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Belfast Giants 7 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup Semi Final from the O in Belfast

Join me (OJ) from around 6:30

Score predictions along with any other comments to matchnightlive@

Still looking for a Devils fan to help us out with updates. If you can help or know someone who can please let us know. (

Michael Hicks is tonights referee

Jason M goes for 3-2 Giants but dreams of a Devils 10-0 win

For those who haven't heard Dave Whistle is the standin coach covering for Brent Pope's olympics duties

Tonights scratches are Brad Plumton & Jake Morissette

Kamil Kosowski is in net

Tonights coverage will be limited as we only have guest texters from the Giants.

David Mercer is our regular texter at the O and we are hoping Dorothy Ennis will join us later when she finally arrives at the rink from wortk

I have lost contact with my sole texter

No Devils fans sighted at O

Small crowd of around 2,000

Delayed face off

Michael Hicks confirmed as referee

No clue what has caused delay!!

Poor signal at O adds to our problems

Devils come onto the ice

Giants intro starts

Goes on and on

Carl (Jester on the Forum) predicts a 6-2 win for Giants , instead of helping us out at MNL he is in Switzerland

Giants on ice and we should start soon

Puck dropped

Murphy save @ 0:25

Chris Blight Mac Faulkner Tomas Kurka started for Devils

Mark Smith & Tyson Marsh on D duty

Giants goal

Robby Sandrock the scorer

@ 0:49

Goal given to Evan Cheverie assits Robby Sandrock & Kevin Saurette

Game stopped - repairs to ice needed

Come on U DEVILS get this goal back

Gametime 2:01 game yet to restart

Play restarts

Devils penalty Tomas Kurka hooking @ 2:43


Stephen Murphy denies Max Birbraer breakaway

Giants goal a PPG @ 3:08

Kevin Saurette scores

Assists Chris Higgins & Craig Peacock

Assist was for Evan Cheverie not Craig Peacock

Andrew Lord boarding minor @ 5:02


Devils back to full strength (FS)

Handbags between Adam Keefe & Max Birbraer then fight between Adam Keefe and Andrew Lord

Even fight

Was it 3rd man in???

Still waiting for call

Both get fighting majors @ 8:02

So its 5 on 5

Giants penalty @ 8:22 Kevin Saurette hooking

Come on U DEVILS lets have a ppg

Giants return to FS

Darryl Lloyd hit on Mark Smith

Kamil Kosowski covers puck @ 15:39

Lord & Keefe return

Final minute

End of 1st period Giants 2 DEVILS 0

Ice is ready

SoG for 1st period Giants 14 DEVILS 9

Teams back on the ice

Re-inforcements have arrived Dorothy joins us with updates

Michael Hicks just fell over much to the enjoyment of the fans

2nd period underway

Glove save Stephen Murphy

Chris Higgins hobbled off the ice after being hit by puck

Kamil Kosowski save

Giants penalty called

Jeffrey Szwez slashing

@ 23:39

Devils pressure

Giants return to FS

No joy on that Devils pp

Devils penalty called

Delayed penalty

Giants have possession


Svete - hooking @ 27:29




Andrew Lord assists Max Birbraer & Mark Smith

Giants penalty Kevin Saurette slashing @ 28:03

David Mercer keeps saying the score is 1-1

David says Devils are in total control

Devils back to FS go on PP

David has finally realised it is 2-1

Good save by Kamil Kosowski

Giants back to FS

Devils have certainly upped their game this period

Gametime 33:10

Kamil Kosowski saves from Evan Cheverie wraparound

Goal Giants

Colin Shields we think

@ 36:38

Come on U DEVILS get it back

Assists Jeffrey Szwez & Dustin Whitecotton

Giants have a goal disallowed

Player in crease

Paul Adey not happy with that call, Brent Pope is

Gametime 38:03

Devils penalty


Matthew Myers boarding @ 38:40

End of 2nd period Giants 3 DEVILS 1

By all accounts Devils clearly won that period but came out of it tieing 1-1

SoG for 2nd period Giants 11 DEVILS 9 making it 25-18 after 2 periods

Come on U DDEVILS no more goals against and get a least one, a couple or more would be great

Ice ready awaiting teams

Teams return to ice

3rd period starts

Kamil Kosowski save

Devils return to FS

Glove save Stephen Murphy

Giants penalty David Phillips

boarding @ 42:00

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal

If the RED ARMY were as loud as last weekend they would be heard in the O

Giants SHG - Peacock

@ 43:03

Giants return to FS

Assist Darryl Lloyd on Giants 4th goal

Kamil Kosowski saves from Colin Shields

Devils icing @ 48:54

Get a goal back U DEVILS

Jeffrey Szwez misses a clear chance

Puck out of play @ 53:12

Goal Giants

@ 54:28

Great news that goal DISALLOWED

Linesman said it was kicked in

Devils panalty @ 56:44 Max Birbraer elbowing

Giants PPG

Scored by Craig Peacock

Assists Kevin Saurette and Robby Sandrock

Goal timed @ 54:55

Kamil Kosowski save


I dont believe it is DISALLOWED

3 disallowed goals tonight

Giants goal

Thats curtains I would think

Dustin Whitecotton @ 58:29

Devils giveaway in front of their net punished

Last minute

Giants goal ' 59:44

Colin Shields scores assists Evan Cheverie & Chris Higgins

Final score Giants 7 DEVILS 1

Final SoG Giants 41 DEVILS 30

Our thanks go to two happy Giants fans David M & Dorothy E. Thanks again for helping us out at MNL


Giants MoM - Craig Peacock

Thats all from me, join us at MNL on Thursday when the Nottingham Panthers come to the BBT