Chuck a Duck is that someone got a duck straight it. Exciting

teams out

zebras out

Face off for the third

Faulkner called on a weak Darnell penalty

Face off in the Stars zone

stars pressure


lovely Kosowski save

Faulkner back. He was in for tripping

Kosowski saves from a tough angle

Kosowski glove save

another kosowski save, a dumped shot from distance Face off in the Devils zone

Dundee icing

Scramble in front of the dundee net but Stars break away

Dan Bakala save from Mo

Face off in the Stars zone

cheeky shot from Rama deflected

Stars icing

Puck out of play

Piggsy going to the box

2 minutes for slashing


Devils offside

Plumton nails stars 54

Puck out of play

Face off in the Devils zone

Stars icing

The doctor is back. Devils FS

Bakala saves. Face off in the Stars zone

5:49 left in the game

Stars penalty

Jeff Hutchins 2 minutes for ...something


Devils set up looking for the shot

stars clear

Great save Bakala

3 mins left

Face off in the Stars zone

Another good stars save

Face off in the Stars zone. Stars at FS

Final 2 Mins

Devils icing

Some good play from STEEEVE

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penalty Svete delay of game

Stars Timeout

Bakala pulled as Face off in the Devils zone

Sorry no he hasnt

Now he has

Devils clear

Maxi misses the empty net

Stick a fork in it, they are done.

Thats a wrap. Devils 3 Stars 1

We might actually be off 8th place

Nico Sacchetti MOM for Stars

Delay on Devils MOM for cameras

Devils MOM Tomas Kurka

Right thats it

Apparently we had to wait for a Premier Sports ad break there

Chants of KURKA going around the rink

Thats it from me at the rink. Join me again Thursday when Goughys favorite team are in town

James out