Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 3 Belfast Giants

Good evening and welcome to tonights game live from the Big Blue Tent

I'm hoping for a big crowd to anchor the tent down tonight. Its windy out there

Devils are trailing tonight going into this leg but we aren't worrying about the score just yet. A win will do

We think Maxi is the healthy scratch for tonight.

Devils are on the ice for warmup

Giants are out too

Graham Bird is backing up Kamil Kosowski for tonights game

Starting to fill up down here. Looks like the ticket offer has worked out well

Goughy says we are going to beat the Giants 3-2 tonight. He hates the Giants less than he hates the Blaze

Looks like its Mr Darnell with the whistle tonight

Don't forget the livestream is only a fiver tonight to be in parity with the ticket price

Olive the Olympia is on the ice

ice is done

Flags are out

Got some predictions in Peter C is going for 5-1 in favour of the Giants

Jim McShane thinks Giant will win 4-2

Hazel thinks the same score but in favour of the Devils

Jimmy Snells thinks we are going to win 4-1. I'd be happy with that to be honest Jimmy

Obviously a bigger win and going through is preferable

Zebras on the ice

Lights are down in the tent

Giants take to the ice

Devils take to the ice

Apparently we are without Davies tonight. Just a precaution as he isn't 100% and he should be back on the weekend

Player announcements underway

Ceremonial face off


Chris B thinks we are going to win 4-1 too

Face off .. we have a game on

Myers Lord and Rama starting

First minute has mostly been spent with Devils on the offence

Rama looking a step faster tonight


We are in the game after 3.54


Harding in the box for us

We think the goal was smith from Morisette but awaiting

Faukner with the goal apparently assisted by Smith

Face off in the Devils zone

we are on a 4 on 4 here

Giants putting on some pressure now. Dont think they liked getting scored on

Harding and Phillips in the box

Devils pressure. Belfast player 'knocks' the net off 'accidentally'

Harding is in for charging. Not sure how they worked that out

Good Devils chance followed by a giants breakaway denied. Textbook end to end here

A feisty affair so far.

Giants penalty coming up

Cody Brookwell in the box for 2

Giants breaking up the pp well

Devils penalty coming up

Lord going to the box


2 minutes for cross-checking cross-checking

20 seconds of 4 on 4

Giants fs Devils still shooting at Murphy

Mac breaks away but Murph is up to it

devils fs

Kosowski caught well out of position but makes it back to make a stunning save

Face off in the Devils zone

Gipters nailed Garside

Bad linechange saved by Gipters rescuing the puck

Face off in the Giants zone

good save from Higgins

5:20 left in the first

CJ going to the box

Chris Jones 2 minutes for hooking @15:02

Kamil Kosowski covers from a Higgins close range punt

Belfast goal

Kosowski got to the far post in time but it was forced in

16:43 Swez

Whitecotton and Shields both have a go at net

Murphy covers.Face off in the Giants zone

Devils pressuring

Murph covers with 6 seconds in the period

Thats the whistle for the first period

Ice is conditioned

Teams are ready to return for the second

Stripeys back out

Players out

14 shots on Kamil Kosowski 10 on Stephen Murphy for the first

Murphy saves from Myers

Face off in the Giants zone


Myers from Faulks

assist also from Marsh


Murphy saves from Faulkner

Giants icing

Face off in the Giants zone

Piggot sends CJ offside

Fife are beating hull tonight which is good for us

Giants icing after a Rama shot rebounded and cleared

Giants go offside

Darnell looses sight of the puck against the boards and whistles up

Murphy pads away a Harding shot then saves from Lord

25 mins gone

Giants go offside


He scores goals

Rama tried first then Lord buried the biscuit

Timeout Giants

Crowd are loud

Myres credited with the goal. Assists Lord and Rama

Kosowski with an awesome save

Morrisette forces Murphy to make an awkward save

Rama goes close. Hes not afraid to screen the net

Its all devils at the moment

Darnell blows when the puck is spilled by Murphy

Murph not looking too composed

Face off in the Devils zone

Plumton almost puts a puck through the plexi.

Kosowski with a save

Not sure what Whistle is feeding the team but they are fast tonight

Gipters chips some red paint

Faulkner having words with Davey Phillips

Sheilds falls over a linesman

Puck goes in the giants net but it hit the Benson and Hedges banner first

Murphy cross checks Morisette

no call. Face off in the Giants zone

Giants offside

Darnell whistles but changes his mind on the pen

Face off in the Devils zone

Giants break down into the devils zone but are denied

Good save from Kosowski. 40 Seconds left in second

Thats the end of the second

Olive out cleaning the ice.

Devils appear to have found some more gears that period. The times of a second period 'suck' seem to be over

To the Giants fans moaning about the Devils fans taunting Murphy, you know we only taunt the best players, right ?

Ducks being chucked

Officials back

Shots on goal for the second ... Devils 15, Giants 4

Devils back on the ice

Giants back on the ice

Were off for the third

Rama prevents icing

Darnell blows for a stop as Elfring skates to the bench hurt

Gipters beats Peacock to the puck Giants icing

Penalty for Devils coming

Marsh gets a stick to the puck to stop the delayed penalty and skates to the box.

2 minutes for hooking


Kosowski with 2 helmet saves

Lord throwing some big hits

Devils FS

and Keefe skates to the box

45:30 2 minutes for hooking

Devils camped in the Giants zone on the PP

Giants knock the puck clean out but dont get called for Delay

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants back to fs

Face off in the Giants zone

CJ gets checked head over heels into the giants net

Higgins breakway denied by Kosowski and Gipters

Belfast goal Swez

Darnell failed to call icing on the play and Giants pick it up and score

Scrum around Murphy. Murphy covers

Face off in the Giants zone

Giants appear to have gained momentum from that goal

Darnell sends Myers to the box

A 'Darnell Special'

2 minutes for interference

Giants goal

Darryl Lloyd with the goal

Kosowski saves from Whitecotton

Darnell fails to call holding on a devil

Flyers have beaten Stingrays which gives us ground in the league

Darnell calling another weak one on us

Marsh in the box

2 minutes for tripping

Darnell is killing the momentum dead

3 Mins left

Devils fs

Final 2 mins

Murphy with a great save

1.12 left

Devils timeout

Kosowski looking to go

Kosowski gone

Gipters stops a shields breakaway but thats it

3 all at the end of the third that's a wrap

Great display by Cardiff tonight. Giants scoring on a couple of powerplays maybe they shouldn't have had.

Whitecotton MOM for the Giants

Devils MOM goes to Andrew Lord

Thats all from me. Join me on Saturday as Dundee come to town