Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Good evening and welcome to Match Night Live

James in the amusingly named hotseat for tonights game

Some predictions for tonights game already coming in. Send them into the usual address

Goughy who hates the Blaze says a 4-2 win for us tonight

A real 4 point game tonight with Hull 2 points above us.

A win tonight and a loss for Blaze will see us gain 2 league positions

Devils should be fired up after their win last night in Nottingham

Nottinghams first home regulation loss this season apparently and our first win in the NIC in 2 years

Hull also coming off a win last night, where they scored 2 empty net goals.

Tendler wearing his lucky white shorts tonight. Looks a bit like a nappy

Hazel agrees with Goughy and its going to be 4-2

Rama is the scratch for tonight. Svete makes his home debut

should be some shouts of STEEEEVEE

Dave Whistle of course making his home coaching return to the Devils tonight.

Chris B is going for a 6-2 win for the Devils

Olive the Olympia is doing her stuff cleaning the ice

Hull fans out in force. All wearing silly hats

Not sure if there is a reason ;)

Just had the pope walk past .. not Brent Pope .. Miter and everything

Cornwall Taffy reckons 5-2 win for the Devils tonight. Lot of confidence out there

Flags are out

I think Silverthorn is a scratch for Hull

Stripeys are out

Mr Smith with the whistle tonight

Its all gone dark in the tent.. Must be time for the intro

Stingrays fans making a lot of noise

Rays on the ice

Devils take the ice

Ceremonial face off


Smith drops the puck and we are off

Maxi Myers and Lord start us off

First stingray to touch the puck falls on his backside. Hope its a good sign

Ben Bowns makes the first save of the night

Devils going hard to the net

Doucet breakaway denied as Gipters matches him for speed

Handbags behind Hulls net

Apologies it was kurka not Lord starting

Hull icing

Kamil Kosowski saves from Tendler

Tendler wearing blue shorts now. The white ones must have been his warmup shorts

or something

Puck out of play

Devils with the better start

penalty Devils

Chris Jones 2 minutes for hooking

Devils doing well clearing the zone

Gipters dumps the puck into Bowns

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Kamil Kosowski covers at 6:27

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils back to F/S

Face off in the Devils zone

Bowns covers from Lord

Myers puts 2 shots in on Hull

Lauzon shoots. Kosowski saves

Plumton confounds Doucet

Face off in the Devils zone

Puck out of play

looked like it should have been a Stingrays delay of game

Svete puts a hard shot on goal

Cloutier with a penalty

heavy cross check on Lord

Sylvain Cloutier 2 minutes for boarding @10.35

Cloutier back. Almost took the puck off Gipters in a dangerous spot

Piggot shot saved. Face off in the Stingrays zone

Devils camped in the offensive zone

Stingrays putting on the pressure now

3 mins left in the period

Kamil Kosowski save

Svete puts a nice shot in but Bowns saves

Another Steve shot, saved

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Stingrays icing

last minute of the first

Doucet hits the crossbar


Gipters takes it up the ice and Faulkner shoots, picks up his own rebound and it goes in

with 28 secs in the first Devils takes the lead

And that's the end of the first.

Devils clearly the better team in the first so it's a deserved lead going into the first break

Goal announced as Faulkner from Kurka and Lord

officials back

Hull back out

Devils back out

We have face off. The second period is underway at the tent

Lord gets 2 nice shots on Bowns but he gets a blocker to them

Stingrays not able to stay long in the Devils zone

penalty coming

Chamberlin sits 2 minutes for slashing

Bowns gloves a Gipters blue line cannon

Smith slips giving Stingrays a rush on net but the attempt is thwarted

Bowns kicks the net off

Assists for the Devils goal changed to Gipters as we suspected

Bowns kicks the goal off again

Stingrays back to FS

handbags at the devils net

not sure how Devils didn't score there. You wont get much more pressure than that

Penalties coming up

4 on 4 at 25:13

Marsh and Doucet in the box

End to end in the 4 on 4

Full strength

Louzon shot on Kamil Kosowski saved

Face off in the Devils zone

Puck out of play

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Kamil Kosowski catches an awkward puck on the shoulder to make the save

Puck out of play

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Kurka couldnt quite get his stick to a puck with an empty net in front

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Maxi almost gets a shot go straight through Bowns.

Stingrays offside

Kamil Kosowski makes a pad save.

Maxi just fans on a shot that had to go in. Bowns covers.

Face off in the Stingrays zone

penalty coming up for Stingrays

Doucet having words with Plumton

Lauzon heads to the box

Kamil Kosowski makes an awesome save from a breakaway

penalty was for slashing

36:29 gone

Stingrays back to Full strength

stingrays goal

Kosowski was on his back from a shot that hit the bar and the puck was chipped over.

1 min 39 left in the period

penalty for Hull

Smith going to the box

1:02 left in the period

End of second here at the tent and its tied at a goal a piece.

Ducks are being chucked

zebras back on the ice

Apparently Stingrays goal went in off Marsh's skate

Players on the ice

It's all to play for and the third is underway

Stingrays back to FS

Kosowski saves with his shoulder

Face off in the Devils zone

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Bowns covers

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Bowns covers again

hull looked dangerous then coming into the net but Kosowski was up to the challenge

Goal goes in but it looks like Smith is washing it out. Stingrays aren't happy

Face off in the Devils zone

Marsh takes a stick to the face. Nothing called

Stingrays goal went in off the Ref. Hence being washed out

Smith crosschecks Lord . Marsh batters Smith

I've been told Smith gets 5 for turtling

Smith and Marsh in the box. PP for Devils

Smith 2 minutes for cross-checking 2 for Roughing. Marsh 2 for roughing

Kurka and Ondrej fight. Faukner goes third man in.

Faulkner thrown out for third man in by the look of it. No need as Kurka was handling himself

Kurkas penalty on the board so its 4 on 4

Ondrej 2 minutes for holding Faukner 2 minutes for roughing game for 3rd man in Kurka 2 minutes for roughing

Hull too many men

46:01 gone. Timeout Devils

Face off in the Stingrays zone

Gipters breaks up a breakaway

Lauzon sitting the too many men

Hull back to 4 skaters.

Devils back to 5

Devils pressure

Hull back to 5 skaters

Bowns covers

48:28 gone

Big Kowsowski save

All Stingrays at the mo

Huge Devils pressure with nothing to show

Devils icing

Morisette stops an icing by chasing the man

Matthew Myers 2 minutes for slashing

Stingrays Timeout


Myers penalty was for tripping

Devils breakaway denied

Game has stepped up 2 gears here

Kosowski pads a puck up into the netting

Devils FS

Bowns having to make save after save

Stingrays icing

Face off in the Stingrays zone

last 2 mins

Stingrays icing

End of the third period its still a goal a piece. Sudden death overtime it is

Svete, Marsh, Kurka and Davies start

Devils set up camp in the rays zone

Maxi Lord Gipters and Smith

Ladygin gets a shot away but its blockered

2:19 left

Svete has a shot saved

Last minute

Face off in the Devils zone

Overtime over its penalty time

Tendler goes first



Scores through the 5 hole





1 a piece

Lauzon - saved

Kurka for the match


sudden death penalties

tendler misses

Morisette can win it


Doucet - saved


Maxi .... Scores

The crowd goes wild

The fat lady has sung

Don't tell Brian Adams I called him that

Bowns a well deserved MOM

Kamil Kosowski Devils MOM

Faulkner just said hes never been thrown out before and doesn't know what to do now :)

That's it from me. Join me on Wednesday as the Devils play the champions elect Belfast as we try to claw back that deficit in the Challenge cup

James Out