Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to Match Night Live tonight vs the Panthers

All the action for this league game inside the tent

James on the desk tonight. Last time I did it, it was described as reading like a pantomime script so I hope to keep up my level of journalistic integrity tonight

Svete and Rama are scratches for tonight

Teams are on the ice warming up

And if you wish to take part in the other activities of tonight we have that covered too.

Hopefully the players still have some legs left for tonights game after such a hectic schedule

Feel free to send in predictions to the usual address.

Trying to get confirmation on who's backstopping Kamil Kosowski tonight.

Hayes appears to be icing tonight wearing 12

Mr Whistle is in the building

Jason says Devils 5 panthers 2 and Plumton to absolutely leather someone.

He also says 'Come on Steeeeeeeeve'

Steevvee not playing tonight Jason but if I see him I'll pass it on

Mr Whistle is on the ice (the players are off)

Little Chloe (aged 6) is feeling confident, and thinks Devils will win 6-1!

Lights down at the Tent

I can't even escape Katrina the 50-50 seller when doing MNL.

Ice conditioner is doing the rounds

Goughy (Who hates the Blaze) will be grateful for a win after a punishing schedule and an awesome Scottish performance, could even be an overtime win

Martin is hoping for a shutout. Doesn't want to hear 'Whatever' or 'That don't impress me much' tonight

Officials and Panthers taking to the ice

Flag bearers doing their stuff

Dean smith with the whistle. Hopefully a refreshing change from Cowan

Intro underway

Good crowd for a thursday

ceremonial faceoff


And its game on

Faulkner, Kurka and Blight starting off

Early Devils pressure

Face off in the Panthers zone

Save Kamil Kosowski

Maxi outruns Francis to stop an oddman rush

Clarke shoots, rebound controlled well and cleared

Kamil Kosowski called to make another save


waved off for some reason

kicked into the net

big mid ice check on Davies from Henley. Davies bounces

Morrisette goes close

Chris Jones makes a good turnover and shoots, to be saved

Face off in the Panthers zone

Puck out of play

Devils pressure

Kwall makes a save and there is a light exchange of handbags

Panthers finally break out of their zone and Kurka takes it right back

Boxhill with a late hit on Myers

Marsh helps Kamil out with a clearout

Kwall freezes the puck. Face off in the Panthers zone

Panthers goal. Kosowski slow to the pipe and it slides in

Adam says let's have a clean sweep over the Panthers at home this season!

Devils putting the pressure back on

Panthers penalty coming up

Grimaldi 2 minutes for cross-checking

13:30 gone

Devils having trouble setting up

Panthers FS

Devils penalty. looks like Myers

2 minutes for hooking

at 14.59

Blight clears the zone

Plumton clears the zone

Panthers go offside coming back in

Myers back

Clarke goes to the box at 17:06

David Clarke 2 minutes for hooking

Gipters stops a breakaway


Maxi with a ripper from the blueline

The egg is off the board and faceoff

Max from Lord and Morisette

41 seconds left in the first

Nickleback playing for Maxi. I miss Borat

End of the first period here at the tent and the game is tied.

Apparently there was nothing wrong with Jakes goal. Lets hope it doesnt matter at 60 mins

Ice is done

Cardiff Eagles are on the ice for some sort of presentation

Complete with Eddy their mascot

Officials back out

Players out

I'm starting to appreciate the heat coming off the laptop here at the rink. It's not a warm one

I was hoping Fife and Murrayfields barns would acclimatise me

Face off for the second

Gipters puts a shot on Kwall

Panthers goal

Boxhill I believe with the goal

Kwall lost his stick but the Devils couldn't capitalize on it

Batch carries the puck int the Panthers zone

Max rattles Orestavich? with a big hit

Face off in the Devils zone

25:40 gone

Kwall with a save after Devils set up in the zone

Face off in the Panthers zone

Down the other end of the ice Kamil Kosowski required to make a save

Faukner with a good shot. Kwall gets a finger to it and saves

Another Faulkner shot stopped

Face off in the Panthers zone

Davies shoots, Kwall saves

Face off in the Panthers zone

Panthers penalty on the way

Marsh makes a shot on the delay but is stopped

Face off in the Panthers zone

End to end at the moment

Panthers SHG

Norton is in the box sorry

Maxi and Davies go 2 on 1 but shoot high

Panthers are back to fs

32:24 gone

Lyons was the Panthers scorer

Devils offside

More Panthers pressure

Our first line working hard

Mac shoots high. Face off in the Panthers zone

Kwall forced to make an awkward save.

