Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for coverage of the Devils game against the Panthers at the NIC, Nottingham

Tonight we will have a distinct Panthers flavour to our coverage thanks to Cheryl, Trev & Viv volunteering to help us out.

A big thank you to you three

It highlights the comradeship/friendship that exists in ice hockey

I shouldn't forget the efforts of Rachael and Gerald who found our texters for us

There might be even more Panthers texters lined up, time will tell.

Hopefully I will be able to start coverage around 6:30 or as soon as I dry myself after a wet and windy day at Ffos Las.

Score predictions plus any other printable comments are welcomes at

Checking up on texters at the moment, will bring you team news as soon as I have it.

Both teams on for warmup

I am even getting images of warmup from our Panthers texters what a service

Clive says Devils will win in O/T

Jimmy Snels calls it 4-2 Panthers - over demoralised Devils

I am trying to make sense of the team news text - it appears that Marcis Rama is a scratch

Devils have 15 skaters

Warmup completed

Referee is Michael Hicks

Scratches for Panthers are - Farmer, Murray, Benedict, Lee, Werner and the departed Grimaldi

Ice is ready

Jason M says 3-2 Devils

Ruth thinks Devils will lose 3-1

Devils take to the ice

Pat K hoping for a 4-2 win for the Devils

Laura thinks Panthers will win as she does not expect much stomach for a battle in the Devils camp

Panthers on the ice after that long into

Hazel thinks Devils will win 5-4 in O/T

Couple of presentations before Anthem

some Devils fans sighted at NIC

Charlotte has now joined our texter crew at NIC

Game starts

Decent crowd at NIC - c5,000

Kamil Kosowski blocker save from David Clarke

Devils icing

Gametime 2:44

Devils penalty @ 3:32 Matthew Myers slashing


Kamil Kosowski saves from Jonathan Weaver

Tomas Kurka shoots high

Scramble in front of Devils net

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Panthers goal @ 5:48

Matt Francis

Assist Robert Lachowicz

Brilliant goal by Francis his 26th of the season

Devils objected to goal claiming Francis was offside, Hicks has none of it

Devils D open up to give Robert Lachowicz free access - Kamil Kosowski saves

Rob Scott has also joined us as a texter

Panthers icing @ 7:36

Game has settled down after a hectic start

Matthew Myers bounces off Leigh Salters

Panthers penalty @ 8:57 Matt Francis boarding


@ 10:06 a PPG for Martens Gipters

Assists Mark Smith & Max Birbraer

Panthers penalty @ 10:39 Leigh Salters delay of game

Matt Ryan misses open net on SH breakaway

Panthers return to FS

Leigh Salters throwing some big hits

Gametime 13:55


Brent Henley & Brad Plumton

Brad Plumton didn't want to go

Brent Henley 2 + 5 +10, Brad Plumton 5

@ 14:24

Henlet assessed 2+10 for instigator

apparently that fight waas down to Hicks blowing late as usual

Greg Jacina minor for delay of game

Devils time out

@ 15:43

5 on 3 for Devils

Panthers back to 4 skaters

20 secs of Devils pp left

Panthers return to FS

Kwall covers @ 18:33

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

SoG Panthers 12 Devils 6

Devils were camped in Panthers zone for most of the last 5 minutes of that period, but reluctant to shoot

For a team supposedly demoralised and a dressingroom in disarray that was a fantastic period for the Devils

Panthers return to the ice

Devils as well

2nd period underway

There are abot 20 Devils fans in NIC

Panthers penalty @ 20:31 Robert Lachowicz hooking

I am trying to make sense out of the Devils lines

Panthers back to FS

Faulkner seems to be missing

WE have had - Kurka, Lord & Morissette; Myers, Batch & Birbraer

Devils icing @ 24:04

Now its Mac, Kurka & Morissette

Much quieter start to this period

Lucky its quiet as I just had a call from a mate who has just docked in San Diego on his "round the world cruise" lucky beggar

Gametime 26:46

Puck out of play regularly

If anyone says there is a water shortage this summer I shall scream

Fans are asking about Devils 1st line it appears to be Mac Faulkner, Jake Morissette & Tomas Kurka

Panthers icing @ 28:22

Devils penalty Svete - holding @ 31:09


Brent Henley is back after his misconduct

26 sec of penalty killed

secs of pk left

Devils back to FS

Devils penalty Matthew Myers hooking @ 33:20


Penalty was the result of pressure by Panthers

Devils battling hard to stay in game

Panthers penalty David Clarke interference @ 34:43

Devils go on PP as they return to FS

1:10 of pp

Greg Jacina clears Panthers zone

Panthers back to FS

Come on U DEVILS you can do it


Devils icing @ 38:09

Give us a goal U DEVILS

Big pad save by Kwall after Brent Henley giveaway

Gametime 38:25

Kurka shot saved, Jake Morissette connects to rebound Kwall saves

Face off in the Devils zone

Devils penalty ' 38:45 Mark Smith hooking


end of 2nd period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

Devils will have 45 secs of PK to start 3rd period

I think the mystery over SoG has been solved 1st period Panthers 6 DEVILS 12 2nd period Panthers 9 DEVILS 5

The earlier info for 1st priod SoG was the wrong way round

NIC scoreboard has now been corrected

Panthers return to ice followed by Devils

Viv thinks Petr Kalus & Matt Francis having great games rest of Panthers not

3rd period starts

Petr Kalus shot saved by Kamil Kosowski

devils back to FS

Kwall glove save @ 41:05

Nottingham penalty Brent Henley slashing @ 41:49

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG please

Panthers back to FS

Both teams struggling to create clear chances

Kwall covers @ 45:51

Panthers icing @ 46:23

Cardiff penalty Chris Jones hooking @ 47:04


Call was tripping not hooking

Kamil Kosowski covers @ 48:22


A SHG no less by Tomas Kurka

No it was Mac Faulkner assists Tomas Kurka & STEEEEVVEEE

Devils back to FS

Gametime 49:46

Trying to find time of Devils 2nd goal

It doesn't really matter as tyhe goal stands and DEVILS are winning 2-1

Devils penalty Gipters cross-checking @ 50:27


Devils SHG was 48:34

Panthers shooting at everything other than the Devils net

Devils back to FS

Hicks reluctant to blow for anything

Makes a change

Gametime 52:39

Gametime 55:03

Matt Francis goes close

Great save Kamil Kosowski

KK is keeping Devils in front

Panthers penalty Brent Henley elbowing


Hicks clueless says Rob, bad calls on both teams

Gametime 56:32

Give us a PPG U DEVILS

Panthers back to FS

Gametime 57:12

Last 2 minutes

Face off in the Devils zone @ 58:04

Final minute

Face off in the Devils zone @ 59:01

Panthers time out

@ 59:01

Kwall pulled

Matthew Myers misses empty net from mid ice

Face off in the Devils zone @ 59:46

Kamil Kosowski covers 8 secs left

Final score Panthers 1 DEVILS 2

Fantastic win for DEVILS

Our thanks go to Cheryl, Viv, Charlotte, Trev & Scott who did a brilliant job for us

That was the Panthers first loss in regulation this season


Panthers MoM Petr Kalus

I cant emphasize too much our gratitude to the FIVE Panthers fans who covered the game for us

If you can't get to the BBT tomorrow night join us at MNL when James will be your host for the visit of Hull to the BBT

Thats all from me GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE - NOS DA PAWB what a day WALES win, England lose and the DEVILS win in Nottingham