Panthers set up in the Devils zone

Panthers penalty


Matt Francis in the box for cross-checking

Kwall with a save from Kurka

Kwall with a save from Marsh

another save this time from Blight

light handbagging round the net

Oreskovic making himself known

40 seconds left on the PP and the panthers get their first touch of the puck ... and go straight offside

Devils dump leads to icing. Face off in the Devils zone

Good save from a Marsh blueline bullet

Kwall called to freeze the puck again. They are now at full stength

Kurka to Blight but couldnt get the angle on it

One minute to play in the second

And that's the end of the second period

Henley and Plummer have words over the head of Dean Smith

Ice is clear and having a scrape

Apologies to Andy who thinks I'm not using enough letters when we score. I'll make more effort for the next one :P

Ice is conditioned and the nets are back. Its time for chuck a duck

zebras out

Teams are out

If you are wondering where Skippy is tonight he's home in bed watching the Muppets, with a whiskey. Get well soon Skip

Ice in Kwalls crease getting some attention, delaying the face off

and we are off on the final lap

Face off in the Devils zone

good shot gloved off Janica.

Kwall almost lets a loose puck slip in but recovers in time

Devils offside

Smith lays a nice mid ice hit.

Devils looking like this might be a game too far

Marsh blueliner saved

Devils exerting some pressure

Now some pressure down near our net

45:35 gone

Marsh clears the zone from a Robert Lachowicz shot

Smith and Kluas getting chippy

Face off in the Devils zone

Panthers put puck out of play into the away block

Devils offside

Nice Grimaldi shot denied

Panther player down. Play stopped

Francis. He's up and skating to the bench

Maxi with a beaut in front of the net. Good save from Kwall

Kamil Kosowski with a great save

Dont think he knew where he had stopped it but we'll take it

Plumton niggling Salters

51:04 gone

puck out of play

Mo goes around 2 Panthers D but cant quite get the shot off

Puck out of play into block 14

Delay of game given to Marsh

Devils set up in panthers zone

Panthers finally get into Devils zone

Nice shot blocked by Kalus' leg. Devils return to FS. Panthers only got 1/2 a shot off in that PP


Kwall had it and dropped it

Think it was Gipters on the blueline

(good enough Andy?)

Faulkner with the tip in. Gipters and Blight with the assist

Thats fired up the game

Kalus with a late and high check on Maxi goes unpunished

55:33 gone

Handbags behind Kwalls goal

Looks like a panties penalty coming up

Grimaldi in the box

Grimaldi leaves the ice

I assume it was 2 + 10

2 + 10 for checking from behind


Kurka the Beserker with a cracker


Assists from Faulks and Blight

Final 2 mins of regulation

Morisette gets checked into Kwall

Face off in the Panthers zone

Kwall with a desperate diving save

Francis lays down a nice mid ice check

Kwall blockers a shot into the side nets

Kwall called to stop the puck again. 32 seconds left on the clock

Marsh tidies up the loose puck and that's full time

Panthers earn their first point in the tent

Overtime here we come

Henley on -3 for the night

Devils going for the winner

Gipters looking class


He scores goals my Lord

Stick a fork in the panthers, they are done

From Faulks and Marsh at 61:18

Boxhill with Panthers MOM

Devils MOM Marsh

As the Devils leave the ice to "Dont Stop Me Now" all thats left to say is thanks for joining me on MNL tonight. Hope you had fun

James Out